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kenzbt New York
04/21/16 6:59 am

Of course it isn't. Anyone who thinks otherwise has been brainwashed. Has anyone ever read the story "The Emperors New Clothes"?

Nuclear Boaty McBoatface
04/19/16 6:21 pm

Of course. To know this just look at the races that used to "exist". They're different than how we view it now. Human's didn't change, just our interpretation.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
04/19/16 12:13 pm

Ethnicity is a real, scientific thing. Race is just a social construct.

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
04/18/16 3:36 pm

I look back to being a kid, I have pictures of black friends, Hispanic, and Asian. All growing up I never even thought about race until I was told about it. I think within race, there is culture but that's because of how people get grouped. So yes.

04/18/16 2:40 pm

Yes. There are no clear racial divisions.

Brandon1995 San Francisco
04/18/16 1:23 pm

I'm very disappointed that most voted no. Can someone explain how it's not a social contruct?

allswel Minnesota
04/19/16 3:07 pm

Notice that none of those who voted no choose to defend that position.

kenzbt New York
04/21/16 7:01 am

There are three races; negroid, caucasoid, mongaloid. Race in humans is like "breed" in dogs.

allswel Minnesota
04/21/16 7:05 am

That is incorrect. Some try to use those terms as defining race, but they describe nothing.

kenzbt New York
04/21/16 7:06 am

No, you are incorrect.

kenzbt New York
04/21/16 10:35 am

Please, don't show me modern, post-PC statements on race. PC dictates that if it can cause hurt feelings or something that can't be changed is unfair then it can't be true.

allswel Minnesota
04/21/16 12:48 pm

Sorry, do not mean to confuse you.

Brandon1995 San Francisco
04/18/16 1:16 pm

Terms like "White" and "Black" are largely social constructs, yes. There are no racial divisions in humans. Most scientist agree.

EmeraldShift Liberty, Justice For All
04/19/16 3:21 pm

White and black are objective differences in color; however, the associated social consequences with being categorized as such are just constructs.

kenzbt New York
04/21/16 7:03 am

Race is more than skin color. Whites are Caucasian and so are people from India.

TheCameron UCF
04/18/16 12:29 pm

Yep, pretty much

ClayTownR California
04/18/16 12:22 pm

In the idea that you can group people in ways that are actually just continuums? No. In the fact that people are colored like different rocks? Yes.