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Show Of Hands April 22nd, 2016 11:34am

Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks that our universe might very well be a giant matrix-like "simulation" being run by more intelligent beings (see link). Do you agree with him?

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04/27/16 6:42 pm

Finally he said something interesting.

ArmyRet Midwest
04/26/16 5:14 pm

Who and what is he? A scientist, mathmetician, et? Or some other practicer of higher education.? Huh?

cnc123 SUPREME 2016
04/25/16 11:32 am

And the "coder" would be God.

stifler florida
04/24/16 6:59 pm

So what happens when we die? Does the "creator" send our bodies to a different Star system, but with no memory of our prior life's?

wearemonkeys77 Lest We Forget... Hodor
04/24/16 5:04 pm

I doubt he "believes" this. I noticed he likes to talk about weird things that are technically possible but highly unlikely.

04/24/16 8:28 am

Depends how you define "might very well be." I don't agree there is a better than 50% chance this is true.

On the other hand, there is a 100% chance it is a possibility.

smoothboy1982 Lexington Ky
04/24/16 8:13 am

He is big fan of the movie matrix. I am too! I use to like this dude but he has gone insane

LaReine Communist Lesbian
04/23/16 4:29 pm

Reading the comments in here are hilarious. No one knows what he was talking about 😂

Doopy Remedial Americanism
04/23/16 4:09 pm

Most of this generation's cosmologists have lost their grounding in philosophy and the history of thought, which leads them to some pretty idiotic conclusions...

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
04/23/16 3:07 pm

It depends how you frame it. We know spirit is superior to flesh.

04/23/16 1:41 pm

Humans are likely not the top of the food chain in the vast universe.

drself Gated Community
04/23/16 1:24 pm

That mean's he believe in intelligent design. He is starting to awake from his evolution delusion.

Advil sc
04/23/16 6:40 am

One problem is we're not playing with a full deck of cards, i.e., we don't know all the laws of nature.

"...IF we can figure out ALL the laws that govern..." From Tyson's article. We should follow proven science and see where it takes us and when we figure out all the laws that govern, we will know the answer. I believe God created the Universe.

04/23/16 5:27 am

It's God's matrix. That's about as close as Neil comes to being right on this.

Bishop George Berkeley did a better job explaining it.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
04/23/16 4:13 pm

Oh, no, don't make that mistake! He's a man with a planetarium and a TV show, not a man with the respect of the world's great thinkers.

wearemonkeys77 Lest We Forget... Hodor
04/24/16 5:06 pm

Haven't you noticed he likes to talk about the weird things that could technically be true but not likely. The person who asked the question used the word believes and I think they are misinformed or are being disingenuous.

Torfin Never Behind
04/23/16 1:54 am

He is a loon..I was very dissapointed when I found this out..I really wanted him to be more.

tdaddy Kentucky
04/23/16 1:51 am

And one of those intelligent beings may, coincidentally, be called God by his friends, while his creations he may refer to as "Sims," another coincidence. And, initially, "God" may have given his "Sims" limited intelligence and longevity, but as their colonies age and "God" observes they are increasingly in intelligence and longevity with the passage of time, "God" finds this interesting and he allows them to evolve as their wits increase.

04/22/16 11:31 pm

Does it matter?

iancurtis Oregon
04/22/16 11:15 pm

Cool theory that could definitely be possible. Do I believe it? No. Could my mind be changed? Yes.

04/22/16 10:46 pm

There's no way to prove or disprove it so

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
04/22/16 7:53 pm

I chose no but the theory is based on theoretical physics.
Not enough tangible data to support it yet not enough to deconstruct it either.

I'm neutral.

04/22/16 7:38 pm

I can't stand that negro. So fucking retarded. Cosmo's sucked dick

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
04/22/16 7:56 pm

What an intelligent response.

04/22/16 8:55 pm

Wow. You're an idiot

smoothboy1982 Lexington Ky
04/24/16 8:16 am

I hope a meteor lands on your head or piss. Either or would be funny

3pac ga
04/22/16 6:22 pm

I've been saying this years

FacePalm That Trick Never Works
04/22/16 5:28 pm

LoL 8)

Sure why not? 8)
I enjoy speculation as much as the next person, if you are going to start from a place of "what if" Go large or go home, right?

Brilliant10 Ioway
04/22/16 5:14 pm

Weird, my principal was talking to us about this debate today

Teakeh A Happy Nihilist
04/22/16 3:18 pm

I accept the possibility, but I don't accept it as fact, because there's no evidence.

ctskapski x
04/22/16 2:15 pm

Key word: might. It's possible, if not very probable.

Someonethirsty A lake
04/22/16 4:46 pm

Probable? How so?

ctskapski x
04/22/16 5:05 pm

I see where the confusion came from, should have said "though not very probable." My bad, homie.

Someonethirsty A lake
04/22/16 5:11 pm

No problem, my big dog daddy. 🐶

dfish at home
04/22/16 1:41 pm

See even very intelligent people ca. Be idiots

Brilliant10 Ioway
04/22/16 5:23 pm

Care to elaborate on why you think the possibility is idiotic?

dudley northern Virginia woods
04/22/16 1:31 pm

It's a possibility. I do believe there are "others" who live mainly in other dimensions, which are the source of certain strange beings. It's also possible that we skip around ourselves and are not even aware of it.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
04/22/16 12:41 pm

Reminds me of when I was little, I imagined our world as a dollhouse and gods of different worlds as children with their own dolls and houses to play with. (Then I got confused because does that mean the god children are also part of a theatrical playground dictated by a larger being?)

Americans Right Wing Libertarian
04/22/16 12:39 pm

Wouldn't that make black science man a theist?

ctskapski x
04/22/16 2:16 pm

I think it would be more deism than theism.

getupbaby South City
04/22/16 3:58 pm

No, it's a belief in aliens, silly. Never spoke about omnipotence or all-knowing beings.

Americans Right Wing Libertarian
04/22/16 4:00 pm

"Our universe being run by more intelligent beings." Sounds like a deity to me

getupbaby South City
04/22/16 5:44 pm

The whole point of his comment was another tease at Christianity. It's more scientifically plausible that aliens put us here than to say an omnipotent, all seeing, all knowing, but completely invisible God did it.

Americans Right Wing Libertarian
04/22/16 5:48 pm

If it is than it's likely also a shot a atheism for the same exact reason that it's scientifically more likely than the Big Bang just perfectly creating everything (Neil is agnostic)

04/27/16 6:47 pm

In case you haven't noticed God is an alien too

04/22/16 12:29 pm

Irrational numbers prove it can not be a computer simulation

Someonethirsty A lake
04/22/16 5:14 pm

I hear this one a lot, but I don't quite understand it. Can you explain it?

04/27/16 6:49 pm

Perhaps not a computer but still a simulation.

getupbaby South City
04/22/16 12:04 pm

No, people, it's not God he's talking about. Cute that you'd think that.

elcondor Rural Southern Indiana
04/22/16 11:37 am

This existence could be God's energy/karma filter; a proving ground of souls.

Tesla Florida
04/22/16 11:34 am

I mean it's possible. I don't necessarily think it's true but it's possible.

04/22/16 11:32 am

It's possible. Very possible. If they ever reach the end of pi then that would mean there is a very high likely hood in this being a simulation

Henry123 Connecticut
04/22/16 11:11 am

This question is worded horribly. Yes it's possible that that is the case. No I don't believe it is the case

MurrayHitchens The Truth Wins Out
04/22/16 11:09 am

It's possible but I really don't have a clue, so I'm just going off what I know.

tidford My little piece of heaven
04/22/16 9:33 am

Whatever Neal may call himself, this is PRECISELY why neither Neal, nor myself, is, truly, an athiest.
The new understandings and possibilities at the cutting edge of physics very much rule IN the possibility of an entity/inteligence that, from an historical point of view, is indestinguishable from what our ancestors would recognize as God.
For some of us, especially the most arrogant and zealous athiests, using the term "God" for such a being will be so politically unaceptable as to be psychologically impossible. Still, the nature of the Universe is likely to be far stranger than any of us, except, perhaps, the most deeply religious, can imagine.
In this Universe only the most closed minded rule anything, including God, out.

snozwaffer Dove Canyon, CA
04/22/16 10:30 am

Maybe even future scientists will "discover" God, something we lay people have known for centuries.

mikeyDe Marine Corps
04/22/16 11:24 am

Maybe what some might call a god but never the God of the 3 main religions.

kscott516 EB rules
04/22/16 11:27 am

"but never the God of the 3 main religions."

I didn't know you were omnipotent

commonsense America isnt racist
04/22/16 9:23 am

The man that thinks our planet is in the shape of a pear? Uh no.

commonsense America isnt racist
04/22/16 5:24 pm

He was on a talk show. Ill try and find it

TheMobius Siberian Gulag
04/22/16 8:55 am

Its possible according to new studies and theories

obertar1 NY
04/22/16 8:54 am

Tens of thousands of people have speculated this for centuries. Why is his name associated with the idea?

redsox95 New England
04/22/16 10:03 am

Because he's a lib who likes to take credit for everything.

04/22/16 11:34 am

What? People have thought we were in a COMPUTER simulation, centuries before they even created the computer....?

obertar1 NY
04/22/16 12:53 pm

The Q didn't say "computer." Socrates & Aristotle, et al understood math and philosophy and that the heavens were much greater than themselves--the whole concept of God & Creation.

getupbaby South City
04/22/16 3:59 pm

Aliens playing Tetris =\= a god

DoctorWasdarb Marxist Leninist Maoist
04/22/16 8:54 am

It's possible, but who knows? I lean towards unlikely until there is proof.

redsox95 New England
04/22/16 8:53 am

The problem with this COMMON theory (he was not the first to say it, although of course he would love to take credit for it) is that eventually it has to end - with a God-like being. What/who made that universe that created ours?

Henry123 Connecticut
04/22/16 11:13 am

Even if that theory is true there's no reason to attribute any of that to God

think4yourself Not a safe space
04/22/16 8:53 am

Sounds like he thinks there may be a God, "it is easy for me to imagine that everything in our lives is just the creation of some other entity for their entertainment"