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Squidboy April 21st, 2016 7:09pm

Do you or anyone in your household work in the most 'disproportionately popular' job in your State? Link is to fun info graphic.

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leilu SoCal
04/21/16 9:44 pm

I am not surprised to see California list Farmworkers. I see them working everyday. Nobody in my house holds that job unless you count me tending to my small garden!

Sk8BoredR Asian American warrior
04/21/16 6:18 pm

Thanks for sharing this! Very interesting.

Marzyq South of North Dakota
04/21/16 4:18 pm

I don't even know what a residential advisor is.

04/21/16 3:57 pm

Yes, my husband works in the most 'disproportional popular' job in our state.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
04/21/16 2:23 pm

Cute question. Hardly any lockers left in Oregon. No one in my family is. A friend's husband was killed logging

cpaswr just say the letters
04/21/16 2:05 pm

Does it count if I have a friend who is an OT?

susanr Colorado
04/21/16 1:29 pm

No one I know personally in Colorado. How I *wish* I had family or friends who were space scientists!

Phil Plait (@badastronomer on Twitter), astronomer & the very best communicator-to-the-public of astronomy & related sciences I know, does live in Colorado, near Boulder I think. I follow him on various social media but I certainly don't know him as a friend.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
04/21/16 3:51 pm

Following Phil!

04/21/16 1:12 pm

MO is locker room attendants. That's an odd one.

allswel Minnesota
04/21/16 12:56 pm

At the turn of the century, one of the most popular jobs in Seattle was seamstress, in fact, there were far more seamstresses than sewing machines.

That is because Lou Graham, the most successful Madame, had all of her ladies put down "seamstress" as there occupation on all government forms, including the census.

Sometimes, people's answers are not quite accurate on these surveys.

Maj Worth Economist
04/21/16 2:48 pm

I thought for sure Washington would be barista.

catpillow Florida West Coast
04/21/16 12:37 pm

No motorboat operators here. I didn't know that was a career.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
04/21/16 12:28 pm

There are no farmers in the household, unless you could the hobby growing we do in the basement 😉

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
04/21/16 2:12 pm

People often forget that CA is the top agricultural producing state in the country.

orgblu10 Shamerica
04/21/16 3:23 pm

And you're doing your part to keep us #1.

donkong Hanoverian
04/21/16 12:20 pm

It's been tough for us nuclear technicians

rickvee Living the dream
04/21/16 12:17 pm

I live in WI and do that job in MN...