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Show Of Hands April 26th, 2016 3:22am

Do you have a single favorite place on earth?

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05/04/16 1:54 pm

Antarctica, just wish I could go there.

04/30/16 8:55 am

Though I haven't been there, I want to go to somewhere quiet and beautiful like Japan or the French alps

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
04/29/16 4:18 pm

Napa Valley.
Specifically: Peju.

SenatorFreedom Pennsylvania
04/28/16 8:36 am

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Unspeakably beautiful.

musiman28 Cotton country
04/27/16 4:53 pm

Yes, and unfortunately it's unattainable at the moment.

Nick2413 Philadelphia
04/27/16 7:22 am

On an overlook of the mountains at Steamboat ski mountain where you can stop at a picnic table for lunch and take in the view.

MaxineL New Jersey
04/26/16 10:21 pm

Home with my family

04/26/16 9:22 pm

Robinson Creek, in the Sierras.

funlover heart of it all
04/26/16 9:17 pm

Any white sand beach in the Caribbean. I love the turquoise water, the sun, the sand, and the islands. Would live there if I could.

MrTony Colorado
04/26/16 8:18 pm

Two of my favorite cities; Old Town Stockholm (the Gamla Stan) and Bergen, Norway.

04/26/16 7:00 pm

The backseat of our Harley

TreeHugs Oregon
04/26/16 4:51 pm

There's a 1000 year old cedar grove with a creek running through it in North Idaho that I absolutely love. I haven't been there for 20 years 🙁

04/26/16 3:45 pm

Jupiter Florida! It's amazing.

mfjd1948 rural johnson co iowa
04/26/16 11:16 am

Where ever I am at, as long as it is on this side of the turf.

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
04/26/16 10:00 am

Probably the Swiss or Austrian Alps...

FancyNapalm Psychosis Circle
04/26/16 9:31 am

Kauai & secret spot in Austrian Alps , aka: the Tyrol.

Marzyq South of North Dakota
04/26/16 9:25 am

Yellowstone national park.

phen nebraska
04/26/16 7:33 am

Peterson's. It's a pivot section of our farm that's 6 miles off any main road, even dirt roads. Beautiful quiet and peaceful place

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
04/26/16 9:58 am

I was only in Venice for a day, but I have to admit I was not sold... It was like a shopping mall built on a sinking island... Tourism ruined it.

kywrite augusta, ga
04/26/16 6:23 am

Disneyworld. But only with my husband. Everything would be stale and tasteless without him.

04/26/16 5:31 am

I plan to do a lot more traveling, but I absolutely love Yosemite!

04/26/16 5:24 am

Wherever I happen to be at the moment.

04/26/16 5:20 am

Old San Juan
(or a beach) 🌴