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Show Of Hands July 10th, 2012 12:00am

Would it be worse to wake up from a coma to find yourself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse or a hostile extra-terrestrial alien invasion?

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taly1116 Georgia
07/18/12 4:34 am

i think aliens.... i mean.... they could be good aliens but zombies would naturally eat our brains ....

ukeman104 Michigan
07/16/12 9:48 pm

This hypothetical situation is similar to the walking dead! Zombies are scary

All4RPaul Texas
07/16/12 7:59 pm

I'd beat the livin sheet outta a damn zombie!

ZiggySpringer Fields of Trenzalore
07/16/12 7:41 am

Zombies are dead and therefore cannot heal and even walking or anything tears down muscle fibers do zombies are way easier after a day they wouldn't be able to move.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
07/14/12 4:36 pm

The worst part would be waking up from a coma...

HolyBabble Mississippi
07/14/12 1:04 pm

I realized several years ago that I was in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

Have you listened to the GOP lately or watched Faux News?

07/14/12 12:02 pm

aliens, they would have better weapons and we would be doomed. i think i could make it in the zombie world.

nFavOfSecess Texas
07/14/12 7:08 am

Zombies would probably be easier to defend myself from.
Aliens more than likely have all sorts of death ray devices and therefore, more terrifying to have to face.

JamesMadison La Palma
07/13/12 11:28 pm

Aliens are a little more possible, if I saw zombies walking around I would be like WtF

07/13/12 10:49 pm

I pick the zombi because they would kill you quickly and the aliens would experiment on u

shyriath1 Ware Ye the Dragon
07/13/12 7:48 am

See, the answer to this question depends on finding out the answer to another: "Can zombies eat alien brains?" Because if they can, just get out from between the two and let things take their course. :P

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/12/12 11:30 pm

I. AM. SO. SICK. OF. ZOMBIE. TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really people?? Zombies? They're not real!!!!

canesfan Miami, FL
07/12/12 9:31 pm

Aliens becuase I know what to do in the case of a zombie apocolypse

07/12/12 8:28 pm

Zombies! I could pull a Rick Grimes on them!

07/12/12 7:35 pm

...of chemical-propulsion is greater than the demand for complete understanding of the universe, which is key for discovering interstellar travel.
Chemical propulsion is the one of the lowest form of intelligence for a civilization. I could go on forever, but do you see where I'm getting at? lol

07/12/12 7:31 pm

Intelligence and aggressiveness are not contradictory to us humans, because we are not evolved enough to have a mutual understanding between all life. This is why corruption exists in our world. The reason why humans have not discovered interstellar travel yet is because the demand for profit by use

BadBadger Georgia
07/12/12 7:14 pm

Cynical? You bet. But feel free to try to convince me otherwise.

BadBadger Georgia
07/12/12 7:13 pm

End, unfortunately, intelligence and aggressiveness are not contradictory, and there is nothing in human history that proves otherwise.

If we discovered interstellar travel today, it would be developed with an eye toward, among other things, its possible use against our enemies.

07/12/12 6:48 pm

Oops. Caught up in politics. I meant "...destroying us humans"

07/12/12 6:47 pm

The idea of aliens destroying our country does not make sense to me. If aliens are so smart as to discover inter-stellar travel, then they damn well should be smart enough NOT to start wars, because wars IMO is a form of stupidity. All-knowing aliens should be aware that peace solves all problems.

07/12/12 6:40 pm

Aliens would be scarier because they can had weapons or like some weird technology lol

AriAshley7 New York
07/12/12 6:09 pm

Lol needed my boyfriend's help to decide on this one

IMO atoms, space, opinion
07/12/12 3:47 pm

Both sound terrible. Good that neither will happen.

BadBadger Georgia
07/12/12 3:33 pm

js, holy crap! You have a point. In fact, what if it's zombies piloting all those saucers? We are so screwed!

I will not sleep tonight.

jswolfeye New Jersey
07/12/12 3:09 pm

BadBadger has point, but there is also a hole in his vote. You see, just because we see zombie movies, doesnt mean we actually know what they will be capable of. Heck, they may be able to fly, so Im pretty sure we dont know the abilities of either groups.

07/12/12 12:27 pm

I said zombies...cuz zombie movies scare me...but ive seen some good points made, makes me rethink.

kst8r Iowa
07/12/12 11:18 am

I'd rather wake up from a coma and have Channing tatum as my husband if you ask me.

07/12/12 9:34 am

@alekat... 28 days later? Rage virus that within seconds put people into a psychotic cannibalistic rage... But that hasn't happened recently or anything right? Lol ;)

josh4qwa Louisiana
07/12/12 9:17 am

These are myths you retards. But to go along with it I'd say Aliens. At least people would still be around. I'd prefer not to be infected either. I'd rather die!

alekat93 Tennessee
07/12/12 9:07 am

@pete how ar zombies not plausible but aliens are?! zombies will be caused by mutated disease. of course I think aliens are very plausible as well. I just cant grasp why people don't think zombies could be a real threat.

KommsWife Indiana
07/12/12 4:23 am

Either way, libs are screwed. They don't have any guns to protect themselves with. They will be hoping the government saves them while the rest of us save our selves

BadBadger Georgia
07/11/12 10:34 pm

Obviously, we have no concept of the horrors that aliens might have in store, nor, possibly, how to counter them. I'd rather face zombies because they're a more understood enemy.

07/11/12 10:25 pm

Aliens would be worse cause imma blow up all the zombies....hey mr zombie want the 12 ga. or .22 or the AR-15 in .223??? I AM READY FOR ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE BRING IT ON!!!

07/11/12 9:48 pm

You can fight living beings but a disease is smaller and less tangible and can cause mass breakouts in seconds. Plus diseases only have one objective which is to survive with out regret.

RJ1969 SoCal
07/11/12 9:20 pm

Yeah but these aliens won't be mowing lawns or cooking food.

07/11/12 9:11 pm

Here in Arizona zombies would be worse because we are accustomed to an alien invasions.

GiantRobot Pennsylvania
07/11/12 8:31 pm

Aliens. But either way just knowing how people like Ted Nugent would totally shit themselves would make it all worth it. ; )

Doopy Remedial Americanism
07/11/12 7:45 pm

Why are zombies scarier to people who earn more than $50,000 a year?

Anyways, aliens would almost certainly suffer from being separated from resupply by millions of light years. If the war was short, they would win. If the war was long, we would win.

The reverse is true of zombies.

Zaramoth A Damn Commie
07/11/12 2:37 pm

Aliens, I have 30~ things just in my room that can kill a zombie, no idea what could kill an alien

PetePuma Oregon
07/11/12 2:06 pm

Aliens. Zombies are not remotely plausible. An alien invasion, although infantisimally improbable, is still possible.

07/11/12 2:01 pm

Really, most think zombies? At least (assuming common lore) you can kill them easily. Who knows what you'd get with aliens.

07/11/12 1:01 pm

Aliens, because one would suspect that some would listen to reason

07/11/12 12:42 pm

Are u kidding. Aliens would b so much scarier. If they were hostile that is.

07/11/12 12:21 pm

Neither will ever happen? Lol

07/11/12 10:50 am

RJ1969 I assume it is people that think like you that completely screwed up my home state. How's liberalism working out for ya? Let's just say your kind of thinking is.........bankrupt.

07/11/12 9:39 am

Zombies are*** better. For all the grammar nazis marching through the comments

07/11/12 9:38 am

It says which one would be WORSE. So if you think zombies is better you should mark aliens on the question.