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ConservativeCA April 26th, 2016 6:39pm

Immigrants have a responsibility to assimilate to the culture of their country, rather than the other way around.

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demandside New Keynesian
04/26/16 2:22 pm

If that's true, then why haven't Americans assimilated to Native American culture? Instead of forcing the other way around?

camlop San Diego, CA
04/26/16 2:09 pm

I am a Hispanic non-partisan in San Diego, and I think immigrants shouldn't avoid NOT assimilating. So... Yeah, they should live how the rest of the country lives, but they shouldn't forget their heritage (unless they want to).

04/26/16 1:48 pm

Agree...although adding diversity in not inherently evil. It actually can go a long way! But if I immigrated somewhere I'd expect to pretty much assimilate!

04/26/16 1:35 pm

I 100% agree with that!

I also think we(the USA) should set up an immigration policy like Canada(Canada is pretty Liberal by the way). Anyways, the U.S. need to set up something like that.

Everyone who wants to be a citizen have to know/understand BOTH English and Spanish in order to come here.

04/26/16 1:52 pm

Because there are a lot of people who speak Spanish who live here as well. A majority of the population either speaks Spanish or English! Yes, there are a lot who speak different languages... And that's fine, they can speak their language all they want to, but, people either need to learn to speak/understand Spanish and English!
This is for people who want to immigrate to America!

Xemanis Lawful Good
04/26/16 1:54 pm

Yes, that's my point. Why would we have to learn Spanish? The majority is English. We aren't going to want to learn Spanish because of a minority population.

It should be just English.

xxclixxx Rhode Island
04/26/16 1:33 pm

Yes. You can assimilate and keep your heritage. I wouldn't dream of going to another country and them having to do everything in my language.

suppressedID That is my secret Cap
04/26/16 12:29 pm

I see no responsibility. It will simply happen over time like it has with ALL waves of immigrants.

MediaBlackout Carry on, Carry on.
04/26/16 12:35 pm

It hasn't in Europe where they establish cities where only Muslims immigrants can live.

suppressedID That is my secret Cap
04/26/16 12:39 pm

And how many generations has that been in effect?

fredd TrumpLand
04/26/16 12:47 pm

Uh, news flash. The no-go Muslim cities are a myth.

MediaBlackout Carry on, Carry on.
04/26/16 1:05 pm

They exist in the UK for sure. Just because the government says they aren't doesn't mean they're telling the truth. And no matter how many generations there are, if you are in a city that speaks your same language and has the same culture you have no incentive to assimilate to western values.

fredd TrumpLand
04/26/16 1:13 pm

Uh, I'm from the UK. I've been to the famous no-go city of Birmingham many times, often to go to their huge Christmas (yes really!) German market. My sister lived there for years. Neither she or I are Muslim.

Don't be so gullible.

MediaBlackout Carry on, Carry on.
04/26/16 1:23 pm

I'm pretty sure there are more obscure cities than Birmingham that are refugee cities. And even if you did visit there, I doubt you saw many since the refugees are separated off from the population.

fredd TrumpLand
04/26/16 1:41 pm

You mean like the refugees domiciled in the city of Glasgow. That I've met. They get put in the high-rise flats that no one else wants to live in and given some basic furnishings and a little money. I didn't see any walls or fences keeping anyone in or out.

Now there have been a number of holding facilities for some refugees who are suspected of making false claims, to be processed and often deported. I don't know how many, they often get shut down, usually because they're adjacent to a town that doesn't want it. Only a tiny fraction of refugees ever held in such places.

Look, I know you're really attached to this idea. You've got this little thread of info and you're weaving it into the story you want to believe in. But it's not true. It's primarily a fabrication of right-wing American media outlets with maybe a little help from the Daily Fail. These stories have been met with outrage and protests from various countries because they're so patently false.

LibertarianX BTown, Indiana
04/26/16 12:29 pm

My parents did. One from the northeast hillside of Afghanistan where GDP per capita is under $500, and one from a wealthy Egyptian family, both came to LA. Both speak better English than most Americans, and they've adapted well.

mfjd1948 rural johnson co iowa
04/26/16 12:10 pm

Agree and most do. Sometimes the first generation has difficult, but the second and third are well assimilated. You might imagine what it would be like for you.

04/26/16 12:15 pm

Nice post. How is that assimilation affected by so much foreign-language broadcasting and multi-lingual paperwork?

MyRedSkirt Cali
04/26/16 12:01 pm

My mother assimilated but doesn't deny who she is. Went to college & earns 6 figures.

My father in law chose not to. His English is poor. He has worked under the table for years & receives disability. He used to get medical & Sec 8 housing.

This is my experience & obviously not the outcome for everyone.

04/26/16 12:16 pm

Great story. Wow! Think of the number of times this has been repeated.