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realdonaldtrump Trump Tower
04/17/16 10:12 pm

They have to go back. We have people coming in with no documentation, we have no idea who they are, they could be ISIS. This could be one of the greatest Trojan horses of all time. If you look at what's happening in Europe over in Germany, over in Sweden, over in Brussels, it's become a hellhole and we need to keep our country from becoming that.

realdonaldtrump Trump Tower
04/17/16 10:16 pm

The real solution is a safe zone. Because, look, on a humanitarian basis the whole thing is terrible, But they should have a safe zone in Syria, and we should help with the safe zone.
And we should get the Gulf States who are not doing anything, and they’re tremendously wealthy, they’re not taking in people. They’re too smart. They’re saying, we don’t want anybody.