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pkupman Wisconsin
08/30/12 5:28 pm

Lance spent how much time and money over the last 12 or 13 years trying to prove his innocence? All along theyhave they claimed to have proof. I've yet to see ANY of it. If it was so damning, why keep dragging it out? I'm with Lance... F- them, we know who won those races.

08/29/12 8:07 pm

How can he be guilty?@blutuesday it's through blood transfusions that these cyclists have past (a banned practice) there are team members willing to testify; he gave up his titles to save himself the embarrassment and the insuring media whirlwind. If he were innocent he would fight to prove it.

08/29/12 8:02 pm

Yes of course he's guilty you don't just give up 7 tour de France titles because you are "tired" of fighting, there were team members who have been convicted of the same accusations who were waiting to testify against him. You are diluted if you don't think he's guilty

blutuesday California
08/28/12 5:44 pm

How can he be guilty??? Through HUNDREDS of tests no evidence to support the accusations against him has EVER been found...


emsies Seattle
08/28/12 12:07 am

I was away with no media for 2 weeks. What happened?

haussparke Texas
08/27/12 8:59 pm

You guys are so ignorant and judgmental.No one will know the whole truth but please read the facts before judging and commenting.Such ignorant idiots.He never failed a test in nearly 600 over nearly 20yrs.This is about the power trip of John Fahey.It has damaged the sport irreparably for decades.

08/27/12 8:22 pm

And dear people of America the word you are looking for is "scapegoat" not "escape goat"

08/27/12 8:20 pm

He didn't even want to go to trial because he knew the evidence would be incriminating and would have less people believe he is innocent

08/27/12 6:16 am

The Fangirls can settle down now.

How bout you try and back up his "500 clean tests" drivel. I'm guessing the fangirls won't even be able to dig up 30 actual test documents.

08/27/12 6:10 am

"But last month, when the same scientists tested for and detected EPO, or erythropoietin, in Lance Armstrong's frozen urine sample from the 1999 Tour de France, the credibility of Armstrong and the test itself came into question." - NY times

One-ball lance did test positive at least once

Weave77 Indianapolis
08/26/12 3:45 pm

Lol, I think the term that you're looking for is "scape goat". I can only assume that an "escape goat" is a scape goat that got away...

08/26/12 10:49 am

Uh he already admitted to steroid use so this question is pointless. It's disappointing but if he really didn't he would have continued defending himself. We lost another hero this week but here it was in the least noble way

08/26/12 8:31 am

Which hunt, it's unfair and ridiculous. He came out negative on hundreds of drug tests. It's too bad some jealous cyclists wanna screw him over. I don't blame him for giving up, you can't keep fighting the same bullshit claims again and again.

malibog 12309
08/26/12 6:21 am

Brrrrrr, I figured you would shut the hell up when challenged for a source for your made up information.

snafu Washington
08/26/12 1:44 am

Guilty of what? The whole situation is ridiculous, he's being made an escape goat.

colematts Buffalo, New York
08/25/12 9:42 pm

I bet he's done blood transfusions, which are technically illegal but don't show up on a drug test. This would also explain why he kept doing the tests but backed down when there were a dozen witnesses that stepped forward to testify.

08/25/12 8:24 pm

I hope people realize that if Major League Baseball tested like Lance Armstrong was tested...there would only be like 12 players in the entire league!! BS charge and Lance is still the man!!

08/25/12 7:18 pm

guy took 500 blood tests all of em came back negative totally not guilty

08/25/12 6:07 pm

This is rediculous. No matter what I still will look up to Lance. He was one of my inspirations to get into cycling, and a I grew up watching him with my dad dominate the tour (NATURALLY)

08/25/12 5:34 pm

Who cares! If he didn't test positive at the time of the race NO!

volcanic_butt West Virginia
08/25/12 5:31 pm

Contrary to what you have been America, as a celebrity, you are guilty until proven innocent.

malibog 12309
08/25/12 5:29 pm

Brrrrrrr - when, what event? What is your source?

thekid524 New York
08/25/12 2:25 pm

He won the awards fairly.... Just cuz he don't want to take one test doesn't give the right to take away his former achievements

08/25/12 2:05 pm

(they reason that no one would tell a lie so easily refutable, and so damaging if found out, and so he must not be lying) then one-ball lance further calculates if there are enough believers to create herd immunity against the propagation of truth. He has found that that there are, and so he

08/25/12 2:05 pm

He did fail a test once. Anytime he says he's done 100s of tests and never failed once, he's lying through his teeth. what he's doing is is what all con men do. He tells a bold-faced lie so confidently that a certain section of the population believes him without bothering to verify it,

BabyBoomer Illinois
08/25/12 1:35 pm

Can't tell me samples dot still exist. Retest with more advanced test. Then condemn. Better yet, give Biden an IQ test.

08/25/12 1:00 pm

Innocent until proven guilty. No failed tests means innocent unless you are Progressives and then you are guilty simply because they have your tax payer money behind them and they say so.

chrismisen atlanta
08/25/12 12:21 pm

definitely guilty. you dont drop the fight for your innocence if you truly did nothing wrong. im afraid people like lance too much to see the truth.

2Bfree New York
08/25/12 12:17 pm

Never tested negative.. Innocent until proven guilty.

EarlyBird Portland
08/25/12 12:09 pm

Cowboy- guilty of taking steroids.

08/25/12 11:01 am

From my experience "interviewing" people, innocents RARELY if ever admit responsibility or guilt when they truly had nothing to admit. When someone admits or doesn't contest an allegation, it's because they did it. Would you admit to doing something you didn't do? Probably not. GUILTY.

08/25/12 10:59 am

Where is the proof! Show me a failed test and not a lot of hear say stuff..

timeout Boston Strong
08/25/12 10:31 am

It's a shame that it has come to this. Armstrong overcame a lot of obstacles to accomplish what did. But doping is wrong and there is enough cooperating evidence by his own teammate and now his unwillingness to fight it to say yes he did. It's like pleading no contest in court. Guilty.

cowboy Here and There
08/25/12 10:23 am

Doesn't he just ride a bike? Who cares?

08/25/12 9:31 am

@crawdaddy11 screw you asshole

08/25/12 9:30 am

Fuck everyone who thinks he is guilty! Apparently you don't get that when you have cancer you have to take drugs! None of his drug test said that he was taking something not associated with cancer so why should his titles be taken away?!?!

mac Oregon
08/25/12 8:44 am

Dude never tires physically, definitely the negatives of fame wore the man down. I am sick of the litigation of what is swallowed, enhanced, injected or smoked. Let it go folks...natural consequences will happen for cheaters...this is an amazing athlete and I doubt he did anything to cause bod harm

BeNotAfraid missing my sunrise
08/25/12 8:12 am

@Gautama: "innocent until proven guilty" applies in ALL courts, criminal and civil. The only question is what degree of proof is necessary.
Another thing, EPO is commonly used to treat cancer patients undergoing chemo because chemo destroys blood cells. EPO simply boosts replacement activity.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
08/25/12 7:53 am

I'm glad he finally told them to go fuck themselves.

08/25/12 7:45 am

Are people aware that "innocent until proven guilty" only applies in criminal court?

In civil court, 51% likely is all that is needed to rule against someone. OJ Simpson is an example for anyone curious enough to want to look it up.