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When you go to bed do you usually toss and turn before falling asleep, or fall asleep pretty much as soon as your head hits the pillow? (UserQ)

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03/07/12 6:01 am

Instant. I go to sleep with the Google Books app in "night" mode... and it seems like just minutes before it's already the next morning.

03/06/12 9:34 pm

Well I took a 70 mg vyvanse and I can't go to sleep :(

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
02/29/12 1:11 pm

@wetheslave bingo! That's the gist of what I do. Empty my brain, palm (basically meditate), and head off to lala land. Took me a while to get there though.

chalie Georgia
02/28/12 8:17 pm

I could be dreaming more if my wife would stop trying to dance in bed.

02/27/12 2:40 pm

Smoke a joint before bed and you will sleep like a baby ;)

02/27/12 2:39 pm

It's easy to fall asleep, I don't go to bed until I'm tired.

02/26/12 7:45 am

I would fall asleep faster if he would JUST. STOP. SNORING!!!!!

thedani New Jersey
02/26/12 4:26 am

Varies, I'll fall asleep quick for a month or so, then I can't fall asleep for a while... As of now, I lay in bed wide awake wishing I could sleep.

02/26/12 2:51 am

Usually I fall asleep in 30-45 min or so..

02/26/12 2:03 am

@Kelly-I also meditate, am on pain meds but my joints can't stay in one position for more than @30 when sleeping before extremely sharp pains start "shooting". Freq. dislocations don't help either. BUT-I somehow go rapidly into REM-having vivid dreams even in just 30 minutes.

DrKelly Wisconsin
02/25/12 9:52 pm

I pretty much fall asleep within a few minutes and then I'm dreadfully awake off and on for the remaining time. my sleep is horrible, despite meditation, meds, sound therapy, etc.!

GirlOnFire Ohio
02/25/12 3:12 pm

It always takes me at least 15 minutes to fall asleep, usually more. Especially if I have too much on my mind, then it takes about an hour or so.

02/25/12 4:47 am

->5 years ago-and still sometimes, I would toss & turn for an hour. NOW-it depends on pain level & how "sleep-deprived" I am. I'm usually SO exhausted that I'm out almost as soon as I turn over. (since I more or less "live" in bed-I can't sleep on back, only on side or belly.)

02/25/12 4:43 am

My sleeping habits are a LOT different from most "normal" folks-so this was hard to answer. Since my health got bad about 5 years ago, the most I've slept at one time-without awakening-is 4 hours. For the past month though, it's gotten worse with me catching 30-45 min whenever I can. Up until->

tuvwxyz New York
02/24/12 10:27 pm

It takes me hours to fall asleep and I don't know why:(

02/24/12 9:01 pm

Every night with exceptions! I toss and turn on beds trying to sleep, and I tried sleeping on my couch, nice leather with a good feel, and I pass out almost inatantaneously, w/o a pillow too! Try this peeps! Just don't try too hard ;)

02/24/12 7:41 pm

@9999 it is sad and it looks like u suffer to as u posted ur comment at midnight

02/24/12 4:52 pm

Holy babble you are annoying the crap out of me. This isn't even an opinionated question!!! Tell me please, how are people who fall asleep quickly "dummies"?!? It's not like they try to fall asleep quickly!! So if you wouldn't mind just shut up and let people answer with out you judging them.????

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
02/24/12 1:51 pm

I have really bad insomnia. Sometimes I won't even fall asleep in a night.

LOLdayl Ohio
02/24/12 1:39 pm

On weekends I fall asleep quickly, but on weekdays I'm still thinking about everything that has happened so it takes about 30 minutes for me to sleep.

02/24/12 1:27 pm

I am always a slow zzz...... I always wait till last minute to go to bed too......

02/24/12 6:58 am

For me it depends on what I did that day and how tired I am

Quinnipiac Here
02/24/12 12:48 am

insta, but i dont hit the hay until im dead tired. it would be a waste to lay there.

bjoshua Boston Strong
02/24/12 12:32 am

The people who fall right asleep are so lucky.

02/23/12 8:27 pm

I'm out before my head hits the pillow...I do wake a few times thru the night but always fall back pretty quickly

02/23/12 7:44 pm

I'm out like a light. There's too much stress in the country.

02/23/12 7:44 pm

Good on you, Fiat - congratulations on the changes you made.

02/23/12 6:19 pm

4 solid hours of sleep would be nirvana

02/23/12 5:53 pm

I am almost instantly asleep, but I awaken every 2 -5 minutes. on and off like a light switch all night long. It happens so regularly that I do not use an alarm. I just look at the clock a g'zillion times and get up

02/23/12 5:24 pm

It takes me an hour or so. That's why I'm so tired.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
02/23/12 5:09 pm

Try this - slow down before bed time. When you lie down do not follow or solved any thoughts that comes into your head. Thoughts are tempting, do not think about them. Do not follow the worry about falling asleep thought.

I am out in less than 5. If still awake in 20 do your thing and try again

02/23/12 4:02 pm

You poor people that toss and turn. I'm out within ten minutes and don't wake up until the alarm goes off. Been that way my whole life. I love sleep and don't take my daily stresses to bed. I even love to nap on the weekends!

Nerdz Texas
02/23/12 2:04 pm

unless I am utterly exhausted, I take some time before I go to. sleep

02/23/12 1:56 pm

Usually fall asleep pretty easily as I take a sedating medication.

eradicator JC
02/23/12 1:48 pm

I'm either out like a light or I'm having an insomniac episode. No in between.

02/23/12 1:27 pm

love to read a chapter or so. ... then zzzzzz!

02/23/12 10:20 am

@indignant- same! And sometimes... Haha :)

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
02/23/12 9:48 am

1/2 of a sleeping pill every night.
This is one of my favorite addictions - cuz it works.
I time my pill about 20 to 30 minutes before bed - at 10:00
Then I watch the news till the second commercial break and I am asleep by 10:15 every night.

hippiedude fields of green
02/23/12 9:11 am

Depends on the night and how tired I am but Im normally up for another hour and end up getting out of bed to play or listen until music until I cant keep my eyes open

02/23/12 9:06 am

how can someone be wrong in how long it takes to fall asleep? I'm getting ready to hit the ignore button!!!

02/23/12 8:51 am

Takes me hours to fall asleep. My husband, however, starts snoring in the middle of a sentence. Makes me wanna poke him in the eye :-p

lou1 Washington
02/23/12 8:12 am

I have a circadian rhythm disorder, and to stay on a somewhat-socially-acceptable schedule, I go to bed LONG before I'm tired and do something relaxing (e.g. read, write, knit, etc,) until I AM tired (usually b/t 1.5 and 3.5 hrs.), then I fall asleep quickly. Waking up... That's another story!!!

02/23/12 7:53 am

I rarely have trouble falling asleep. I've always needed a lot of sleep and even 8 hours at night isn't enough so I'm always sleepy enough to pass out as soon as I get in bed.

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
02/23/12 7:52 am

I play words with friends until I crash. Stops me from thinking about random ish

Unless I'm snuggled up to my husband or son. They are so dang cuddly and cumfy! :)

ryno Flyover Country
02/23/12 6:30 am

Almost always 5 minutes or less. The only exception was Christmas Eve growing up. I was always excited to see what "Santa" brought and couldn't sleep.

wearetheworld Illinois
02/23/12 6:03 am

It used to be fast. But after my house burned down in the middle of the night, not much. So.... Yeah.