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demandside April 18th, 2016 3:19pm

Do Americans have too much faith that hard work will pay off or not enough faith? (see link)

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04/21/16 1:14 am

Too much. There's no such thing as a truly "self-made man." You need the right opportunities and circumstances and other bits of luck to achieve great success.

04/18/16 4:05 pm

I work just as hard, probably harder, than those with loads of money. Hasn't done me any good!

realdonaldtrump Trump Tower
04/18/16 11:38 am

The American dream is dead, but I'm gonna bring it back stronger than ever before

demandside New Keynesian
04/18/16 9:11 am

Too much, as shown by the pew study. Can you say "false consciousness"?