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JackBardash April 21st, 2016 10:05pm

Should pedophiles recieve therapy to help them deal with their urges or be sentenced to time in prison?

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04/21/16 4:58 pm

To be clear, it's sexual assault and not pedophilia itself that is the crime. Those who act on their pedophilia should be in prison for rehabilitation. Those who need to resist the urges should seek treatment.

Nuclear Boaty McBoatface
04/21/16 4:54 pm

Unless they have actually acted on their urges then they shouldn't go to jail. Saying pedophile doesn't mean child molester.

ClayTownR California
04/21/16 3:47 pm

If they don't act on their urges, provide assistance. If they molest someone, lock them up.

JackBardash socialist antinationalist
04/21/16 3:35 pm

My opinion is that it's just a form of sexuality, and some people are attracted to child features. Obviously we can't treat this like any other form of sexuality, though, as acting on it is very harmful to kids. But I think we need to show understanding and teach people not to act on their urges and not just send them to prison.

04/21/16 3:15 pm

Prison and therapy if they molest. Just therapy if they just have the desires and are trying not to act on them.

PollPositioned Just Curious
04/21/16 3:07 pm

Even castration won't cure pedophilia.