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JHawk3205 MD
04/26/16 4:33 pm

Her political career is rife with scandals and republican and corporate influences. That skit of her on SNL acting like Bernie is so so true in this election. She panders, and uses dirty tactics. She's done it before, and she's

JHawk3205 MD
04/26/16 4:35 pm

Doing it now; the wall st transcripts? Refuses to release them until all other candidates do? Bernie is the only candidate who should be releasing anything, since it's still in the primaries. He's the one who cares. And by making

JHawk3205 MD
04/26/16 4:36 pm

Such an unnecessary and questionable stipulation makes her look all the more suspicious, instead of taking the initiative and releasing them, to prove she has nothing to hide. If she were trustworthy, she'd have released them

JHawk3205 MD
04/26/16 4:37 pm

A long time ago. You don't like political revolving doors and cronyism, then don't vote for Hillary, because that's what she's been doing...

liam2013 iowa
04/26/16 10:35 am

Yes. 100%. Unless one falls for all the misinformation about her put out by her enemies.

GreenBean17 Serious green bean
04/26/16 3:05 pm

You really need to get out more

SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
04/26/16 3:15 pm

Let's ignore the supposed "misinformation." Anyone who trusts any politician 100% is extremely ignorant.

04/26/16 10:09 am

No, it's impossible to trust someone who has been caught in lie after lie after lie. And the kicker is that she lied to the faces of parents and family who lost loved ones in the Benghazi attack. It takes a special kind of evil to do that.