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Show Of Hands April 18th, 2016 9:56pm

Compared to 2015, has your personal favorability rating of John Kasich as a presidential candidate increased or decreased in 2016?

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04/21/16 1:59 am

We are comparing him to trump and Cruz

04/20/16 5:15 pm

The only candidate that makes any sense but it doesn't appear like we could be so lucky.

832jewel Houston
04/20/16 8:20 am

It just recently decreased for me when Rachael maddow exposed his masochism. The dude isn't much better than Donald trump in that aspect.

04/20/16 9:54 pm

Did you mean misogyny?

obertar1 NY
04/19/16 9:43 pm

Decreased. He lost me when I found out he supported fracking, which is indicative of a host of other undesirable characteristics.

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
04/19/16 12:09 pm

He's not mudslinging if that's what you mean.

Kruiven far away
04/19/16 10:29 am

Well he's the only sane Republican left if there is such a thing.

04/19/16 9:02 am

Best of the bunch but that's not saying much. We are so screwed.

LazySteelworker USA
04/19/16 8:24 am

Decreased. It is now at a negative 17%

rebelgamer Earth
04/19/16 6:22 am

John, Oh God Please No, Kasich

chinito Florida
04/18/16 8:50 pm

I'm looking forward to a miracle that would make him the next president.

political Georgia
04/18/16 8:07 pm

Why would I be a fan of a whiner?

JudicialJedi321 This is How Liberty Dies
04/18/16 7:42 pm

Stayed the same, better than trump, Clinton, and definitely Sanders. But I would prefer Cruz.

Liberty 4,032,064
04/18/16 6:49 pm

Decreased a lot. He did a fairly good job as governor but just looked like a bumbling fool in all his debate appearances.

04/18/16 6:31 pm

Ohioans don't seem to like him much and I recently moved to Ohio. If your own state doesn't like you, it makes me wonder.

04/19/16 5:27 am

Much of that was "Stop Trump" not "I can't wait for President Kasich". Also, if you are impressed by his margin of victory in his Gubernatorial election, look into the loser the Dems ran.

04/19/16 5:35 am

Well, if I'm not mistaken, Ohio is a swing state not a solidly Republican state. Ohio voters also voted for president Obama in the last 2 elections. So getting votes from only the registered voters in a Republican primary isn't exciting numbers-wise in the grand scheme of things, especially since he can't seem to win other states.

04/19/16 5:37 am

I agree with PRY2 also. There have been people who switched parties just to vote against Trump. I don't think his Ohio win points to Kasich having more than a snowball's chance of actually becoming president Kasich.

ScenarioNations California
04/19/16 6:32 am

Can you blame them for objecting to Trump? Even though many of his ideas are leftist policies, Trump fans tend to be conservative tea partiers and other groups that haven't voted. In some liberal states they swing towards Trump because of his ideas. Some swing away from him due to his policies that are more radical or impossible. Ohio was one of those states. The "Never Trump" movement obviously got their way in Ohio but you notice, Cruz didn't win either. If you want to stop Trump you could vote for Kasich or Cruz. The state is more leftist so many people saw Kasich (a governor Ohio) as an option, especially if they oppose Cruz. You're wrong though that Ohioans hate Kasich. They may not love him, some conservatives may see him as more liberal, but it doesn't prove he's hated. Sure there's multiple factors in him winning, one was him being a former governor of that state, one being they disliked the other two. This doesn't mean they hate him tho, more like eh. And he won't win the nom

04/19/16 6:47 am

No I don't blame them for not wanting Trump, what I'm saying is Ohio is not as enamoured with Kasich as it would seem based on his last two elections results. There are reasons for those large margins that have nothing to do with Kasich himself.

CalCoolidge Tuscaloosa, AL
04/19/16 9:14 pm

He won reelection in 2014 64-32%, despite only winning his first gubernatorial election by 2%. He's clearly popular

bethanyq Ess Eff
04/18/16 5:25 pm

I really liked him at first in the primary debates, but then I found out how far on the fringe of the anti-choice movement he is. As a person, he seems swell, but as a politician, ::shudder::

funlover heart of it all
04/20/16 8:36 am

My sentiments exactly. He appears to be opposed to many women's issues i support. That really lowered him in my opinion A LOT!

jvc1133 61535
04/18/16 5:19 pm

Presidential material, only one.

bnnt Los Angeles
04/18/16 5:03 pm

He's the 'OK' choice of all candidates.

He's not he best, but not the worse like Hilary, Sanders, Trump, or Cruz.

TiredofIt Texas
04/18/16 4:58 pm

Decreased to HELL NO! He's obviously just as egotistical as Trump since he won't get out and do what's best for the party.

AmericanWolf For the Benefit of All
04/18/16 4:39 pm

At the beginning, I kind of overlooked him because I preferred Jeb Bush, but I've come to appreciate him much more since then.

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
04/18/16 4:25 pm

Ever since he has took money from Soros? Decreased.

Gunfighter06 Iowa, since 1846
04/18/16 4:07 pm

Decreased. I learned that his record on gun rights is poor-to-mediocre. Furthermore, he's still running even though he cannot possibly win the nomination outright.

04/18/16 4:02 pm

Increased only slightly. I've had an unfavorable view of him as my governor, but he's at least consistently appeared sane throughout the primary race.

getupbaby South City
04/18/16 3:29 pm

Increased. In fact, all Republicans not affiliated with Trump or Cruz automatically look better having been in the same party as the two clowns.

TiredofIt Texas
04/18/16 4:58 pm

And would you even consider voting for him?....

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
04/18/16 3:17 pm

Compared to who is remaining, he is the best hope for America. I'd love to vote for Bernie because I believe he is sincere and honest. But his ideas ate just whack-a-doodle.

veritas1 Panda
04/18/16 3:05 pm

Decreased. I bought into the whole "he's sensible moderate" narrative when he expanded the ACA's Medicaid expansion in Ohio.

Boy way I wrong. John Kasich is no moderate. And John Kasich is not this "oh golly gee I'm so nice and oh gosh how about some unity" happy uncle that he's portraying himself as.

kermie gaytopia
04/18/16 3:36 pm

Agreed. I liked him when he ran in 2007 or whenever it was. But he's pretty extreme, come to find out.

susanr Colorado
04/18/16 4:19 pm

Mine favorability increased when he seemed to be the only adult in the race, and then decreased even more than the increase, when I remembered why I didn't like him when he was running for Ohio governor, before I left the state.