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JohnGalt69 April 27th, 2016 3:41pm

Which system is more likely to raise the standard of living for Americans? (Discuss below)

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ArmyRet Midwest
04/27/16 8:26 pm

Competion within capitalism encourages expansion of knowledge and wealth. This causes growth of the economy and the fruits of mans labor. Socialism simply breeds unemployment due to laziness, greed, and slothfulness.

Khonjin Minnesota
04/27/16 8:56 am

Capitalism. Compare Singapore from 1950 to now. It used to be a small little fishing village and now it is a booming city. Now compare Cuba from when they were capitalist to now, socialist. It is a run down country and people are fighting to get out. Now look at Venezuela, it's in such disrepair that people are robbing places for food, just look at their grocery stores! It's absolutely horrendous that people can advocate for Socialism. Also, no, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, etc. are not Socialist in any way. The parts that socialists are defending are their healthcare system that they are now repealing to favor a more competition based system where people are free to choose what they want, not the government putting a gun up to their head forcing them to do this, "voluntary" act.

04/27/16 9:23 am

Socialists don't read any comments this long so I'm sure your point was lost

coldstoneMemery technoprogressive
04/27/16 9:27 am

Cuba was fully communist and under socialist rule, most of the examples you cite are for full communism

coldstoneMemery technoprogressive
04/27/16 9:57 am

Full communism is socialism to the extreme, with the government owning everything and giving you everything you need while socialism is just centralized healthcare and strong social security programs and such

04/27/16 10:43 am

Under either system you give up control of your own circumstances to the controlling government, therefore putting your faith in them to do what is right for you and every other citizen at the same time. Good luck with that

coldstoneMemery technoprogressive
04/27/16 12:40 pm

But the majority of the economy and the labor force is still largely the same as a capitalistic system, making it the best of both worlds as the rich can still get rich and the poor aren't on the streets dying