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Do you have a favorable opinion of labor unions?

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ComradeAlex California
10/02/12 9:39 am

@cowboy McCarthy was horrible and persecuted many good people. Solidarity forever!

ComradeAlex California
10/02/12 9:36 am

Yes to the Unions! Solidarity forever!

cowboy Proud Father
10/02/12 6:25 am

You're only protected if you have seniority. If you're on the bottom of the list, you're nothing to the union.

cowboy Proud Father
10/02/12 6:24 am

@AlienMoose I was a teamster. The company closed my terminal and laided me off in 2010 because of my seniority. They're not calling me back.

calloveca California
09/30/12 11:09 pm

People don't get that it was labor unions that built up the middle class following WWII.

Alienmoose1 New York
09/30/12 7:46 pm

If you're totally content and you wouldn't dream of ever asking for higher pay for your work, more time off to be with your family, better coverage for your health or protection from being laid off; I can understand why you wouldn't like unions.

Alienmoose1 New York
09/30/12 7:44 pm

People say unions are bad until they find they need one too. And to anyone who thinks the benevolent corporation you work for will always have your best interests at heart; I hope for your sake you are right.

dannymac New Hampshire
09/30/12 11:27 am

Only idiots think unions are good. Yes I'm sure your parents got rich and retired early in a union. They destroy growth of companies and make people lazy in civic duty jobs. I'm not even going to take you step by step of how bad they are. Go read. It's an amazing thing.

captain12345 Tennessee
09/30/12 2:41 am

Yea my father in law just showed me how good labor unions are today when he fired all of his workers and hired immigrants for cheeper pay u keep going labor unions your doing so good

cowboy Proud Father
09/29/12 8:35 pm

@POTUSA JFK said that McCarthy was an American patriot. And he did out Communists. Any Communist would be a political enemy of an American.

infinity1 Cincinnati, OH
09/29/12 7:18 pm

We need unions. If my father didn't have a union, he would have been screwed.

09/29/12 4:20 pm

I love how Paul Ryan is anti union but as soon as his beloved packers get hosed by the replacement refs he is crying for the union refs to be back. Hypocrites

09/29/12 4:18 pm

Take unions away and the corporations become bullies again. GUARANTEED

bbkkanders Kentucky
09/29/12 3:59 pm

Might have known the way the dems would vote. I really don't think they pay attention to anything.

renormal redefining normal
09/29/12 2:29 pm

Labor unions were set up because people were being abused and there was a need for them. Lately, people abuse the purpose of them with a "gimme gimme" attitude.

09/29/12 1:03 am

I would like to see an added filter for those that have been in a union or had immediate family members in a union... Both my parents were in unions (teacher and engineer) and I was fortunate enough because of it to griw up with amazing healthcare and they've been able to retire at 55.. EARNED

09/28/12 9:56 pm

Anyone care to provide any rationale that CEOs and Owners are lazy or are we just throwing claims out there and seeing what sticks?

truth1 Florida
09/28/12 3:03 pm

There are people that have favorable opinions of labor unions?

derst Raxacoricofallapatorius
09/28/12 2:57 pm

Unions and corporate lobbyists are ruining this country. Unions have outlived their purpose, so we don't need them.

captain12345 Tennessee
09/28/12 11:34 am

The reason CEOs and owners are lazy is because they don't fear the labor union at all

polarized Tennessee
09/28/12 6:24 am

You can follow the nfl and know unions are a good idea. Owners and CEOs are the greedy lazy ones. Not the union members.

dannymac New Hampshire
09/27/12 11:46 pm

Love everyone commenting that we'd all be working 90hours a day without them. Unions bleed companies by how slow they work. Don't work fast Johnny then there will be no work left. Don't do that Johnny that's another unions job. Take your mandatory 7 hour break Johnny you earned it. Said no one ever.

dannymac New Hampshire
09/27/12 11:39 pm

Their pay* I'm sure I have more typos ;p 2am

dannymac New Hampshire
09/27/12 11:38 pm

Example would be the teacher unions. Know why they went on strike? Because they didnt want positive performance to reflect your pay. You know like actually teaching. Money isn't the problem with education. It's the teachers. Get rid of tenure and base pay on performance like all jobs..

dannymac New Hampshire
09/27/12 11:32 pm

90 hours with my kid ? Last I checked not everyone working is in a union and no one works like that. Before when safety and job security was an issue unions were great. Now they're just used to blackmail. On top of that union workers arnt motivated and that makes them lazy and inefficient.

Komm No. I am your father
09/27/12 3:08 pm

McCarthy did find commies. Maybe he went too far sometimes but he found them. And no commies should be in the government. We were at war with communism at the time. They were all guilty of treason and should have been executed.

09/27/12 3:07 pm

Is it any different then big companies giving money to candidates?

potusa Virginia
09/27/12 2:05 pm

McCarthy was a psychotic tyrant that took advantage of the red scare to oust his political enemies

09/27/12 10:01 am

Unions are the reason the football players enjoy safety protections.

cowboy Proud Father
09/27/12 7:33 am

@POTUSA Why thank you. McCarthy was a great patriot.

09/27/12 6:15 am

30 years of declining union membership, 30 years of wage stagnation. Corporate profits are higher than ever.

flyberg Northern Kentucky
09/27/12 5:42 am

Yes, especially in a job market that strongly favors employers and their ability to screw you over.

09/27/12 5:34 am

I believe that workers have the rights to unionize and to strike if they want but business owners have the right to replace those striking workers.

09/27/12 5:30 am

They are a necessary evil. But those of us who are conservative-leaning are angered when our union throws money at liberal candidates and propositions. We have no say in where our dues are spent. Mother F'ers.

09/26/12 11:45 pm

We need labor laws for sure; not too strict or lax

Pragmaniac Hipsterville
09/26/12 9:44 pm

You'd LOVE working mandatory 90 hour weeks. At least your children would work next to you. Read your history and tell yourself it would be different now.

bbk teacher of math
09/26/12 9:23 pm

I worked in a manufacturing plant as an engineer. My job wasn't union but some of the other employees' jobs were. It resulted in inefficiency. I couldn't do certain things that needed to be done if it happened to be part of a union worker's job. Slowed everything down.

09/26/12 9:15 pm

My class size is over contract. Have sent e-mails daily to our union. "There is a meeting scheduled...." Get phone calls from them asking for a vote to raise my taxes so schools can be funded 70% on the dollar. Plus steal my forced union dues to politic against my beliefs! Please vote NO on 30&32!

09/26/12 8:40 pm

Their day is over. Especially public worker unions.

09/26/12 8:40 pm

Unions got good stuff for everyone back in the day, but have since abused their power

peacenskis Alaska
09/26/12 8:18 pm

Yes. I'm not in a union, but am certainly thankful for them that I do not work 80 hrs/7 days week all year round with no safety standards.

potusa Virginia
09/26/12 8:15 pm

God communists this and communists that, you sound like Senator Macarthy

cowboy Proud Father
09/26/12 7:53 pm

No. I'm really not a fan of Communists.

09/26/12 7:01 pm

Unions are fading for the same reason that businesses fail: GREED!

ronfromcny New York
09/26/12 6:37 pm

100%. I appreciate sick time, vacation time, the 40-hour week & the eight-hour work day, health & safety precautions and the end of child labor. These are all things unions had to fight to achieve. No one ever just gave up power.

09/26/12 5:27 pm

They are good when they help employees with better wages, fair treatment with discipline. When unions become political. No way. Union dues should NOT be used for political funding no matter the party!!!!