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Kolgrath April 19th, 2016 2:39pm

Should fast food restaurants be vulnerable to legal action holding them accountable for the adverse health effects of their food?

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susanr Colorado
04/19/16 9:58 am

For things like food poisoning, yes, of course. For people being overweight and all the adverse health effects associated with that, no.

There's nothing that is *absolutely* bad about a single meal that has a lot of calories, a lot of saturated fat, a lot of sugar, and minimal actual nutrient value beyond calories. What's bad is a diet with too much of that. You can't hold a restaurant responsible for people's *repeated* consumption of stuff like that as their general diet.

If we start making restaurants liable for every suboptimal nutrition choice people made, pretty soon we'd have to be outlawing desserts entirely, and any dish that had much olive oil in it. Next we'd have to outlaw all the "bad" things in the grocery store, too, to be fair.

There's just no specific dividing line between a good, healthful diet and a crap diet. People just have to learn to make good decisions, and minimize the crap they eat. Education, not legislation.

Kolgrath United States
04/19/16 9:42 am

Then that opens the door to suing anyone that has prepared and sold food that is high in calories or other poor nutritional categories such as saturated fat, etc. Snack makers, pastry companies, they'd all have to have their day in court. "Your product made me fat which lead to heart disease." At what point do we hold ourselves accountable?

susanr Colorado
04/19/16 9:52 am

ProfC, are you thinking about food poisoning? In that case, yes, a restaurant should be held responsible. I think the poll is asking about a wider range of adverse health effects.

Kolgrath United States
04/19/16 9:55 am

That's a good point. I probably should have done a better job of clarifying that. I was referring to more long term effect issues from the food like heart disease, diabetes, etc.

ProfCluck Prospect, KY
04/19/16 10:15 am

Oh ok, thanks for the clarification