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banana29 April 24th, 2016 11:12pm

Many of the characteristics and behaviors associated with addictive substances (drugs, alcohol, etc.) are also present in some people's relationship with junk food. Are you "addicted" to junk food?

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mcable Lost in Translation
04/28/16 7:56 am

If there really was a heaven, part of mine would be full of junk food with no consequences. Alas, in the real world there are consequences, so, as for now, I need to adhere to suggested serving sizes. 😐

Ellock Perpetually Tired
04/26/16 7:31 am

No. I am addicted to coffee, but that's it.

dfish at home
04/25/16 4:40 pm

I have the opposite of an addictive personality. #blessed

04/25/16 2:58 pm

I can quit whenever I want to...

Celadonne ballfield
04/25/16 2:39 pm

The addiction to sugars/carbs tales only 3 days to kick! It's a long 3 days but it's worth it.

04/25/16 11:51 am

No. I do indulge occasionally in sweet things, but I don't really like or consume most traditional junk food (candy, chips, etc.).

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/24/16 4:40 pm

I do like it a lot, but can't really call it an addiction because there are no adverse effects from indulging to my heart's content, and because there is no physical or psychological "need" for it. When the goodies are gone, they're gone. No big deal.

DonWichita Kansas
04/26/16 7:46 am

Your metabolism has truly blessed you.