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paleoconteen Massachusetts
05/06/16 2:23 pm

Democrats are the skinniest, Libertarians are the fattest. Just looked at the results.

CJ24 Xe Xim
05/09/16 11:11 pm

Doesn't necessarily mean either is fatter or skinnier, there are several factors that play into it.

Liberty 4,032,064
04/28/16 8:12 pm

I weight about 135 when I go for awhile without working out, and about 160 when I work out consistently.

anthonymcfadden manassas va
04/28/16 8:08 pm

Right now 6'2" 180ish. Still gaining even though I just ended basketball season and currently in baseball.

bnnt Los Angeles
04/28/16 10:53 am

I try to stay within 175. When I creep up I end up cooling down my candy and dessert intake. Although as I get older that's a lot harder to do!

badattitude no place like home
04/28/16 8:45 am

Interesting, the average of 175. Is what the airlines use as an average passenger weight. But they increase it 10 pounds to include the carry on to 185. 180 in summer.

IamPriscilla Idaho, USA
04/28/16 5:43 am

Currently around 160lbs but I'm 7 months pregnant at the moment, my pre-pregnancy weight was 125lbs.

bartman71 USW
04/28/16 1:15 am

6'3" 245. Would like to be closer to 225, as long as that meant healthier.

04/27/16 8:53 pm

My state has mandatory gym class in public schools. Now that I've been out for ten years, the numbers are slightly higher, but not bad. Where the weight goes has changed, however. I appear to have inherited my mom and aunts' propensity for a lower tummy.

hitchens Ann Arbor, MI
04/27/16 7:46 pm

2 years ago I weighed 130 as a 5'9" male. I've been packing on muscle slowly but surely by weight training and eating right and now I weigh 170.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
04/27/16 6:37 pm

I'm 154 right now although my normal weight is 135. (PCOS weight gain but I'm dropping the pounds.)

04/27/16 6:23 pm

103 -108ish... Fluctuates between winter and summer

LeDerpityDerp We are not our failures
04/27/16 6:07 pm

I way like 40 pounds more than I'd like.. But when I eat "healthy" and not as much I'm miserable.. Not sure I want to stick with the "overweight but happy" routine. Yet I'm getting married in a month and 14 days so I've been trying to be better and have lost 10 pounds so far haha

04/30/16 12:19 am

Good for you! Keep it up πŸŽ‰

TheSocialist INTJ
04/27/16 5:58 pm

20.2 BMI, and I'm a lazy commie too. Must prove something.

KatG Liberal in Ohio
04/27/16 5:49 pm

162 and I'm 5'5. I gain weight a little all over, not in one area, so I carry the weight pretty well. 3 months ago, I was 10lbs heavier. I've always been between 125-145, but having back surgery and being inert packed on the lbs. I'm working on getting back to 145.

burdman Nowhere
04/27/16 5:43 pm

152lbs (145 is closer than 160) and 5'9. Down from 190lbs a few years ago and stronger as well. At 190lbs I could max bench 200lbs and squat 335lbs. Now at ~152lbs I can bench around 225lbs but my squat max is down because I broke my femur just over a year ago and it's much weaker now.

abigailm stay positive
04/27/16 5:42 pm

Currently at 108 and plan to no more than 110 pounds😁 If you exercise and eat right, you can be the weight you want!! Just know you are awesome just the way you are! Weight is just a #. It doesn't mean anything!

TheSocialist INTJ
04/27/16 5:56 pm

Except the force that you exert on the earth.

abigailm stay positive
04/27/16 8:07 pm

g=9.81 m/s^2(on earth)

TheSocialist INTJ
04/28/16 3:39 am

Exactly, it means something.

abigailm stay positive
04/28/16 5:09 am

you know what I was talking about, and we aren't in physics class.

TheSocialist INTJ
04/28/16 11:30 am

Right, in this context BMI is what is important. However, it is directly related to weight. So it has some importance.

swjboucher Just Run
04/27/16 5:38 pm

The results are terrible. To many over over weight.

Teakeh A Happy Nihilist
04/27/16 5:29 pm

115 and 6 feet tall.

I swear I'm not anorexic. I eat and love food, I just have trouble gaining weight...

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
04/27/16 6:41 pm

Wish I had that problem. I'm the opposite

Happy Hong Kong
04/27/16 2:39 pm

I love the way that the average goes up by about 30 pounds over 20 years. πŸ˜†

brendanm343 Massachusetts
04/27/16 1:06 pm

I weigh 4 tons so mine isn't on here

Monolith Every Argument is Valid
04/27/16 12:39 pm

I'm 135 and 5'8 and I considered myself fat... But now seeing this

04/27/16 2:53 pm

That is right in the middle of the healthy weight range for that height. If you truly believe you're fat you could have unaddressed body image issues. But I assure you 5'8 135 is very normal.

04/27/16 12:39 pm

A lot less than a month ago, I was getting little out of shape. This is my first year teaching high school, and teaching, grading and prepping lessons cut into my running and I was eating cafeteria food, all of which meant I put on a little weight. I stopped eating cafeteria food and started eating better (and less) and dropped 18 pounds in the last month.

firefly5 the verse
04/27/16 12:24 pm

170-175 lbs. And I'm somewhere between 5'11" and 6'0".

ovcourse Alzheimer Joe
04/27/16 3:27 pm

You are NOT a typical woman who lives in Michigan, if you know what I mean.

DrCarpenter A2
04/27/16 4:05 pm

I do... I'm only 5', but that still makes me extremely skinny.

04/27/16 11:59 am

I am hell of a lot more than 235lbs. Should of been a larger range

04/27/16 11:57 am

5'8 150 lbs (female), but it's been as low as 119 and as high as 160. Eating disorders suck. I think I'm pretty healthy now though, although I think I *should* be around 140.

Rosebud Ohio
04/27/16 11:20 am

165 by the body composition I got at the gym today. It was after breakfast though. Only have 11lbs of fat to be at an ideal body fat percentage! I plan to cut a little lower though, to around 18% of my total weight. Dunno where I'll end up though as I'm also working out to build muscle.

CudOfCow Oregon
04/27/16 11:15 am

i need to lose about 25lbs to be at my ideal weight.

princess27 Trump Card
04/27/16 10:53 am

5'2" 107


Monolith Every Argument is Valid
04/27/16 10:33 am

The fact that the average adult weighs 200lbs is scary af

PocketNotebook Libertarians Unite
04/27/16 10:04 am

5ft 7 in and 106 pounds. Still recovering from my eating disorder - I'm trying to gain but it's hard. I used to be 88 pounds at my hight...

04/27/16 11:53 am

I know how difficult that is. I've been in recovery for 4 years. You can do it.

04/27/16 5:49 pm

Oh man I thought I had it bad. 5-8 and 147ish. I look skinny though! Keep at it. I sure am.

ace3 Nevada
04/27/16 10:00 am

I'm just about 140, sometimes under. I've lost about 13lbs since September and I'm finally under my pre-pregnancy weight! πŸ˜ƒ

anniepoops wisco fever
04/27/16 9:56 am

I was like 125 the last time I checked. It depends when I poop. πŸ’©

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/27/16 9:49 am

178(ish), usually. 180 if I've been extra hungry for a few days, 176 if I got busy and forgot to eat yesterday.

IamKatherine Respect
04/27/16 9:19 am

83 pounds. But I'm also a 15 year old girl who's 61 inches tall and runs cross country.

Gunfighter06 Iowa, since 1846
04/27/16 9:15 am

I'm around 145, which is exceptionally light for my age and gender. I look like I'm 160. I fool the weight guesser at the fair every time.