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Squidboy April 24th, 2016 1:09pm

Sharon Nesset is running for Oregon House District 44. Last week voters received campaign materials endorsing Sharon in the guise of a fake voters guide. Criminal charges are likely to follow. Should Sharon still be allowed to run for office?

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mim formerly 97123
04/24/16 7:30 pm

Ultimately, the candidate should be held responsible regardless of who created the mailer. It's too easy to scapegoat someone within the campaign.

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
04/25/16 2:27 am

By your thinking all an opponent or anyone for that matter needs to do is create a mailer that's inappropriate or misleading to get the candidate charged.
No, a candidate can only be responsible for actions of their own campaign staff.

Holiday LA
04/24/16 4:56 pm

I think they should throw her, her opponent and any voter stupid enough to fall for this cheesy "voter's guide" in jail. Who uses a voter's guide?

susanr Colorado
04/24/16 2:50 pm

Is it clear that she was involved in the decision to print & distribute the things? Maybe it wasn't under her control. If she clearly was responsible, has she been charged with anything? I don't see how she could be prevented from running if she hasn't been charged. If the only legal penalty is a fine (not saying it is; I don't know), then I see even less justification for it.

Of course it's a sleazebag move, whoever did it.

Wasn't there a Presidential candidate who did something similar - not the same, not appearing to be an *official* voter's guide with bogus info, but a mailing purporting to present voter info about your neighbors? Cruz, maybe?

susanr Colorado
04/24/16 2:54 pm

Oh yeah, it was Cruz (or someone acting for his campaign); the infamous "VOTER VIOLATION!" mailings. I haven't noticed that he has been prevented from running because of that sleazebag move, but I don't think I've seen an update since this sort of coverage of it, either:

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
04/24/16 1:44 pm

You should read the article you provided.
Doesn't mention criminal charges but states that civil penalties are possible.
Also it didn't provide any evidence that the candidate had any knowledge of the mailer.

auntiesamm Orange County CA
04/24/16 12:01 pm

If Hillary can run with possible criminal charges pending how is this any different? Certainly not at the same level as Hill. I do believe Hillary should be disqualified.

snozwaffer Dove Canyon, CA
04/27/16 11:15 am

Hillary should be in a Federal penitentiary!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/24/16 12:01 pm

They haven't even charged her yet, much less convicted her. So yes, she should be able to run, but shouldn't get many votes. And if she is somehow elected, and subsequently convicted, her removal for being unqualified to hold the office should be immediate.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/24/16 12:05 pm

All that is assuming there is a link between her or her campaign and whoever produced and sent out the mailers. For all I know at this point the whole thing was a Cruzesque ploy by her opposition to discredit her.

Think Lovin Life
04/24/16 11:41 am

Of course she should be able to run and voters should have the choice to reward her with a loss, if she was involved.

04/24/16 11:22 am

Everyone eligible should be allowed to run. Voters don't have to vote for anyone.

04/24/16 10:46 am

Reprimanded but not criminal proceedings.

PamGH Washington
04/24/16 9:14 am

Depends if she was involved in its publication and distribution.

ronderman North Carolina
04/24/16 8:53 am

No one should vote for them, but she should be allowed to run. She hasn't been convicted of anything.

04/24/16 8:01 am

Yeah innocent until proven guilty right? Otherwise what is there to stop someone from framing her and therefore getting her out of the election?

jlong105 Indiana
04/24/16 7:57 am

I don't think anyone with pending criminal charges should be allowed to run for any office.

Korosensei Maine
04/24/16 6:46 am

Depends if this was something she decided to do or it was just an over zealous supporter