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Show Of Hands November 20th, 2011 12:00am

Do you tend to draw distinct lines between your work life and your personal life, or do the two blend together?

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NotAsheep Nevada
11/27/11 1:10 am

As an employer I can tell you... People who blend the two suck as employees. Leave your personal life at home and do yur damn job!

11/24/11 10:21 pm

I'm a college student. Living at school makes it pretty hard to bot blend the lines between personal and professional life.

11/24/11 3:12 pm

I wish I coul, but my personal problems constantly haunt me

11/21/11 10:36 am

I'm so much diff at work than I am home, if I didn't distinct the two, I'd probably be without a job...I avoid talking about my personal life as much as possible to ultimately avoid being a target for "office" gossip; which is prime reason why this distinct line I'd drawn between work and home

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/21/11 10:20 am

I work at a gym. So I see the people all over town. I teach water aerobics and do nursery. I love it when I see the children and they get excited to see me.
I also did the PR for a fund raiser for another staffer with a rare form of blindness. A cure has been foundī€Ž

AnnieM The Island
11/21/11 3:11 am

I'm a stay-at-home mom and do the occasional commissioned art or craft piece, so yeah. not really possible to separate the two. when I was working outside the home it depended on the work I was doing, the co-workers, the clients/customers, etc. whether or not work stayed at work.

11/21/11 2:13 am

I'm a stay at home mom, but when I do work it is usually at my moms office- so it blends very much. And the other job I could pick up any time is with a Mexican family I got fairly close to at my favorite restaurant. When I get in my field in a few years though. I'll keep it separate...

IraqVet03 North Carolina
11/21/11 1:53 am

Work stays put. You can't diffuse if you drag it everywhere.

11/21/11 1:07 am

I work in a small office(3-6 people). We just took a half day to go fishing together. We are all in our 20's and have more fun than work and get paid FAR to much. FML when I have to get a real job that requires I don't wear flip flops and tshirts!

DeathSheep Michigan
11/21/11 12:07 am

If work is in my fun time then it isn't fun time so, distinct

Hope Minneapolis
11/20/11 11:37 pm

I am w/ NJ on this 1. My husband & I also own our own business so our work life & personal life tend to blend.

Idk how you do it LuTang!

11/20/11 11:31 pm

If you consider school in the same category as work, then my school invades, takes over, and occupies my social life 5 days a week :(

DrKelly Wisconsin
11/20/11 11:18 pm

I do a pretty good job not bringing work home, but when your boss texts you at 7:30 am on a Sunday, it can be challenging to have boundaries. And I'm NOT on call!!

d0m333 Pennsylvania
11/20/11 11:03 pm

The only time I bring work home is when they have extra food they give me from the kitchen. Yummy stuff.

11/20/11 10:38 pm

Looks like age is as big a determining factor as anything else. Guess most people have to experience things for themselves. Just remember what someone wiser, and apparently older, once said about what not to do where you eat...

11/20/11 10:33 pm

Showdown Obama. Turns out only 92% of democrats love him.

11/20/11 10:19 pm

Distinct line. The less your coworkers know about you the better!

oorah Florida
11/20/11 9:12 pm

I hang with my coworkers most nights and date one so it's all blended together.

Nerdz Texas
11/20/11 8:30 pm

my work life is school so it blends with my personal life

Chopper2 Georgia
11/20/11 8:29 pm

When I lived in NYC it was distinct but now in atl it is blended I kinda hate it. Having to be social so I don't look like a wierdo

applestar Florida
11/20/11 8:22 pm

a lot of the women at my work are close outside of work. not me, I keep it separate.

11/20/11 7:53 pm

The showdown is actually surprising...

11/20/11 7:46 pm

Hipsters are LAME. They are not the hippies of the 60's. They are the self-righteous pseudo-intellectual liberals that give Lefties a bad name and bad PR.

11/20/11 7:46 pm

3rdsides. You sound like that douche from OWS who was complaining about the police taking down the library. He said, "the police came and took away all the books. They didn't even have the courtesy to check the books out and they even took reference books which shouldn't leave the library."

11/20/11 7:30 pm

I do things my way that are not mainstream and more apt to hipster culture progressive ideals. Its so existential to view things the way as they are to be unconsequentially accepted by the canonical method of problem solving.

11/20/11 7:23 pm

I own my own business and I keep things very separate. I want a business and a life. And my fiancé expects to keep it that way, too. :)

musiclovr Colorado
11/20/11 6:23 pm

If you love what you do for work, how could you not blend it?

11/20/11 5:38 pm

I have many many frends from when I used to work. I also have frends from my husbands restaurant. So there is no distinct line.

11/20/11 5:25 pm

We also socialize with other people at work. Having the security guard at the office building & his family up to our house for Thanksgiving, for example. We're lucky enough to have become friends with the people we see every day.

11/20/11 5:20 pm

LOL! My husband and I work together - have for 28 years. We have definitely had to find a balance, i.e. no more talking about work over dinner, etc., but it's a constant presence in our lives. It's how we met, after all... Workplace romance, the whole nine yards - plus May/December on top of it.

11/20/11 5:18 pm

I work part-time as an editor and do it from home. so blended.

11/20/11 5:15 pm

I'm in a family business. biggest damn headache imaginable.

Jzz California
11/20/11 5:06 pm

I keep them separate. i will go to an occasional happy hour, some go every week, but my personal and family life take priority. especially after hours.

W0rdshark Vermont
11/20/11 5:01 pm

I work in forensic mental health--it would violate HIPAA to discuss work at home and it would be downright dangerous to discuss my home life at work.

SwolePatro Georgia
11/20/11 4:39 pm

I blend but to a certain extent, the only thing I really blend is I see work people outside of work, that's about it

11/20/11 4:38 pm

I don't want to see my coworkers more than I have to already. Distinct lines!

cato Santa Barbara, California
11/20/11 3:44 pm

I work hard but when I leave, I leave work at work. I have no interest in blending.

NJ Delaware
11/20/11 3:38 pm

When One owns their own business (as my husband and I do) there is no distinct lines between your lwork life and personal life. They are one and the same.

valeriejo ramble on
11/20/11 3:16 pm

My work is completely separate than my personal life. I mean I'm friendly with my co-workers, and we'll have a drink together once in a blue moon, but over-all it's like two separate worlds for me. I don't waste a moment of my time that I'm not at work thinking about work.

11/20/11 3:08 pm

Mine is blended and it always bites me in the ass.... I work hard to change it

11/20/11 2:52 pm

I'm self employed so my work is based at home.

11/20/11 2:51 pm

I like having work friends, it's always fun to be able to vent about work with someone who's going thru it with u

Wes28 CBus
11/20/11 2:48 pm

Well I'm in school, so that blends because obviously all my friends are from my "work."

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/20/11 2:41 pm

They blend. My work is fun!


11/20/11 2:09 pm

Work doesn't pay you enough to make you think of it when pure not working. Don't stress yourself out on your own time.

I compartmentalize my life. When I'm at work I think work and work hard. When I'm out of work I think personal stuff and play hard.

You need balance in your life.

11/20/11 1:49 pm

@Ehino, this wasn't a yes or no question