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sep April 23rd, 2016 10:08pm

You have to give up one source of entertainment for the rest of your life, sports or music. Which do you give up?

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jvc1133 61535
04/23/16 7:45 pm

Music soothes the savage beast.

meb1 somewhere in MN
04/23/16 5:51 pm

Easy - sports.

FancyNapalm Psychosis Circle
04/23/16 3:44 pm

Omg! This is impossible!! I can't give up either lol!!

susanr Colorado
04/23/16 3:37 pm

If "sports" included participation as well as watching, and included swimming, I'd give up music. I don't routinely *watch* any sports, or participate in any team or competitive sports, and I don't listen to a lot of music, so it's almost a toss up. But I don't want to lose my swimming.

04/23/16 4:10 pm

I guess I'd only include swimming if it's competitive. If it's just exercise and/or relaxation, I'm not including it as "sports."

susanr Colorado
04/23/16 4:23 pm

Well, that makes it easy then. I'd give up sports! I'm actually competing with myself (improving distance & endurance), but that's OK.

04/23/16 3:31 pm

Sports. I don't watch them anyway.