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fracy April 19th, 2016 4:11am

Do you own any gemstones (besides the ones that are on jewelry)?

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Wino I need a drink
04/19/16 3:25 pm

Yes, part of the kids' rock and mineral collection. None are cut or of high quality.

tdyakker lost
04/19/16 1:20 pm

I have a small collection of around 100-150 stones. Most are small(under a carat) with the largest being 14 carat.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
04/19/16 11:41 am

I have a few that are uncut.

million Along the Puget Sound
04/19/16 8:19 am

I have a very small uncut piece of emerald, got it from my 5th grade teachers massive collection of things kids could take at the end of the year. You would get 'good job' points throughout the year to be used as currency. That guy was super cool.

leilu SoCal
04/19/16 6:27 am

Yes, several. I have a beautiful collection of minerals. My collection doesn't quite include gemstones because they are natural and not cut (gemstone indicates it's cut and polished). Here's a short list: amethyst, Vanadinite, okenite, peridot, garnet...

ClayTownR California
04/18/16 10:41 pm

I have geodes.

04/18/16 9:29 pm

I have some topaz from our honeymoon. The plan was to have them put into a setting of some sort. Maybe for our 20th anniversary. This summer will be our 19th.

04/19/16 6:32 am

They're the baby blue color.

Maj Worth Economist
04/18/16 9:26 pm

Like just loose gemstones? Yeah. Dozens.

EarlyBird Portland
04/18/16 9:22 pm

Several sun stones and another that I can't remember the name of.