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Have you ever been involved in a car accident serious enough that an ambulance was called? (UserQ)

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08/03/12 9:46 am

When i was 3 months old

tvg Worcester, MA
07/29/12 1:20 pm

Then he tried to sue me, and lost immediately.

tvg Worcester, MA
07/29/12 1:19 pm

They routinely call an ambulance to the scene "just in case," especially for rear-ending a car (for any sign of whiplash damage). I tapped a car (no damage whatsoever) while going 15mph when he was going 10-12mph and the wimp asked the cop for one. I almost laughed.

07/28/12 7:55 pm

The other driver got the ticket and the ambulance ride.

07/27/12 9:38 pm

Hit head on by a drunk driver and lived to tell.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/27/12 2:06 pm

do, there is a large premium. Insurance costs are lower as well for those 25 or older, especially compared to 16 year olds. So… I'm not driving when I hit 16, or at least I'm not driving by myself or with someone younger than 25 also. But yes a Defensive Driving course is in order…

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/27/12 2:05 pm

mature until roughly age 25. Statistics from the IIHS show that driver deaths are highest among 16 year olds. Period. Even the 2 year difference between 16 and 18 show a large drop in driver death rates. I also understand that rental companies won't rent to those under the age of 25, or if they…

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/27/12 2:05 pm

@BlackBenz I'm not sure I recognize "MB". Is that Mercedes Benz? We recently acquired some Volvos because of the safety. As far as passive protection is concerned, I'm not worried at all right now. What I am concerned about is the maturity of my brain and statistics. The cerebral cortex doesn't…

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/27/12 1:45 pm

I took it off at night. Is it heavy at that much weight? Or is it just more so awkward to cary around because it has so much volume?

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/27/12 1:45 pm

@Lmurder Wow! 120 pounds? Did you have to lug that through basic training too, or was that just for when you joined the Rangers? Most I've done is 25. It wan't really heavy, but it did get a tad more cumbersome on mud going downhill than I was used too, and I did feel a lot more free when…

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
07/27/12 1:19 pm

Nope, I've never even been in a car accident yet. Thankfully, I've been very lucky thus far.

07/27/12 12:18 pm

I'm staying away from Maine!

lmurder MDK
07/27/12 11:59 am

Went to college, then joined the Rangers. Now in grad school.
Neck never bothers me. Even after 400 HALO jumps and countless miles with a 120lb pack on my back.

lmurder MDK
07/27/12 11:56 am

Was in a car wreck after we celebrated our high school football championship.
Lost control on dirt road. Flipped the car 360 degrees off a 45ft cliff.
Fractured my C5 vertebrae. Missed 3 months of my championship basketball team. And lost my football scholarship and lost chances at basketball

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
07/27/12 11:50 am

Someone asked earlier about drunk driving instances. My older brother was almost killed by a drunk driver in 1998. I have a cousin who was hit by a drunk driver 20 years ago and is essentially a vegetable. It is my aunt's only child, so her caring for him is her entire life. It is very sad.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
07/27/12 11:48 am

@wedaslaves: Human shock absorber. Makes sense. One of the kids was very large. Your story in Africa is interesting. Thanks for sharing.
@Fiat: Good thoughts. Don't be scared of driving before 25. Just get a safe car (Volvo, MB) and take some defensive driving classes. Money well spent.

07/27/12 11:24 am

Yes, but i wasnt the one who need to go to the hospital

Nadinochka Narnia
07/27/12 9:45 am

Just a ski accident, luckily no car accidents

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/27/12 7:33 am

@JimmyJelly that's pretty funny. But actually until I got into car safety I too thought that they were practically the ugliest cars on the planet. By the way, Volvo is Latin for "to roll" referencing their original parent company that manufactured ball bearings.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/27/12 7:31 am

@BlackBenz with a tin can car like the neon, it's certainly possible that not having seat belts on was also a contributing factor to their survival, as counter-intuitive as it is. Say no to driving tin cans. Lol But that's just one example of why I'm waiting until I'm 25 to get my drivers license.

07/27/12 3:01 am

Yep, sucks that it was called for me. However, I don't remember it. Funny how the brain works I was alert and all, so I have been told.

goldy California
07/27/12 2:07 am

I was in a van that got rear ended by a car driven by a guy on drugs. He had a neck injury, we were fine though.

07/27/12 1:48 am

I was about 7 and we were t boned by a semi and we were in a 1996 geo metro. How I walked away fine I'll never know.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/27/12 12:13 am

We have a Honda Fit. I was t boned the car looked real bad I walked away. Very safe car.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/27/12 12:08 am

Hit by a drunk. I was walking to school. He knocked me 20 feet into a hill, not for the hill I'd have gone further. I thought the airborne part was fun. Like Peter Pan. Summer spent in a body cast not so much. ????learning how to walk and use my left arm a challenge

07/26/12 11:26 pm

Just last month. Totaled my bike right in front of the hospital. Talk about good way to start the summer. Helmet saved my life!!!

07/26/12 11:12 pm

Car accident no. Motorcycle accident yes.

Fact FL
07/26/12 8:57 pm

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07/26/12 8:02 pm

Yes t bone accident right in front of me. Coulda been me if I didn't see the truck and stop. #pandaemonium,

07/26/12 8:01 pm

Better question- have you or an immediate family member ever been the victim of a drunk driver.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/26/12 7:49 pm

So far I've been able to follow both rules of driving, but it does seem like Pugetropolis drivers are getting worse every day, making Rule 2 more of a challenge. It's probably just a matter of time.

Quinnipiac Here
07/26/12 7:40 pm

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lawstudent Western NC foothills
07/26/12 7:31 pm

Not an ambulance, but the fire department. They had to check me for a concussion. Went to the ER later that night because of headaches and blurry vision.

hvp828 Carolina girl
07/26/12 7:07 pm

Knocked unconscious. My family thought I was dead. Woke up in the ambulance.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
07/26/12 6:59 pm

We are so spoiled with a response in person seconds to minutes after placing a cell call. There are places in the world with no or limited communication infrastructure and no ambulance service at all. It is good that we value life. It is good we have this. Just appreciate it and those serving us

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
07/26/12 6:53 pm

The rained out of the sky and were lying all over the highway, dazed and confused. People always groan from deep down after a serious accident. I was amazed that these people were alive. There were no cell phones and we had to phone the police multiple times before they thought of coming to help

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
07/26/12 6:49 pm

Blackbenz, I think the kids bodies acted like shock absorbers for each other. When I was traveling in Africa two minibus vehicles hit head on at highway speed packed with people sitting on each others laps etc. The roof of one vehicle was opened like a tin can with people raining down.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
07/26/12 6:06 pm

The Neon was crumpled like a tin can. None of the kids had seat belts on. The driver had gotten his license a week prior. Car didn't even have a plate on it yet. My Lexus had a lot of front end damage but the Neon was beyond repair. That Lexus saved my life that day.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
07/26/12 6:04 pm

I was doing 45mph in a Lexus GS (big car) and a Dodge Neon ran across 5 lanes of traffic. I t-boned them. The Neon was full of 16-year olds (6 of them). I thought I had killed one of them because their car was packed full of kids. Of course, it wasn't my fault, but an ambulance was called for them.

07/26/12 5:53 pm

when I was driving, I got into accidents but I never was taken to the hospital. I was in one with my mom when this idiot was yabbering on her cellphone and sideswiped my mom. Gave my mom whiplash & I was fine.

lou1 Washington
07/26/12 5:51 pm

The one that was close was when no one came (except a tow-truck), but a cop-friend who saw my car later asked, "Who died in your car?!" I didn't even need a bandaid, and I was the only one in the vehicle... Which was beyond totaled.