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Show Of Hands February 12th, 2012 12:00am

Are you going to be giving (or expecting to receive) flowers on Valentine's Day?

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Bellabunny Florida
02/15/12 4:23 pm

roses are the typical valentine's gift come on boys switch it up

Tobi Ohio
02/15/12 4:18 pm

flowers are one of the worst gifts ever. they just die.

02/15/12 11:34 am

that map is sad. I got flowers from 2 people! ;P

bazinga719 Illinois
02/15/12 5:54 am

@Caleb that's my dream Valentines day :)

katniss Dallas, TX
02/14/12 5:13 pm

@c/tsgt thank you SOOO much for your service!! We are so blessed to have wonderful men and women like you who care so much about this nation and its people :)

02/14/12 3:19 am

Wow, you guys must think women are so superficial if they'll divorce you for not buying them flowers on valentines day. What a cliche!

02/13/12 4:49 pm

I don't understand why everyone is so cynical. What's wrong with holidays and what's wrong with celebrating them? Instead of complaining its a ruse to get people to spend money, live at little. Smh. Sad people these days.

02/13/12 4:38 pm

No, because I'm going to be on an air force base all day.

mike123 New York
02/13/12 3:36 pm

my lovely wife loves flowers, the yard in summer is a cornucopia of plants and flowers, in winter she loves fresh cit flowers. she has requested flowers for valentines

02/13/12 2:44 pm

No... I got her a bonsai tree lol

02/13/12 2:31 pm

Lol, agreed... on a serious note, I really hate divorce and usually try to speak against it, even if it's a small comment on an application...

02/13/12 12:50 pm

@sworleyy: I just think this is a fun app and leave trying to make sense out of the numbers to Tony. If I took it seriously, the comments and the numbers would make my head explode... Pfft!

02/13/12 9:46 am

(and so you don't think that's total BS; if we assume that roughly 50% of men are in a relationship and 20%-25% of the 31% are also in a relationship, that would mean half [25% is half of 50%] of men in relationships buy their girls flowers thus the divorce rate of half)

02/13/12 9:41 am

Possible? Sure, anything is possible. It's also possible that the guys in a relationship of the 31% may represent 50% of the total guys in relationship which would be our national divorce rate. You know what they say: "divorce lawyer = $50,000, flowers =$50"

02/13/12 9:03 am

@sworleyy: Is it possible the discrepancy is the result of guys giving flowers to other guys?

Toledo Florida
02/13/12 8:56 am

Hallmark holiday to stimulate the economy and help small business. Nothing more, nothing less. Every holiday is a payday to someone else.

02/13/12 8:42 am

Well, we shouldn't "need" a special holiday to tell our parents we love them either, but no one complains about mother's/father's day. We shouldn't really need holidays to remember special occasions at all. Buy someone flowers for valentine's day, for goodness' sake!

FaceMoose Over There
02/13/12 8:33 am

My boyfriend and I don't celebrate valentines day. We express our love in one way or another everyday. Being obligated to express affection simply because that's the day we are told to do it on is ridiculous and makes the feelings seem forced.

02/13/12 12:02 am

I've only been in a relationship for one Valentine's Day, but I still think the holiday is sweet. I send other people flowers for the fun, and I usually get a couple of cards from students (I teach at a small college where students and professors know each otherand everything) and from my dad.

02/12/12 11:42 pm

31% of guys giving flowers and 21% girls receiving; ya know what that means?! 10% of girls shall be surprised with flowers! Whooo! As long as those flowers don't stop coming after SAD (single awareness day for those with baggage, bitterness, and or apathy). Everyday should feel like v-day for girls!

KudosToYou California
02/12/12 11:23 pm

@jj1123, it's called Quirkyalone Day....

02/12/12 9:33 pm

happy singles awareness day!!

02/12/12 9:26 pm

When I am in a relationship, I am definitely into the snappiness of the day. Flowers at work, a special dinner, a nice bottle of wine, romantic music, rose petals on the bed.

Nadinochka Narnia
02/12/12 9:01 pm

Jeez, why is everyone so bitchy about Valentine's Day? It doesn't have to be as negative as you all make it out to be - pick some of your neighbor's flowers, take your girl to dinner, and show her you love her! Simple as that!

02/12/12 8:28 pm

I'm 11 and they just banned exchanging candy so there's really no point till I'm in like middle school next year

02/12/12 8:20 pm

We tell each other everyday we love each other we don't need a holiday to do it.

02/12/12 6:23 pm

I will be giving some but not receiving

Nerdz Texas
02/12/12 6:21 pm

I have a boyfriend though but it is best not to get any I guess because it can disrupt the ecosystem and they just wilt and die

02/12/12 5:46 pm

Asking a girl out on Tuesday, so I'm giving her red roses. Hope it's not too cliche.

02/12/12 5:22 pm

In this economy, the prudent thing to do would have been to dump her in November to avoid the expense and hoopla of all the presents for Christmas, New Years, and Valentines.

mamita Alabama
02/12/12 5:16 pm

Valentines is the dumbest holiday ever. Just companies trying to get money and fools buy into it. Does people even know the history behind it? May want to look it up

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
02/12/12 4:55 pm

Daily actions count. Load the dishwasher, take out trash, run bath ahead of time so it is warm... These things that lighten load and show you care go a long way.

How can a tired, cranky, ignored partner have fun with you? Help them rest, relax and talk freely. See what happens.

02/12/12 4:21 pm

Just because you say no doesn't mean you're single! I am very happily married and don't want or expect flowers from my husband. Not an important holiday, we show our love everyday. And flowers just die.

02/12/12 4:17 pm

Married over 36 years. She doesn't want flowers!

02/12/12 3:37 pm

in other
words: are you single?

defender Austin, TX
02/12/12 3:18 pm

*sigh...... single..... most I can expect is a night alone in front of the t.v.......

02/12/12 1:51 pm

Mike and Ikes and Milkyways for my girl!

Planoneck Guam
02/12/12 1:44 pm

Sex > flowers. Not that I'm getting either, mind you.

hvp828 Carolina girl
02/12/12 12:22 pm

My boyfriend is cooking me dinner & that's way sweeter than him buying flowers, as he's not so savvy in the kitchen.

02/12/12 12:01 pm

My hubby won't. be here so we are cooking a nice steak dinner, sit in the hot tube and eat chocolate covered strawberries I made. just having him home is all I need.

true Home
02/12/12 11:54 am

yes I will be expecting them as well as other things ;) we love valentines day!

DamageInc California
02/12/12 11:32 am

Valentine's Day is a useless holiday.