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susanr Colorado
04/22/16 8:47 pm

I hadn't heard of it, but that's very cool - thanks!

theparker Pittsburgh
04/22/16 7:17 am

It is found in Turkey, possibly the oldest temple in the world. It resembles Stonehenge and excavation was started in 1995. It's pretty cool, just heard of it today.

susanr Colorado
04/22/16 8:50 pm

Sk8, you really get around! You know who else might have been there, or at least heard about it? @bioarchnomad

bioarchnomad Michigan
04/22/16 8:56 pm

I didn't know mentioning a username made a notification until just now @susanr!

I haven't been to Gobekli Tepe, though I really want to visit and/or work on the excavations. It's constantly used as an archaeological case study in my courses, it's a fascinating site (and within my regional research interests). If I end up in the Eurasian Studies MA program I applied to, I'm hoping to get a chance to visit sometime soon. Lots of big name archaeologists are involved with the site (though none I know personally).

susanr Colorado
04/22/16 8:59 pm

See, I knew you'd at least be familiar with it!

Yes, "tagging" started being a feature some months ago. You can use either @ or # just before the user name, but no other characters or punctuation before or after, not even a period (or it thinks that's part of the name). Very useful.

susanr Colorado
04/22/16 9:02 pm

And you only get a notification if you have that turned on - I believe they turned it on for everyone at the start. But you can turn it off (not sure why anyone would, though). I think it's listed as "Poll/comment mention" in the list of notification options.