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Show Of Hands October 28th, 2011 12:00am

Do you think the mass scale poverty and human suffering on the continent of Africa will significantly improve (i.e. decrease) during your lifetime?

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palindrome California
11/02/11 1:02 pm

I mean, not our fault as in me or you or the guy next door. But it is something this country participated in in the past

11/01/11 5:35 am

Those people should be pulling out before they climax. Africa has enough starving kids.

11/01/11 2:36 am

The people need to revolt and change their government that's the only way, we would still be paying British taxes if we hadn't mobilized and revolted.

10/31/11 10:39 pm

politiks. not our fault? slavery? our impealism,,,?

10/31/11 10:38 pm

not as log as countries like the united states use them.

palindrome California
10/31/11 11:49 am

Not if we as an international community don't work together to help them. The African continent was ransacked, raped and pillaged and later divided along oftentimes arbitrary boundaries. It was a debacle created by imperialists and, though it's not our fault, the Intl community should help

spoiler Michigan
10/31/11 9:02 am

No it won't. If everyone in the world lived like the USA we would need 5.3 PLANETS of resources to survive....true statistic. We need places in the world like Africa so we can have our wireless Internet

10/31/11 8:39 am

I think the mass suffering on your mom will end when I bang her.

10/29/11 3:34 pm

Africa has critical natural resources,as long as "the have" countries want them, they will side,overtly or covertly, with and support those in power regardless of the atrocities they commit.

10/29/11 12:39 pm

No and quite simply I don't care anymore, how much longer do we (the rest of the world) keep helping them and how many more kids are they going to have? And how about the rebels or whoever they are who take all the food, water, money and medicine?

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
10/29/11 12:06 pm

only if the people rise up against their repressive government. I sure hope they do. The people always have the government that they deserve.

10/28/11 10:35 pm

They have a lot of untapped natural resources. China is already investing there. I say yes.

10/28/11 8:51 pm

Although I agree the disease and hunger are big issues, why does everyone think Africans would be better off with our culture, not their own?

10/28/11 8:34 pm

why would it? nothing different is happening to change it

veritas1 Panda
10/28/11 4:14 pm

@onefluff No! None of those things can be said about the US. the closest is drought, and that too is a far stretch from Africa.

10/28/11 3:45 pm

the real problem is that a lot of people in the modern age are know it alls, and excuse me, think they are hot shit. but there is much to be learned from past and ancient tradition, and if people believed that then you wouldn't have modern republics and big companies ruling Africa

10/28/11 3:39 pm

A stunning number of commenters here seem to have no knowledge of archaeology, history, economics, geopolitics, cultural or biological evolution.

There are reasons why Africa is behind, and it's not because westerners robbed them.

mzenike North Carolina
10/28/11 2:40 pm

No Africans cant take care of themselves, never have been. If so than tell me when.

10/28/11 1:20 pm


You mean if it wasn't for colonialism the transatlantic slave trade. The oppressive governments are by-products of both.

Planoneck Guam
10/28/11 11:06 am

Replace "Africa" with "China", turn back the clock 40 years, and you'd probably have the same results. It'd be idiotic to say the two are comparable, but it's just as idiotic to say that long-term change is impossible.

10/28/11 10:46 am

Not until the oppressive governments are dealt with.

Happy Hong Kong
10/28/11 10:08 am

... More glaring was the peaceful transference of power (which many in the European and US media said could never happen).

Happy Hong Kong
10/28/11 10:07 am

burnsey89, When was the last time you were in Africa? I've visited several times over the last 10 years and things are slowly changing. A prime example of this was the fair and peaceful election of Goodluck Jonathan as Nigeria's president. Continued....

10/28/11 9:41 am

Not to be a pessimist, but I doubt it.

burnsey89 Louisiana
10/28/11 6:26 am

Happy, we have already provided cheaper drugs. I hear at times they have been turned down by the ruling parties. We give lots of aid already. Trade and aid won't make them peaceful. It will probably take either a miracle or extreme violent overthrowing of the rulers.

one80 California
10/28/11 2:39 am

@Apollo yeah. Funny though, that exact list could be said about the US! And the US is just one, big country, Africa's an entire, diverse continent. I guess we have our work cut out for us too. :)

10/28/11 1:48 am

I don't think anything will change in Africa in my lifetime because their government is so corrupt and it's so wide spread. Not just one country, but a whole continent. It makes me sad and I wish they didn't have to live that way

10/28/11 1:45 am

Onefluff, do you mean global warming, climate change, or climate chaos? Or wait, maybe like they said on the 70s we'll have global cooling and a new ice age.

veritas1 Panda
10/28/11 12:51 am

@onefluff true. But that does not ensure future growth. Disease. Famine. Starvation. War. Economic hardship. Drought. Political dis-unification. Terrorism. Social strife. Genocide. Corruption. Etc.

So many problems that must be solved for Africa to advance. They have their work cut out for them…

one80 California
10/28/11 12:03 am

Poverty and human suffering will absolutely long as climate change stays in check.

Happy Hong Kong
10/27/11 11:51 pm

... The main problems are disease and conflict. Cheaper drugs will help with the former and "peace through trade" should help with the latter.

Happy Hong Kong
10/27/11 11:50 pm

Yes, look at Nigeria. Their purchasing power parity doubled in 2010 alone. The continent has vast amounts of untapped natural resources and cheap labor. Can you say China on steroids! Continued...

one80 California
10/27/11 11:29 pm

Tyche, so not true! Foreign imperialist nations 'scrambled for Africa', imposed colonial systems, then left the continent physically and socially altered. Fractal organization & advanced math concepts frequently found through out Africa.

10/27/11 11:24 pm

Nope. Just look at Somalia. Better get ready for 20 more years of anarchy.

10/27/11 11:23 pm

A recent article talked about this. The fiber optic lines being run across the country will provide a significant increase in accessibility to information and education. They mentioned that a $25 tablet in the hands of a teacher could gave a MAJOR impact. I agree.

one80 California
10/27/11 11:19 pm

European imperialism slowed Africa's 'development' and robbed the African people of wealth. It started with Portugal in the 1500's and didn't end till they left Mozambique in the 1970's. Better days for the peoples of Africa are defiantly coming soon. :)

10/27/11 11:18 pm

So since this is the way it has been, it can't change? I can't accept that, I have to try. It's human decency.

veritas1 Panda
10/27/11 11:13 pm

Human evolution may have started in Africa but it sure as hell hasn't changed much since then…

I hate to be so crude, but that's just the way it is.

veritas1 Panda
10/27/11 11:10 pm

Africa is way too bifurcated. Their population is exploding while their resource diminish and warfare and disease runs rampant. Political reform is abhorred and terrorist leaders displace millions every year. They economy is nonexistent in most places. They are the epitome of poverty.

Not likely…

10/27/11 10:54 pm

I would like to remain optimistic but the political and economic factors of Africa are bleak

10/27/11 10:39 pm

Sadly, no, I don't believe it will - until you've been to a 3rd world country you'll never be able to imagine the poverty. Pictures and stories do it no justice. There is very very little middle class - almost none. If you're not born into middle class there's no hope of schooling.

10/27/11 10:32 pm

...but now Utah is split 50/50 with 48 votes cast...

10/27/11 10:32 pm

Dammit north Dakota!!! U flipped on me!