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ShayCooledge April 19th, 2016 4:23am

Do you support Hillary's policy to increase funding to Planned Parenthood, or everyone ELSE'S policy to STOP funding Planned Parenthood due to their illegal selling of body parts from unborn babies for a profit?

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karion Illinois
04/19/16 3:04 am

People need to do research to verify facts in order to avoid posting biased and inaccurate poll questions.

TrevorCooledge Mooresville, NC
04/18/16 11:58 pm

Also, the point IS NOT if it is for profit or not...or even about abortions (which should be considered murder). The moral imperative here is the selling of an aborted/murdered baby's body parts, not if it is for a profit or not...I feel as though, the baby lost his/her due to the irresponsibility. You took the babies life, you should have to bury that innocent child, not chop up the little boy/girl for medical research.

04/19/16 10:55 pm

If I was getting rid of a t shirt and said "hey, you can have it, just pay $3 for the shipping cost", would you say I SOLD you the shirt or that I GAVE (see: donated) it to you?

TrevorCooledge Mooresville, NC
04/18/16 11:34 pm

First of all I'd like to say:

a) Planned Parenthood have said they do sell body parts of aborted babies. Actually, a murdered baby.

b) When a baby that is in the mothers womb can move around, move his/her (babies aren't a "it") limbs with a heartbeat that is a fetus, but lets call them what they are, BABIES. Show a little humanity.

c) Law says that in America, the eggs of a Eagle are protected and it's illegal and a felony to destroy and kill the baby birds, but it's perfectly legal to kill an unborn innocent baby.

d) Why is it that only women have a say when it comes to abortions? As far as I know, babies have a father right? Shouldn't both parents (if she even knows who the father is) agree about murdering their son or daughter and be consulted first?

e) What happened to a little thing called humanity? Because someone doesn't want to take responsibility for their actions, they can murder an innocent, unborn baby.

I'm proud to be an American, but this makes me sick!!

04/19/16 10:49 pm

a) No, they haven't and they don't. They accept reimbursement for preservation and handling costs, which is standard for any tissue donation service. Secondly, "murder" is a legal term meaning the unlawful killing of a human. Abortion is legal, and thus not murder. Language matters.

b) Jusf because you don't like it doesn't mean they are not, in fact, fetuses at that point in development. Language matters.

c) An Eagles eggs are not yours, and we wouldn't prosecute an eagle for destroying its own eggs. Horrible false equivalency, especially considering the eggs of an eagle are external and not directly dependent on the mothers vital functions or womb for survival.

04/19/16 10:50 pm

d) a father can have an opinion and can certainly have a discussion with the mother. But the decision affects the woman's body, not the man's. The decision is thus ultimately hers. Again, not "murder". Language matters, and you seem to have a tough time grasping it.

e) Yes, whatever happened to humanity indeed. I say we need more babies born to the young, the poor, the medically unstable, and those with no means or support system. (Sarcasm). I ask where your humanity is for the women who are making one of the most difficult decisions they will ever make, while you flippantly and casually reject it as murder due to alleged laziness and irresponsibility.

susanr Colorado
04/18/16 9:57 pm

Please show some *proof* that Planned Parenthood (a) uses government funding for abortions and (b) sells parts of aborted fetuses for a profit.

There have been numerous investigations, especially into part b, which have turned up exactly nothing.

Planned Parenthood does NOT sell aborted fetuses or any parts of them for a profit.

Planned Parenthood performs a number of services for women, many of which work toward a *reduction* in abortions. Removing that funding would jeopardize that effort.

Hillary Clinton is not the only person who wants to continue the government funding of Planned Parenthood.

04/18/16 10:07 pm

Couldn't have said it any better. The planned parenthood witch hunt is just that, a witch hunt. The investigation in Texas last year that set out to find wrongdoing on PP's part actually only resulted in indictments of the people responsible for the highly edited, slanderous videos secretly recorded trying to incriminate PP. it's a classic "poisoning the well" tactic. They already spread their misinformation and it's near impossible to put pandora back in the box.

susanr Colorado
04/18/16 10:12 pm

Thanks, and you're quite right about the witch hunt, the indictment of the person behind the tapes, and the Pandora's box effect.

I can understand how some people might *think* that they were selling parts for profit, when it came to light that they were accepting reimbursement for preservation and shipping fees. But for those who know the real story on that, a fee of $50-100 for body parts is just laughable. That would barely cover the costs; there's literal no profit in that at all.

susanr Colorado
04/18/16 10:16 pm

I know because I used to do exactly that, in the course of working in a research lab. I froze and shipped body parts (mouse brains) on dry ice, did the same with mouse cells, and once shipped live genetically engineered mice from Ohio to the Netherlands. Shipping on dry ice isn't cheap. (I forget how much the live mice cost; probably a lot.)

But this is utterly standard practice when one is making a gift of biological material to a research laboratory - it's pretty standard for the receiving laboratory to pay for the shipping.

If they were actually paying for the *value* of the material, it would be hundreds or thousands of dollars. That would be profit. Reimbursement for shipping just isn't.