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PoliticalMemes April 26th, 2016 3:34am

Have you ever tried any kind of illegal drug?

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TreeHair Wisconsin
04/26/16 4:59 am

I injected the marijuana and now I'm gay.

kspells TheOtherOtherside
04/26/16 3:36 am

Any? More like all. Except for the ones I can't get to in other countries, which are illegal here, not if I did them there...

Ailuro49 Just MY own opinion
04/26/16 2:55 am

Weed for pain. Wasn't legal back in the 70's but by gum by George it worked better than anything I had legal & didn't muckup my head, I was fully able to work! So I did!!!

EarlyBird Portland
04/25/16 9:57 pm

Everybody over the age of 40 has. Haha..

kspells TheOtherOtherside
04/26/16 3:37 am

Did them all.