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PamGH April 21st, 2016 3:43am

Chicago, 2015, ACLU accuses dept of racial biases. Answering unabated criticism for being racist, police stepped backed, stops are down 90%. Shootings up 78%, homicides up 62%. What should Chicago PD do? Good article.

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04/21/16 7:00 am

Chicago police are under the operational/managerial control of a racially biased, bigoted criminal "mayor". That has to change first before any real positive change will occur. But, let's remember: this IS Chicago after all; largest sewer in mid-US.

rons screw politicians
04/21/16 4:59 am

Let them kill each other.

04/21/16 2:37 am

Tough question. It appears as though they lose either way and the only difference between what they were doing and what they are doing is a larger loss of life and more fear from those least capable of defending themselves - kids and the elderly. They face a lawsuit either way.

Rotavele Alabama
04/21/16 12:11 am

This issue is too hard for me to solve with my head. I just wish people would realize the problem in this situation isn't that their racist: it's that they don't understand what racism is. If they knew what it was and they were more considerate, then they would at least attempt to suppress those feelings.

jlong105 Indiana
04/21/16 1:52 am

Being considerate is not helping them.

DoctorWasdarb Marxist Leninist Maoist
04/20/16 11:03 pm

They should investigate the reasons why there are so many shootings. If it's a mental issue, invest in mental health treatment. If the problem is something along the lines of people's economic situation putting them into shitty living conditions, just go to socialism. Come on, it's about time.

jlong105 Indiana
04/21/16 1:51 am

The reason is given in the statement.

04/21/16 4:42 am

The severity of the problems of any large city can be predicted by the size and number of socialist policies it follows.

04/20/16 9:24 pm

Just do there job, it's sad how people now a days always attack the police for doing there job but defend criminals 😞

think4yourself Not a safe space
04/20/16 8:52 pm

Get the criminals off the streets and into cages where they belong.