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Should an inmate on death row be able to demand execution, even if the state's governor wants to commute his sentence to life-in-prison instead?

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swimguy Illinois
05/02/12 8:34 pm

If you killed someone you lost your right to do things like that, if you ant to die, i really don't care.

anonymous0 Nevada
05/01/12 3:37 am

if a family member got sexually abused and killed u betch I hope that that person deals w the misery in the penetantiary.

04/30/12 11:11 am

Taxpayer cost: $9.29 for generic K, & $100 for 1 hour of backhoe operation.

04/30/12 11:09 am

See if they change their outlook on living.

04/30/12 11:08 am

If I were a warden, I would give them a shovel and have them dig their own grave. Have them hop in, throw down a lethal dose of potassium chloride, and tell them they have 15 minutes before the backhoe fills up their grave.

tcotco10 California
04/28/12 10:24 pm

Less money we have to spend. If we took all the lifers and did away with them we'd have a lot more money.

04/28/12 1:09 pm


wetheslaves Live each moment fully
04/28/12 8:05 am

life long hard, uncomfortable prison sentence with the prisoner having the option to decide when to end it easily and gracefully? sounds interesting. this could solve many issues at once. the question is what is the value of the prisoners life?

JAsher Fishers, IN
04/27/12 7:52 pm

convicted of violent crimes should get the option, because they're still a danger to themselves, other inmates, prison guards/workers, and the general public (should they find a way to escape). Plus, why pay to keep them fairly comfortable for the rest of their lives if they don't want it?

JAsher Fishers, IN
04/27/12 7:50 pm

chances for appeals, and those appeals take far too long. These appeals and time they take are what drive the cost of a death sentence up, not the actual action of the execution. If a person who knows they're guild wants to be put to death, it would be just as simple as doing it. Especially those

JAsher Fishers, IN
04/27/12 7:47 pm

Actually, prisoners DO NOT lose all their choices or rights. People in prison have just as many choices or rights as free people. If you were wrongly accused for something, you'd want your right to an appeal, I'm assuming, as anyone should have. Although, I do believe people are given too many

snafu Washington
04/26/12 10:26 pm

Why not? Cheaper for the state than keeping them alive for 30 years.

04/26/12 7:52 pm

Taxes can go to important things then

04/26/12 7:47 pm

I don't think a criminal should get to make the choice personally. Just cause he wants us to kill him doesn't mean we should give him what he wants

04/26/12 3:26 pm

i think they should have the choice, prison or death

DanIndepen Ohio
04/26/12 12:49 pm

since we are on this topic, what about doctor assisted suicide? isn't that roughly the same thing? I personally say if the inmate wants to take his own life, hand them a rope....cut this "humane euthanasia BS"

ORinNY New York
04/26/12 10:52 am

just so we're clear, life in prison sentences are not made so that a criminal can suffer, it's to remove an irredeemable person from society while still respecting human life. these arguments that say they should be kept alive to suffer more are medieval.

04/26/12 5:48 am

Only if they have the means to pay for it.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
04/25/12 10:41 pm

An inmate should have no control over his fate since his actions to get into such a position we're probably terrible.

04/25/12 9:00 pm

Actually dbrat prisoners have many choices. There's a reason we do this. Besides, why would you not be okay with killing them instead of wasting taxpayer money on the rest of their lives? Seems a bit silly keeping them alive if they want to die anyways.

04/25/12 8:41 pm

AGC246 we don't make people suffer because we're better than them. We're not a barbaric society that makes prisoners suffer like that.

yesmaam socal
04/25/12 7:44 pm

NOOOOO! He has to suffer for all the bad things he did! Or she!

joshg USS Battleship Alabama
04/25/12 6:52 pm

An inmate shouldn't be a death row long enough to demand anything.

AGC246 Florida
04/25/12 5:45 pm

...can brutally steal the lives of others. With no debilitating mental illness or self defense, premeditated malicious crime should be punishable by taking away ALL of your rights as a human being. Don't let prison staff become monsters too, just don't give those killers what they want.

AGC246 Florida
04/25/12 5:42 pm

...lethal injection?? If only their victims had been allowed the choice to die peacefully instead of being kept alive to suffer. Prison life shouldn't be so cushy. I think death row should be Hell for those monsters. Less $ should be spent on "giving them what they deserve as human beings". They...

AGC246 Florida
04/25/12 5:40 pm

Excuse me, but if some psycho does something horrible enough to be sentenced to death row, that individual does not DESERVE the right to get his or her way about anything! You want to let some vile murderer escape the potential horrors of life in prison so that they can slip away peacefully by...

04/25/12 5:16 pm

if it's about the money, in the long run it would be much cheaper

04/25/12 5:13 pm

or you could just use a rope

04/25/12 4:24 pm

I think we should just kill anyone who gets at least 50 year sentence. But don't do it nicely. That's costs a ton o money. A redneck with a pistol can be hired for 20 bucks

Nerdz Texas
04/25/12 3:47 pm

nah, it is not really his choice anymore

04/25/12 3:10 pm

No way death is the easy way out

04/25/12 2:59 pm

So obviously there are problems with our whole system and country but just answering this question no he/she should not be able to.

And yes it costs more most of the time to do the executions "ethically".

nerdy Massachusetts
04/25/12 2:39 pm

A prisoner does not have the right to decide his or hers fate.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
04/25/12 1:19 pm

There is a book "My Lady Judge" by Cora Harrison that tells about Celtic law. It's a mystery and history in one. Very interesting.

DirtyHarry Louisiana
04/25/12 11:34 am

Life in prison is a extreme burden on the people of this country. If convicted they should only get 2 years to appeal and if still going guilty, public executions should be brought back. It would make people think twice about committing violent crimes

BadBadger Georgia
04/25/12 11:08 am

Tops, I like your Irish example. Sometimes our current civilization ain't so civilized.

RebeccaL California
04/25/12 10:50 am

Prisoners should not have a right to demand or choose anything! Did their victim get the right to choose, NO!

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
04/25/12 8:45 am

The convicts who were sent down under did things like steal a loaf of bread or sell their body's or not like the king. In Ireland before british rule, if a child stole a loaf of bread it was a shame on the coummity that a child went hungry

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
04/25/12 8:31 am

I'm agains the death penalty. As Tony knows a case is ongoing here in Oregon. He did the crime he will do the time too bad he's unhappy in prison.

truth1 Florida
04/25/12 8:07 am

Who the hell said no to this???

macjunkie TEXAS
04/25/12 8:06 am

I'm not sure why someone would want to be executed if they could get out of it? I mean geez if they know they committed acts of unspeakable horror and accept their punishment why not let them atone for their crimes?

KihowFlying Montana
04/25/12 7:19 am

Death for prisoner is the easy way out. Let him endure prison. No matter what it Costs. If you want to save money let them potheads out and legalize marijuana to point that you get a misdemeanor ticket. You folks just don't get it.

sukiemac Michigan
04/25/12 7:13 am

The felon shouldn't be able to demand anything.

sighcy Eugene, OR
04/25/12 6:40 am

The inmate is sentenced to death for a reason, no other criminal gets to decide their own sentence of time or death, what would the exception be for this one? I think no, because death could not be a punishment for them if they choose it. They have a crime to serve decided by justice

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
04/25/12 6:36 am

If he is sentenced to life in prison. No. If he is sentenced to death and doesn't want to wait around? Yes.

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
04/25/12 6:36 am

He's on death row. Obviously sentenced to death. Why stall? Let him go if he wants to.