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10/08/12 9:47 pm

Everything happens for a reason

droo Santa Barbara
10/08/12 5:36 pm

I used to.. Before I started embracing reason and developing my own opinion void of any religious dogma or fundamentalism.

BeNotAfraid missing my sunrise
10/05/12 12:54 am

I'll challenge you to give even a SINGLE example of when Jesus "lied". I'm not offended that you'd say such a thing. But I venture to say that God is horrifically offended, but then again, I'm sure He's not surprised either. It's the nature of volition to question that which we do not understand.

10/04/12 9:01 pm

RCPriest thinks God's decision (assumption) to give humans free will was a good idea. Please point and laugh before leaving.

BeNotAfraid missing my sunrise
10/04/12 4:42 am

I believe "fate" is determined by how you view and respond to your circumstances. At 16, I met a girl who INNOCENTLY changed my life forever. And while we did not end up as a "couple", I can die knowing that I was a better man because of her, than what would have been possible had I never met her.

state88 Never too late
10/04/12 12:20 am

Permitting things to happen & making things happen are totally different.

state88 Never too late
10/04/12 12:18 am

What? I'm religious and don't believe in fate. Get off your non-religious high horse and stop acting like a religious fanatic.

10/03/12 4:32 pm

Assassins Creed. One of my personal favorite series. Tao Te Ching said
Nothing is true
Nothing is false
Nothing is either
Nothing is neither

10/03/12 2:54 pm

Yeah, but not in a cool action movie *BOOM* kind of way! It'll sound more like ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzssssh *pop*

10/03/12 1:51 pm

I live by the sword, so I shall die by the sword. Let none say I wasn't content

10/03/12 12:12 pm

Another pathetic excuse for religious people. Just like "there is an afterlife. It's an excuse to accomplish nothing.

EnginE3r Texas
10/03/12 8:51 am

What will happen will happen.

ishady 86451132020
10/03/12 7:04 am

I believe the fate of the Republican Party is to self destruct.

38041 Georgia
10/03/12 4:54 am

Uh...definitely didn't get the reference. Not much of a video game buff.

38041 Georgia
10/03/12 4:53 am

Lovely story, nothing at all to do with fate. Simple coincidence. Congratulations on your happiness, though.

dreamitliveit IDLH
10/03/12 4:14 am

This comment is funny even though I am a woman.

10/03/12 4:12 am

God is outside time,saying He knows "what's going to happen" confuses things because "going to" implies future, for God their is no future or past, everything is now. He knows what will happen in OUR future because it PRESENT to him. He doesn't force our actions, they are free, so he can judge us.

10/03/12 3:45 am

Sorry didn't really comment on poll. I do believe in fate. I believe that many of our life situations are beyond our control(death, natural disasters etc.) and that we only choose how we react and deal with those situations. My husband and I choose to see where our fate would take us. :)

10/03/12 3:35 am

My husband and I both went away to the same college which is where we met, in 1998. Happened to live in same dorm and had mutual friends. After we started dating we discovered that we were from the same area, towns less than 30 min apart. We've been together ever since. Married in '04, kid in '08.

38041 Georgia
10/03/12 2:33 am

Is that from the Tao te Ching? Sounds familiar, but I can't quite place it.

pashn4rshn Virginia
10/03/12 2:19 am

I believe in chance. And when your individual skill and preparedness meets such chance, you determine your fate.

10/02/12 9:11 pm

Such a god being also all - powerful could force our actions but chooses not to.
However, I think most choices aren't completely free anyway. For example, maybe 90% of Americans "choose " Christianity and more than 90% of Turks Islam - we are molded by the environment we grow up in.

10/02/12 9:07 pm

@dbrat : rules and outlines make sense - but assuming total predestination comes with all the consequences - in that case, I write what I'm writing because I must. Having free will doesn't mean there is no all - knowing god just that even this knowledge does not extend to free will actions.

10/02/12 9:05 pm

A person is not born with an essence. They are condemned to create it. Even if you believe in fate, that is a choice you make. Your freedom is inescapable. Even inaction is a choice. All choices are actions.

dbrat East Coast
10/02/12 8:52 pm

I believe you reap what sow, good karma, live and let live, the golden rule so you have a sort of control over the environment of your life or what you attract but not ultimate control - make sense?

10/02/12 8:29 pm

Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. If you got that reference you are awesome. I feel like if this was phrased "fate or free will" people would respond differently.


10/02/12 7:43 pm

Rcpriest, so you're saying that he is an actor, knows what's going to happen, yet doesn't limit our free will. So he creates us all, puts everything in motion, and then judges us for acting out the play. I dunno, sounds like an "evil genius" that tricks into thinking we're free.

10/02/12 7:35 pm

@afulte : the law of attraction aka synchronicity is an interesting idea but at least leaves room for free will - in other words if you decide to attract bull, bull will happen. If it's all fate it doesn't matter. Whatever is destined to happen will happen.

MrLove lovers, dreamers and me
10/02/12 7:31 pm

I call it the law of attraction, but same thing.

10/02/12 7:28 pm

There is a lot of confusion about the nature of fate - if it means everything is already there from an outside perspective there is absolute fate and no free will.
If you want to hold up the fate thesis it cannot be absolute unless you completely give up the idea of free will.

Hawkn Texas
10/02/12 7:20 pm

We make our own fates


10/02/12 7:07 pm

No, because they have free will they made there own choices and decisions that led them to where they are today. God did not make their choices for them.

10/02/12 7:03 pm

We have the ability, thanks to our free will, to make our own choices, good or bad. No one can change your ability to think for yourself. FATE DOES NOT EXIST.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/02/12 7:02 pm

I put fate in the same category as predestination and Divine Providence. That's a solid "no" to the question.

10/02/12 6:38 pm

Name the "several" times Jesus lied

JustBob Your anger fascinates me
10/02/12 6:06 pm

I had a vision this question would be on here

BryanK OK
10/02/12 6:01 pm

God doesn't exist. There is no solid evidence to prove he is real. And the bible doesn't mean anything either. God said he doesnt like liars, when Jesus lied in bible several times.

nice_atheist Connecticut
10/02/12 5:43 pm

If you believe that the universe's timeline is already decided/fixed than why do you look both ways before you cross the road?

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
10/02/12 5:32 pm

I believe that God has certain things that will happen regardless of man's mistakes, and the rest is left up to us to color in.

TideGal CFL
10/02/12 4:59 pm

I do believe in karma though.

10/02/12 4:38 pm

Regardless of the example predestination folks say God knows how everything will happen. If that is true, then he knows that they will choose to rape or kill or steal.

10/02/12 4:10 pm

No that not at all what I am saying. Just because exist outside of time, and can see past, present and future doesn't mean he doesn't act in time. He created everything, and does act on creation. He also holds all creation in existence. But he doesn't limit our free will.

devinn Findlay, Ohio
10/02/12 4:09 pm

Not necessarily that your whole life is planned out. But that the car wasn't supposed to hit you has to be some kind fate.

1SpecialSong New York
10/02/12 4:08 pm

To an extent, yes. Certain things could happen because they were planned, but your choices leading up to the event do affect and could change the outcome.