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Overall, do you think your state government is doing a good job?

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HappyLez No Worries... Be Happy
04/28/16 2:24 am

Christie is a horrible governor!
The state is crumbling under him
He has not kept his campaign promises

04/27/16 6:10 am

In New Jersey absolutely. Key word is overall.

qazaqwert Illinois
04/25/16 5:10 pm

Illinois hasn't had a budget for 10 months. Fuck no I am not satisfied with my state government

SwedishBeast Honor the roots
04/25/16 4:57 am

I think my state is doing alright but it seems like everyone is pissed off about my states government.

krukie Plymouth
04/23/16 10:56 am

Most liberal state in the country... Massachusetts, fuck me

CMD1973 Oxford iowa
04/21/16 9:11 pm

No. Our governor is not concerned about the average person. He only wants to grow the large farms and hog lots and not worry about pollution. The lower house supports his wishes and it is only the slight majority in the upper chamber that holds him in check.

mfjd1948 rural johnson co iowa
04/21/16 5:45 pm

Yes. It is what we make it. Don't criticize it but be a force in changing it.

04/21/16 9:21 am

Dan Malloy has really f'd up Connecticut. All of our gun and civil defense companies are leaving for Massachusetts and Virginia

04/20/16 5:19 pm

We're sort of like the Federal government in recent years, we keep electing incompetence.

riley44 Kentucky
04/20/16 12:52 pm

Bevin is trying to ruin KY. Electing him was the worst thing that could happen

04/20/16 9:59 am

I live in New York, so it's an easy NO.

DeathSheep Michigan
04/20/16 8:17 am

Flint is in my state. Nuff' said.

TiredofIt Texas
04/20/16 5:50 am

I'm in Texas now after fleeing California. Hell yes this state government is doing a good job compared to those commies back in the People's Republic of California.

Bengi101 Say what now
04/20/16 6:29 am

I want to do that but I have so many relatives here.

mrcrossover27 Feel The Johnson
04/20/16 5:24 pm

Yes, that's why some of the biggest tech corporations are located in California. Luckily, our corporations don't hire fake scientists to deny climate change and, instead, actually accept it.

TiredofIt Texas
04/20/16 5:26 pm

You should see how expensive housing is in Silicon Valley. California is becoming VERY rich and VERRRRRY POOR. But as long as it makes your heart feel good that you are pushing out the middle class.

jvl New Orleans
04/20/16 5:48 am

Louisiana had a solid ruby red state government for the last eight years. As a result we are now have a $1 billion budget deficit. We finally have a democrat in the governor's office who believes in economics and not conservative talking points. He will spend the next four years cleaning up the mess Bobby J left us but will probably be defeated in the next election by some conservative yahoo. God Bless Louisiana.

04/20/16 5:35 am

I'm from Mississippi. I don't think any further explanation is needed.

04/19/16 8:38 pm

I'm in Illinois. The government here has done a terrible job over the last 20 years. Too much given away to unions for pensions. In Illinois, school teachers announce their retirements four years in advance and then get 6% raises each year to boost their pension. It used to be much higher but now if a school district offers more than 6% annual raises, the school district and not the state has to pay the excess. Of course, they have figured out how to get the state to pay is anyway.

04/19/16 8:41 pm

Oh, also, pensions are tax free in Illinois. Sone school principals retire with pensions exceeding $200,000 a year.

04/19/16 11:31 pm

Yeah cause teachers make a lot of money here in's the political cronies that get those 'schools administrative' gigs. Not teachers.

04/20/16 11:09 pm

Yep, that is why we moved to Az 2 years ago from II. Not a day goes by that I am not thrilled to be gone from IL!

04/21/16 1:51 am

I can't wait to get out.

04/19/16 8:20 pm

New Jersey. Enough said.

TxCross44 Texas
04/19/16 7:17 pm

Lol I have governor Bentley who was caught cheating on his wife with and aid and was exposed on Ashley Madison 😂😭

phalnx Ohio
04/19/16 7:05 pm

Nope. Gaysich took so much local funding away in the name of balancing the state budget (and making himself look good) that we had to pass a big levy just to keep our schools funded. It's all a big shell game.

04/19/16 6:56 pm

New Jersey is such a fucking shirt state

04/19/16 6:56 pm


04/19/16 8:23 pm

Taxes, corruption, traffic. Nobody does it better!

kdw45 Des Moines
04/19/16 6:36 pm

Ole bobble head Bill? No. The corrupt Haslams have been terrible for Tennessee. State legislature is doing alright though.

jenkp223 Being a mommy
04/19/16 6:29 pm

42% of my fellow statesmen are delusional.

04/19/16 6:07 pm

I live in North Carolina. My government is an embarrassment.

mrcrossover27 Feel The Johnson
04/20/16 5:27 pm

I'm sorry for all citizens of North Carolina. Literally no one wants to go there and entertainers are literally canceling concerts, shows, etc. on a daily basis.

SmileyMoM Lab Rat Vampire
04/19/16 5:20 pm

I'm from Kansas. We have the worst governor ever so no state government isn't doing at all well.

Tazer Dumpster fire
04/19/16 5:03 pm

I live in Illinois. That is all I have to say.

Bekka Just relaxing...
04/19/16 5:20 pm

Illinois is my home state, but I left around 8 mo ago.

karion Illinois
04/19/16 8:16 pm

If anyone from IL answered yes to this either they don't know what's happening or their last name is Rauner 😕

RINOTom Peoria, IL
04/19/16 8:20 pm

Rauner is hardly the first or foremost to blame for IL being a dumpster fire.

karion Illinois
04/19/16 8:23 pm

Right, he walked into a mess, but he's not making anything better by refusing to pay bills, etc.

mikeyDe Marine Corps
04/19/16 4:42 pm

The roads here in MI absolutely blow all the cox n dix. Also I think everybody in Flint is dead now.

04/19/16 4:19 pm

Just moved here in California and its the first time I seen multiple spots of "tent homes" for the homeless they made for themselves... in the suburbs.

RJ1969 SoCal
04/19/16 4:20 pm

They don't die in winter here.

04/19/16 4:27 pm

Doesn't negate the fact I had to vote "no" in the poll. :/

RJ1969 SoCal
04/19/16 4:34 pm

So....what do you think the gov is supposed to do about it?

TiredofIt Texas
04/20/16 5:54 am

Clear them out. It's pretty simple.

bnnt Los Angeles
04/19/16 4:19 pm

The super-majority democrats here?


user321 Indiana
04/19/16 4:17 pm

My state government is an embarrassment. Always so socially backwards!

04/19/16 3:51 pm

Not when the state is fining its self for the state not doing the States job. Ya kinda messed up over in Washington.

Grimmy13 Socialist Californirado
04/19/16 3:13 pm

Unfortunately Californians and New Yorkers have invaded our state like locusts and just rebuilt the crap they left in a once beautiful place. Then they vote in the spineless Hickenlooper. Watch out Texas, looks like you will be next.

RJ1969 SoCal
04/19/16 4:20 pm

True. It's not going to just be a handful of rural white people anymore. CA and NY are examples of what happens when populations, industries, and commerce grows. CO and TX will follow suit.

Grimmy13 Socialist Californirado
04/19/16 4:33 pm

That is about one of the most asinine comments I've ever read.

RJ1969 SoCal
04/19/16 4:36 pm

Well don't be surprised when it happens. Sorry to break the news. The world is changing. You might want to look at what's happened as an example to see where it's going.

There is no conspiracy of NY'ers and Californians moving to CO to hurt your feelings.

RJ1969 SoCal
04/19/16 4:39 pm

Or....maybe your naive enough to think that it just happens....because.

TreeHair Wisconsin
04/19/16 3:08 pm

It amazes me that Gov. Walker was elected in 3 times

ovcourse Alzheimer Joe
04/19/16 3:31 pm

We could use him here in California.

RJ1969 SoCal
04/19/16 4:21 pm


firefly5 the verse
04/19/16 4:33 pm

We'd almost give him a shot here in Michigan. Almost.

04/19/16 3:07 pm


DKY15 Views from the 2
04/19/16 2:58 pm

Legislature in Washington state is doing alright. Governor Inslee on the other hand...

ctskapski x
04/19/16 2:22 pm

A current study shows 30% of Floridians aren't paying close enough attention. ; D

jvc1133 61535
04/19/16 1:59 pm

No, it has a great history of crime.

JosephP0415 Pittsburgh, PA
04/19/16 1:30 pm

I love what Gov. Haley has done with this state. Lots of jobs created since she came to office. Not too happy with the General assembly wasting time on the bathroom law though. Single most useless law ever created.

SkookumRoyce The Great Northwest
04/19/16 12:35 pm

If we could give Inslee the boot then our state would do just fine. His priorities are the opposite of what Washington needs.

evanlauer Redmond, WA
04/19/16 12:45 pm

We also need to use funds more properly. Ugh.

Fappy Philly
04/19/16 11:46 am

PA just passed medicinal marijuana so that's pretty cool I guess

SouthernLaw Old North State
04/19/16 11:38 am

I think North Carolina is doing alright.

04/19/16 11:31 am

Michigan is sooooo fucked up . . .

ovcourse Alzheimer Joe
04/19/16 3:29 pm

It's been that way for decades.

ndull Minnesota
04/19/16 11:22 am

Nope. Our high tax state has caused entrepreneurs to leave, taking with them 1.3 billion dollars in lost revenue since 2012.

Spiritof76 USA 1776
04/19/16 3:10 pm

Yeah, how 'bout some tax relief from the surplus they've been gloating about. Really, it's our money, and kudos to them for not needing to use all of it.

anonymousmn Minnesota
04/19/16 5:38 pm

Hmmm... These entrepreneurs are leaving, but we are seeing surpluses? Some may leave, but more are coming.
Businesses in my city are growing at large rates.
I appreciate what our governor has been doing to keep Minnesota strong.

augustin Oklahoma
04/19/16 10:45 am

Oklahoma has some serious budget problems this FY. Considering the low oil prices and struggling energy industry, which Oklahoma is so dependent on, yes, I think our state government is doing the best they can.

augustin Oklahoma
04/19/16 10:53 am

Fortunately we had about a billion dollar rainy day fund from previous surpluses, so that has helped alleviate the deficit some.

PeopleAreDumb Nursing School
04/19/16 11:42 am

Really? I wonder if some of that billion dollars came from the billion dollar education cut they just passed. I'm very unsatisfied with our state government.

augustin Oklahoma
04/19/16 11:44 am

Every state agency got funding cuts. Across the board.
What else are we supposed to do when our revenues drop because the economy takes a downturn?

PeopleAreDumb Nursing School
04/19/16 11:56 am

I don't know, maybe cut our state senator salaries (which are ranked top ten in the nation) instead of laying off every first year teacher from Tulsa Public Schools.

augustin Oklahoma
04/19/16 11:59 am

They make 38,000 a year. That's more than most states, but cutting even 100% of the state senators salaries is not near enough to help with the budget shortfalls.

augustin Oklahoma
04/19/16 12:01 pm

State senators do not make the decision to lay off first year teachers. They manage the budget. It's up to the school districts to determine where to cut money from. Laying off first year teachers is apparently how TPS has decided to cut money.

PeopleAreDumb Nursing School
04/19/16 12:06 pm

Yes but I'm just saying it should be proportional. You have to admit something is wrong with a top ten senator salary in a struggling state. But how about increasing taxes a little bit? I know we have pride in our low living costs, but why not set up a plan that increases taxes for a short while to dig us out of debt? I'd gladly pay it because I see what this could do to our schools and our state's future. The oil prices aren't coming up soon. Because of Obama's horrible Iran deal, Iran is about to flood their stockpiled oil onto the world market, driving costs down more.

augustin Oklahoma
04/19/16 12:11 pm

Because taxes further worsen the problem by stagnating the economy even further. I understand it's a difficult time in Oklahoma for education, but I have faith we can buckle down and weather the storm. There's only so much our legislators can do when our economy is struggling. As a state, we need to continue making ourselves an attractive option for new start-up companies, especially in the tech and engineering industries. Our economy needs to be more diverse to help us get through times like this. Energy is just such a volatile market.

PeopleAreDumb Nursing School
04/19/16 12:13 pm

Okay, fair point about the taxes. I actually don't know the answer to this question, but do you know if our state government is doing anything to diversify the economy here?

augustin Oklahoma
04/19/16 12:20 pm

I understand people are frustrated with the state legislators, and trust me, I share many of those frustrations as well. The answer to your question is yes, the state is beginning to diversify, but it's a slow process. Since the GOP took over both state houses in the early 2000s, Oklahoma has become a much more business friendly state, and many new businesses are choosing to come here. Our economy has grown and the state budget has increased by several billion dollars. IMO, the way to continue diversification is to keep the taxes low, keep regulations to the minimum necessary to ensure a safe and fair workplace, and to just allow the market to work.

Rileymac0923 Conservative Nationalist
04/19/16 10:34 am

Pennsylvania is doing awful atm