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Are you or do you know a semi truck driver?

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jamjay Atlanta, Ga
04/23/16 3:12 pm

Not well.
A guy I went to HS w/ and now my FB friend is a truck driver.

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
04/20/16 10:47 am

My grandfather drove a truck for a long out of business store if that counts. He's long dead now

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
04/20/16 10:54 am

I wanted to become one but found I can't because of my driving record. Really?

croopertrooper Greater Cincinnati Area
04/20/16 10:19 am

My girlfriend's uncle is, that's the only one I can think of

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
04/20/16 5:35 am

I'm not a semi-truck driver, but I know one or possibly a few, but only one for certain.

bowtieguy wishin I was fishin
04/20/16 5:14 am

My granddaddy used to be a truck driver but he isn't anymore

PocketNotebook Libertarians Unite
04/20/16 4:06 am

My grandpa drove a bus school bus... Does that count?

04/20/16 2:43 am

Notice to truckers... Do not wait until just before a car passes you to cut them off pulling into the passing lane. Just to go 1/120 mph faster than the six trucks ahead of you. Taking the next 45 minutes until faster traffic can finally continue their trip.

04/20/16 3:01 am

I know! I hate that!

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
04/20/16 10:50 am

My mom used to say truck drivers used to be the best drivers ever on the road, what happened?

madconservative President Trump
04/21/16 2:16 am

Many companies restrict the speeds of the trucks, it's not because they are trying to mess with you. Cut them some slack, they are just as annoyed as you and they don't enjoy being "that guy". Those 2 mph over the course of a week makes them more money and honestly you should not be upset about it. The interstate system was initially built for moving freight and military equipment not passenger cars so maybe just be glad you aren't still driving on dirt roads.

04/21/16 3:27 am

We shouldn't be upset about being cut off so a truck driver can make a few extra bucks??? If you can't drive with curtesy and safety then you don't belong on the road.

All of our roads were intended to be uses by all approved motor vehicles... That's of course included cars and trucks. Both have equal right to use them.

Our interstate highway system was defined to handle freight and military traffic but except in time of national emergency never to the exclusion of car traffic.

The interesting thing is if I pass a truck that cut you off and then wait and cut them off the truck driver gets pissed and tries to ride as close to my rear bumper as he can.

Payback is a bitch.

04/21/16 4:25 am

So our roads weren't meant for passenger cars? Wow is an interesting statement.

So cars aren't supposed to be driving on your trucks only roads? Can you show me any data supporting this?

alkie New York
04/21/16 12:26 pm

Americanguy has no clue what he's talking about.

04/21/16 4:52 pm

Americanguy makes perfect sense to me. What are you having trouble understanding?

madconservative President Trump
04/22/16 4:12 am

American guy should grow up. The driver in that truck is just trying to support his family. If you cut a big truck off you are gambling with your life. No matter what you drive, it can not protect you from 80,000 lbs of steel. Most big trucks have forward facing video cameras, so when you act like an ass and cause a wreck, the truck driver walks away (you might not) and your insurance company buys him a brand new truck. Keep rolling the dice if you want to. Also keep in mind those trucks take 5 times longer to stop than your car, and there is a .5-1 second delay from when he hits his break and the breaks actually begin working. Most people don't realize how much concentration it takes to operate a big rig and how lucky they are sometimes that the only professional drivers on the road are constantly looking out for them. I promise you that cars annoy the truckers 10 times more than the other way around.

alkie New York
04/22/16 7:16 am

Well said madconservative. At least you know what you're talking about unlike some people.

04/22/16 7:35 am

Oh please! I drive on interstates every day and I see truck drivers cut people off, drive side by side for miles, weave back and forth into other lanes, bully other drivers every day.

There are good drivers but there are also a lot of asshole truckers that don't belong on the roads. It's gotten so bad here that state troupers have increased patrols and are targeting trucks. It's been on the news and in the papers.

alkie New York
04/22/16 7:41 am

Most truck accidents are caused by idiot drivers. You people are always looking down at your phones and you just drive so stupid. I swear I can write 100 tickets a day if I was a cop

04/22/16 9:29 am

I agree that many truck drivers are idiots. Truck drivers should never be allowed to use their cell phones while driving. But I don't think that explains why they constantly cut off other drivers or drive like bullies.

alkie New York
04/22/16 9:56 am

I didn't say truck drivers are idiots. I was referring to you 4 wheelers

04/22/16 2:37 pm

Right the cares are the problem... Sigh!!!!

04/22/16 2:48 pm

And madconservitive if a truck takes five times as long to stop then the asshole truck drivers should stop tailgating me... Right?

And I just checked with an attorney friend of mine. In my state if you rear end another vehicle its automaticity your fault.

alkie New York
04/22/16 3:31 pm

Shut up true. Stop cutting off truckers. Most of them are great drivers.

04/22/16 3:55 pm

Shut up? I'm pretty sure I can post what I wish.

Some are good drivers and some are total jerks. I see many that have no business behind the wheel of anything larger than a golf cart.

See a trend cupcake? Lots of really bad truck drivers out there. Lots.

alkie New York
04/22/16 4:12 pm

There's a lot more non professional drivers that are way worse. 9 out of 10 truckers are good drivers. Why do you have so much hate towards them? They keep the world moving, everything you own was on a truck at some point.

04/22/16 4:13 pm

When you make asinine statement telling someone to shut up you have lost the discussion, and respect of others.

alkie New York
04/22/16 4:22 pm

Sounds like you just lost the debate. Loser.

04/22/16 4:24 pm

9 out of 10 truckers are good drivers? Where is the proof to back that up?

I'm so tired of hearing that everything I own was delivered via truck. That is a lame attempt to bolster the self esteem of a lower end precession. You could say that about most professions. All of the produce in grocery stores are grown by farmers. All operations are performed by doctors. All commercial aircraft are piloted by pilots. The simple truth is that truckers preform no real service other than transporting the goods produced by others. They don't produce anything on their own so you might say that every trucker is dependent on others in order to have something to deliver.

04/22/16 4:25 pm

It's not that we don't like truckers... We just don't appreciate the way they drive.

04/22/16 4:28 pm

Wow! Loser? I guess you told me. I actually expected so much less.

alkie New York
04/22/16 4:31 pm

And what is your profession?

madconservative President Trump
04/23/16 12:09 am

Americanguy there is what is referred to as a "not at fault" accident which means the truck/driver physically could not avoid an accident caused by another vehicle. Large companies like Swift, Schneider, PAM, Werner and others hire brand new (rookie) drivers. It is mainly those drivers that cause many situations. Truck drivers are way harder on each other than you 4 wheelers are. We police each other up over the CB and if someone is out of line, it is not uncommon for drivers to report other drivers. What you should realize is we drive around 4000 miles a week and are therefore superior drivers to most cars around us. I get that you are upset about getting tailgated but if you squeeze in where there is not enough room you cause that on yourself

madconservative President Trump
04/23/16 12:22 am

Truenuff you are likely young and therefore see the world as yours and the rest of us are just in your way, but the roads belong to all of us and more so for the professional drivers. When you spend 70+ hours a week staring at it, sleeping 20 feet from it, enjoying every meal with it. I would agree city streets belong more to 4 wheelers and I personally give extra space in town when forced to exit off the interstate. And as stated above, if you saw half the stuff we see 4 wheeler drivers do while driving it would amaze you. And most late model trucks are equipped with Bluetooth phone connections. And if you wanna see some truckers get mad let one catch another one watching his phone going down the road. We aren't perfect but we take pride in our work (most) and here's a hint. If a big truck is behind you he isn't even looking at you, he is watching 3-4 cars ahead so don't be an idiot.

04/23/16 3:20 am

I just recently turned 47. Perhaps I haven't explained my position correctly. Yes the roads do belong to ALL of us. When driving down a four lane divided interstate one encounters many vehicles and, so far, all contain human beings.

When a truck driver uses his vehicle as an instrument of intimidation by forcing his way into a lane, riding someone's ass, swerving, or even cutting other vehicles off it tends to PISS US ALL OFF!

And it is troubling hearing you say that the interstates belong more to trucks than to cars. This is just wrong and possibly just the attitude that causes the bad behavior mentioned above. I challenge you to provide a Link to a credible source giving trucks ownership of any public roads or cars as secondary concerns. Their aren't any because we all share the roads as equals. We are all just people trying to reach our destination.

Be curious, be safe, let cars thru and go about your business.

madconservative President Trump
04/23/16 5:48 am

If the roads belong to all of us, stop complaining that trucks are using the lane you want. If you see me trying to get over and you speed up to keep me from getting over, I take that as a sign of inconsideration and your act will always be met in kind. I always give small cars respect. It's not always the case with all drivers and that's unfortunate. We won't agree on this so I will just wish you safe travels.

04/23/16 5:54 am

Look at my original post. Read it, know it, live it.

madconservative President Trump
04/26/16 4:19 pm

Remember I walk away from the accident and you likely won't. Know that!

04/26/16 4:25 pm

And all of us poor car drivers run in fear of the big bad truck driver bully... NOT!

04/27/16 12:04 am

We already require you to travel at slower speeds, impose lane restrictions in areas, want the DOT, driver logs and DAC reports to keep you in line. There are even whole towns that proudly make it known by stating, “Truckers Not Welcome,” such as was the case of Greenwich, Connecticut.

We are growing tired of your attitude, bullying on the road and overall uncourteous behavior. How many more hits do you guys need to finally get that we mean business. Back off, show respect for other traffic and let drivers thru.

04/19/16 8:41 pm

I drive from 1974 thru 1980.

Jab95ad I, Fruit Loop
04/19/16 8:35 pm

Got hit by one.

duey in a fools paradise
04/19/16 8:24 pm about car haulers those are real truck drivers!

RJ1969 SoCal
04/19/16 8:27 pm

Pffffft. They're not real truckers!

Ok, I'm just kidding.

pedwingeorge Benson IL
04/19/16 7:54 pm

I will be come June

RJ1969 SoCal
04/19/16 8:28 pm

Really? Thats a good thing!

pedwingeorge Benson IL
04/19/16 8:31 pm

I'll be driving a dump truck hauling gravel to rechip and tar County Roads

RJ1969 SoCal
04/19/16 9:12 pm

Hey, it could end up being a fun job! You never know.

pedwingeorge Benson IL
04/20/16 3:53 am

At least I'll be getting paid better than what i was at the cabinet shop

cpaswr just say the letters
04/19/16 7:49 pm

I know a few. My dad was a truck driver. My brother is one.

Carolynn new jersey
04/19/16 7:49 pm

My neighbors own a trucking company.

phalnx Ohio
04/19/16 7:49 pm

@BlueLine I either listen to the radio or let my mind wander...or both. Some nights I barely know I'm working. Seems like it would be dangerous, but after a while your mind automatically alerts you if anything is out of place.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/19/16 7:38 pm

I'm not, but a best friend's ex (also a friend, when she isn't around) has been his whole adult life, as was his dad. And a friend I used to work with drove a big rig tow truck in his last job. A few other friends from where I used to work technically could be, as they at one point had the CDLs and owned the trucks, but I don't think they had any plans to use them. When CF went out of business they auctioned off a lot of trailers and a few tractors, and the guys bought a few of them just because the rigs were cheap, and having semis to move stuff around with is cool.

UniversePlan Michigan
04/19/16 7:33 pm

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xberraxcudax KY
04/19/16 7:09 pm

My dad, my uncle, both grandfathers, my best friend and his dad were all truck drivers.

xberraxcudax KY
04/19/16 7:10 pm

Oh and my ex step dad, too

merry13 Saved by Grace
04/19/16 6:59 pm

Used to work in a logistics office of a trucking company. I liked the job.

MachoMatt84 Mountain climbing
04/19/16 6:48 pm

I drive a semi truck. Mine actually sits about 6-8 inches higher than normal semi trucks. I haul military equipment.

phalnx Ohio
04/19/16 6:48 pm

Been one for 17 years. Have another 20 before I retire.

BlueLine Georgia
04/19/16 7:09 pm

I have always wondered - how do you guys stay awake during those drives. I get sleepy if I'm driving for more than an hour. How do you do it???

phalnx Ohio
04/19/16 7:51 pm

Stimulants help too, but only in emergencies, since they wreck your body. Snow stinks because I can never go on autopilot, and that is exhausting after 10 + hours.

04/22/16 4:59 am

Autopilot? You have a truck from the future?

susanr Colorado
04/19/16 6:38 pm

The husband of a friend - actually I've known him longer than I've known the friend.

Oh, and my cousin Gail.

kermie gaytopia
04/19/16 6:25 pm

Just my pal @cowboy

cowboy Here and There
04/19/16 6:28 pm

Guilty! ✌🏻️

MachoMatt84 Mountain climbing
04/19/16 6:49 pm

I need to screen shot this. Could you both scoot in just a bit?

hbpole FoCo
04/19/16 6:23 pm

He asked me out and on our second date he admitted he was married and trying to fix things with his wife. So, technically I know one but we don't speak anymore ha.

Dominicano New York
04/19/16 6:17 pm

I'm in the process to become one

04/19/16 5:57 pm

Yes. One of my best friends from high school drives a semi. She loves it.

04/19/16 5:51 pm

Four of my friends from school are drivers

FarmerManE djent
04/19/16 5:28 pm

I truck grain when ever its harvest season.

StilettoMiss SF med law, meme queen
04/19/16 5:21 pm

I was a transport specialist in the military

StilettoMiss SF med law, meme queen
04/19/16 10:34 pm

We back-filled their MOS in OIF-I and OIF-II -- I was a 2T2

SmileyMoM Lab Rat Vampire
04/19/16 5:11 pm

My brother used to truck. His handle was Smiley.

musiman28 Cotton country
04/19/16 4:56 pm

Have been in the past. Still drive occasionally. Know several, from co-workers, to friends, to old high school classmates.

cowboy Here and There
04/19/16 4:55 pm

I am a highway hero!

leilu SoCal
04/19/16 5:11 pm

This guy!

CoffeeNow Powderpuff leftist
04/19/16 6:40 pm

Wait I thought it was @?

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
04/19/16 8:00 pm

Both are supposed to work, CoffeeNow.

dudley northern Virginia woods
04/19/16 4:52 pm

I met a lovely young man named Golden at the Apple store. We had a nice conversation while our devices were downloading. He picked up a load of powdered milk in Pomona,CA and delivered it to Wyoming.

Gunfighter06 Iowa, since 1846
04/19/16 4:47 pm

Yeah. I'm acquainted with two truck drivers, one of whom is paying for college by driving OTR during summer and winter breaks.

RJ1969 SoCal
04/19/16 10:00 pm

That's really cool! Awesome!

17millionTwats Leeds, UK
04/19/16 4:43 pm

Bot sure what a semi truck is but my grandpa used to be a lorry drives which i assume is a similar job

musiman28 Cotton country
04/19/16 4:57 pm

Similar. Just different terminology between American English and British English.

GrandmaALiCE For a better 2021
04/19/16 8:07 pm

Never mind. I should have read all the comments first.

firefly5 the verse
04/19/16 4:38 pm

Same story.