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abeverly17 April 18th, 2016 8:26pm

When you were in school did you use Whiteboards or blackboards?

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04/18/16 3:29 pm

Both. Some classes had whiteboards, others had blackboards.

MattB3 Illinois
04/18/16 2:18 pm

Both, my old school used blackboards

susanr Colorado
04/18/16 1:53 pm

Blackboards, in high school and earlier college experiences. (I graduated from high school in 1964; whiteboards weren't in common practical use for at least a decade after that.) Whiteboards were more common in my later college experiences, although blackboards were still in use in some classrooms.

04/18/16 1:51 pm

Not only that, but my first years as a teacher I had chalk boards. They were horrible! I went home covered in chalk dust. Thank god for smart boards and projectors.