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Show Of Hands August 9th, 2012 12:00am

Athletes claim that Kinesio tape (the bright colored tape seen on many Olympian's backs, shoulders, abs, etc.) helps their performance. Researchers are doubtful. Who would you tend to trust?

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08/13/12 3:25 pm

Regardless of who is right, it works. If the athletes believe it works then it does. They are the ones competing and if they say so it must be true... Also if you convince them that it doesn't work, then it won't. It's a placebo!

cairo2 UVM
08/13/12 10:37 am

Usually I would say researchers, because I am slightly skeptical about the physical effectiveness of it. But there could very well be a placebo effect here, that they play better because they think that it helps.

adalla Virginia
08/12/12 2:52 pm

All these ppl who didn't believe a gambler could have a "hot streak" think placebo tape actually helps athletes. Which is it?

08/12/12 12:50 pm

Psychological. Like having a lucky quarter.

sdbrev210 The Pursuit of Happiness
08/12/12 6:22 am

Maybe we should put some Kinesio tape on the f-ing economy.

gcox Texas
08/11/12 8:10 pm

Used it myself after physical therapy. It was excellent at taking pressure off the affected shoulder joint for a couple of days without affecting my range of motion.

jstan New Jersey
08/11/12 4:20 pm

The placebo effect is much more powerful than "researchers", which probably refers to bored college kids, give it credit for. If someone is convinced that it probably does. Just read the power of positive thinking; people create their own realities.

08/11/12 2:20 pm

Researchers are bullcrap. What's a scientist say?

08/11/12 10:22 am

The athletes are correct that it helps, however, it helps because it is a placebo.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/11/12 9:26 am

I'm wearing some right now to help with a chiropractic treatment, and it's wonderful!

08/11/12 12:11 am

Being an athlete, I can say from the inside that most of my piers think that whatever the newest trend is helps them so much. It's almost always psychosomatic.

sweetnes34 Outta Phucks
08/10/12 11:42 pm

A lot of alternative therapies aren't respected by researchers or drs

08/10/12 8:03 pm

Many athletes use some form of tape for support. I used to tape my ankles when I played and it helped. Taping my shins when I had shin splints worked too. Sometimes 'researchers' have no idea what they're talking about.

08/10/12 6:31 pm

If the athletes believe it helps, who am I to argue? It might just be psychological, but it could still help.

08/10/12 4:37 pm

Probably a scam just like the ion wristbands

taximom Boise
08/10/12 12:17 pm

Athletes tend to be very superstitious. However, due to the interconnection between mental and physical, if they think it helps, it does due to psycchological influence on physical performance, which is a powerful component!

manlypantss florida
08/10/12 10:44 am

If the athletes believe it helps if it actually doesn't, they would do better because their mind believes it helps. So the athletes.

Mr.logic California
08/10/12 8:21 am

Mental motivation. Yes, it helps.

08/10/12 5:56 am

If they think it helps them why not

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
08/10/12 5:46 am

Who can discount an athlete's perceived psychological advantage? If he or she says it helps, then it helps!

08/10/12 4:58 am

If they think it helps, it probably does. So much of sport is mental.

08/10/12 4:41 am

Also Harvard could not be more wrong. Everything made is not due to research, unless you mean market research that shows what can make money. You think research went into those silly hologram powerband rubber bracelets? Please, it's trickery and woo at the highest level.

08/10/12 4:39 am

Kate is right, placebo effect is well documented. Which means it can be controlled for in studies, which still show little to no evidence of functionality. If it's a placebo, it doesn't mean it works. It means it's a placebo. Two different things. And athletes are notoriously superstitious.

drhawkeye CA
08/10/12 2:08 am "never washing your jock strap" for luck. It works.

lou1 Washington
08/09/12 11:33 pm

I thought it was the dumbest idea ever, totally didn't expect it to work... And then I was taped. I'm now a believer. (not anywhere near olympic athlete, but you don't have to be perfect to benefit...)

08/09/12 11:24 pm

I believe in it and I believe other reputable athletes who believe in it too.

08/09/12 11:24 pm

Regardless of what the research says, the mind is a powerful thing. If the people who use them thinks it's going to help, well, the placebo effect is well documented

08/09/12 11:22 pm

I would trust the athletes, if they say it works it works. Even if its only as a placebo.

08/09/12 11:20 pm

I am amazed by the results. Most people don't realize that everything made is thanks to research not some athlete who said hey I feel good wearing this so should you. Thats ridiculous.

pretorian Florida
08/09/12 11:12 pm

I've just read up on it : if kinesio tape helps to encourage or impede certain movements it may contribute to reinforce correct movements and train muscles the way ankle weights do.
The data isn't convincing but I give it the benefit of doubt.

Sporter80 Oklahoma
08/09/12 10:06 pm

Even if it's all psychological, if they feel it helps boost their confidence in their performance or physically help them, I agree with the athletes.

08/09/12 9:56 pm

If you think it is because of the placebo effect, then you believe the researchers.

The athletes think it is working... for real! it could be blue painters tape for all they know. After all, it is on their back... They can't see it.

That is a test I would like to see.

08/09/12 9:45 pm

It's the way it's woven that makes it work, I think.

pretorian Florida
08/09/12 9:41 pm

Ok so what is the agent in that tape? The ingredient that makes it work?

JD925 Nearest Basketball Court
08/09/12 9:36 pm

I believe it helps them on a metal level. If that's what gives them the mental edge, then it probably does help them.

08/09/12 9:18 pm

I've used that tape when I had a muscle injury. It really does work. I had my doubts but it did.

schismpunk Washington
08/09/12 9:17 pm

Placebo or not, if there's no improvement, there's no improvement. If the times are the same with and without the tape, there's no benefit, right? Why are we discussing placebo? Researchers are too stupid to think of accounting for it? Come on people...

schismpunk Washington
08/09/12 9:17 pm

Placebo or not, if there's no improvement, there's no improvement. If the times are the same with and without the tape, there's no benefit, right? Why are we discussing placebo? Researchers are too stupid to think of accounting for it? Come on people...

08/09/12 9:10 pm

The psychological benefit for the athletes is huge

HolyBabble Mississippi
08/09/12 8:52 pm

Super Stitches Nun Stints.

Men want to be me!!

Women want to be with me!!

nightcrow Washington
08/09/12 8:49 pm

What ever works for people look at baseball players with their weird quirks

08/09/12 8:42 pm

Even if it's just the placebo effect it's still helping their performance

08/09/12 8:34 pm

Placebo -- but only for athletes dumb enough to think it works!

DeathSheep Michigan
08/09/12 8:30 pm

Placebo effect. I trust the researchers

Itabliss Hello
08/09/12 8:27 pm

Is the placebo effect taken into account?

08/09/12 7:51 pm

At the risk of being repetitive, I'll echo all who mentioned the placebo effect. Even if a physical benefit can't be proven unequivocally, the psychological benefit may be just what the athletes need.