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PrinceOberyn April 25th, 2016 3:12am

The Kasich and Cruz campaigns have officially announced that they are working together to deny Trump the Republican Nomination. Good move?

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04/25/16 1:40 am

The best way to do that would be Kasich dropping out and endorsing Cruz...but I don't think that's what they meant...

CudOfCow Oregon
04/24/16 11:40 pm

Hilary is gonna win.

ShawPPM1214 Washington
04/24/16 9:52 pm

It's a good strategy. I'm just disappointed That Cruz won't be coming to Oregon now.

04/24/16 9:49 pm

It's because they're both gammas and below. Gammas will not take on an alpha, they are more comfortable teaming up wth another gamma even if that gamma is himself an opponent.
This would also explain Heidi's mental issues, women stuck wth gammas do not fare well.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
04/24/16 11:00 pm

You've read brave new world 😎
I'll open a big bag of popcorn this Tuesday and watch Trump getting ever closer to the nomination.

political Georgia
04/24/16 9:05 pm

It's a good goal. I haven't studied the strategy though.

goldz oh this world
04/24/16 9:20 pm

They're ceding certain states to each other.

PrinceOberyn Vive LEmpereur
04/24/16 9:45 pm

It's the last card they have, short of stabbing the fucker as he goes to give his acceptance speech.

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
04/24/16 8:18 pm

Can't Stump the Trump

PrinceOberyn Vive LEmpereur
04/24/16 8:15 pm

I honestly don't care. The republicans are ripping themselves apart, and I am watching the burning ship sink from the shore with a glass of wine in my hand. Hahahahaha!

JackQHu Durham, NC
04/24/16 8:25 pm

You know what that means... A third term for Barack Osama (AKA HilLIARy Clinton.)

goldz oh this world
04/24/16 9:21 pm

Funny how Trump supporters call Hillary a liar when 92% of Trump's statements this campaign were lies (according to Politifact).

JackQHu Durham, NC
04/24/16 9:23 pm

When is PolitiFact ever correct?

goldz oh this world
04/24/16 9:28 pm

More times than Trump I'll grant you that. "Unemployment is rising 10%, 20%, 30%..."