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jakecrs905 April 21st, 2016 8:09pm

In a CNN opinion piece written by Harold O. Levy, he claims that merit scholarships steal from low income students. Do you agree with Levy's argument?

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pietsch Another Adoring Fan
04/22/16 5:44 pm

Last I heard poor people can earn merit scholarships too. So tired of all this Victim crap. Losers.

Holiday LA
04/21/16 8:31 pm

WTF, Harold?

04/21/16 8:13 pm

depends on how you look at it. merit scholarships themselves aren't stealing, but lower income people are less likely to get them because, typically, they live in lower income areas, which have less funded schools with a lower quality teaching regimen. i've met geniuses who live in such areas and this did poorly in school.
there's also depression and other mental illnesses affecting your studies, which i experienced, but that's for another day.

BlueLine Georgia
04/21/16 8:03 pm

It's merit based... Your academic performance has nothing to do with your income... Anyone can excel in school. The smartest kid in my high school was almost poor

Hardincz Hardin Co, Ohio
04/22/16 8:53 am

Generally I'd completely agree with you. There can be affects from poverty that adversely affect school performance regardless of intelligence, not true in every case, but certainly a plausible circumstance.

Kudoss Fascism, White Supremacy
04/21/16 7:40 pm

Most scholarships should be merit based. The rest should be scholarships for low income that can only go to trade schools to help them get a decent job. All scholarships for special interests should be eliminated unless from a private entity

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
04/21/16 6:55 pm

Low income students can receive merit scholarships if they qualify.

04/21/16 6:44 pm

Bullcrap! My best friend is the hardest worker I know and received a full ride to Upenn. Her parents declared bankruptcy a few months ago. Just because high income students generally receive more merit scholarships doesn't mean it is not possible for others to receive them. Furthermore, it cannot be stealing if the student earned the scholarship! You are not entitled to a scholarships.

bnnt Los Angeles
04/21/16 4:08 pm

I would tell this guy that giving it to students that don't deserve it is 'stealing' from those that work hard to EARN it.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
04/21/16 4:05 pm

In a certain sense, yes. If there is a finite amount of $ to be awarded and its doled out based solely on academic performance with no consideration to economic status....yes. There is a direct correlation between family income and academic performance. While there are outliers at both ends, there is a swing of 30% or more from the highest quintile to the lowest in academic performance. Short of somehow adjusting final scores to economic demographics, I'm not sure how to resolve this however.

corino Utah
04/23/16 4:21 pm

Hard to say there is a finite amount of $ for scholarships with the plethora of non-profits organized to raise money for scholarships that are given out for all sorts of reasons (including low income scholarships).

Okie1967 The world is crazy
04/21/16 3:37 pm

You can't steal money from someone who doesn't own it.

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
04/21/16 3:08 pm

The are lots of great career opportunities not requiring college. College is not the best career choice for many, if not most...

lcamino Florida and Georgia
04/21/16 2:44 pm

Lower income students aren't excluded from merit based scholarships, so, no, it doesn't take from them.

rickvee Living the dream
04/21/16 1:37 pm

Merit scholarships reward kids with high GPAs, high test scores, etc. That's a good thing folks... If you're not smart enough, you shouldn't be going to college.

auntiesamm Orange County CA
04/21/16 1:57 pm

I agree completely. Those who study diligently and excel should be rewarded above all the lazy whiners of any income group. This is common sense folks.