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Show Of Hands August 15th, 2011 12:00am

Google's purchase of Motorola Mobility division (cell phones, tablets, and set-top boxes): good move or bad move?

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wakeup South Dakota
08/24/11 5:36 pm

I like goggle. However, I think goggle would do better sticking to what they do best.

08/20/11 11:26 pm

I hate google, but smart on there evil part.

08/20/11 11:15 pm

my greatest fear is google monopolizing every electronics related market

08/20/11 10:16 am

Very good move. I hope Google makes something good out of this.
If they do, I may finally have an "after Steve" phone.
If they build the phones right here in the US of A, I'll make the switch sooner. Hopefully Show of Hands will be there too!

08/18/11 7:22 pm

It was a very very bad move because a company was paying me to keep them up-to-date on Google's patents and now with the addition of 12,000+ patents between Motorola and IBM they no longer care to pay me to keep up with all of them. :(

FrankZappa New York
08/17/11 6:52 pm

At least Google is making jobs!

Check out an opinion piece from yesterday's Times, "What is Business Waiting For?"

Jason Minnesota
08/17/11 3:06 pm

Microsoft should have bought Google when it was starting out. Alas, everything that has a beginning has an end. MS is just playing it's fiddle into the sunset...

PearlyGate Texas
08/17/11 1:45 pm

I don't like the feeling of having someone who can watch that closely as to what I do. First a powerful search engine, then monitoring phone, and what's next?

08/17/11 1:41 pm

Which isn't a whole lot

08/17/11 8:44 am

Good move for google. But just another step in their plan to take over the world. Google has their nose in way too much and try to influence situations with web searches. Google even claimed some of the responsibility for this Arab spring crap going on.

Sporter80 Oklahoma
08/16/11 10:37 pm

Google is becoming very popular, but it seems like they paid quite a bit for the company.. I'm no professional, but when was the last time a cool Motorola phone came out?

Nerdz Texas
08/16/11 7:51 pm

it is hood for google bad for the market

08/16/11 5:08 pm

And Google is the disliked parent.

08/16/11 5:08 pm

I think this will ultimately harm Android. HTC, Samsung, etc, won't be pleased when Google starts utilizing Motorola to make great Android phones. Motorola is now the hated golden child.

higuys Illinois
08/16/11 8:11 am

google is taking over the world

veritas… Texas
08/16/11 8:05 am

@brownsrock lol. Haha…I feel richer already! :) but actually the US Treasury has about $75 or $76 billion in free capital (I don't know how much exactly). Our apple overlords have $78 (that's billion).

@anarchy lol…there's a first for everything.

08/16/11 7:52 am

Lol Brownsrock! Thanks for the chuckle.

08/16/11 7:34 am

given his political views, never though I'd say this, but I agree with veritas. :-) google bought motorola for around 12.5 billion. that's nothing! AND they get all rights to every patent and copyright motorola owns...thats HUGE

squib Northern New England
08/16/11 7:25 am

Google might have bought it to help make the Droids better phones rather then what they are now.

08/16/11 7:23 am

I dont see google as an evil company yet. Hope they don't become one

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
08/16/11 7:16 am

Motorola needed to modernize the cell phone business,which is so croweded out there .

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
08/16/11 7:13 am

Motorola Mobility needed to be bought by someone just to stay alive,as business virtually went down hill after the Razr phone.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
08/16/11 6:40 am

Apple. Quick! Buy out Google and Microsoft! Wait, don't or you'll get cracked like AT&T did, man...

You can only go so far before you become too big to grow.


FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
08/16/11 6:38 am

@jopat Yep, the one where they spelled their sign, "Apple Stoer", crazy. At least one of them got closed by the Chinese Government. I think if someone tried that here, they'd be neck deep in lawsuit papers...

LicensedNe North Carolina
08/16/11 5:38 am

If they're going to buy a tablet, it should be a reasonable well selling one, like the zoom.

08/16/11 4:57 am

Good or bad for whom? Sounds like the beginning of the end....

08/16/11 4:52 am

sph623; going off topic again so your American designed iPhone from china had Japanese apps, how very international! vol ( that means vomit out load)

08/16/11 1:48 am

It will be interesting to see if Google optimizes the Android OS to perform best on their own Motorola devices or if they stop licensing it to other handset mfr.'s entirely

08/16/11 1:04 am

How was that a bad move????

cruckel Shadow Moses Island
08/16/11 1:04 am

Good move for google, bad move for mobile phone companies.

Wes28 CBus
08/16/11 12:40 am

@boston2011 I think every single person has more money than the US gov't. Haha we are trillions in debt. GO GOOGLE

disappoint Minneapolis
08/16/11 12:29 am

Google is taking over the world, one buy out at a time.

08/15/11 11:58 pm

Bad day for question writers huh Tony? It's a great move for google. Bad move for apple. And we'll see move for the mobile industry.

08/15/11 11:54 pm

This purchase sparked today's market rise (Dow 213.88, NASDAQ 47.22) so it
was a great move as far as my finances
Are concerned.

08/15/11 11:49 pm

@th3shur1f you cared enough to leave me a message lol

08/15/11 11:04 pm

Google is spreading thin too fast.

Maybe they have enough 'yeast', we will see...

08/15/11 11:02 pm

Yay for you. No one cares

08/15/11 11:01 pm

They purchase anything that comes their way. I assume that's good, although YouTube is crap since they bought it.

08/15/11 10:56 pm

@spk623 you didn't have show of hands. sorry - couldn't resist :-)

08/15/11 10:45 pm

@jopat America doesn't have all the best stuff. Keeping on topic with this question... All the gadgets the iPhone has, my phone had when I lived in Japan. That was back in 2003 lol

veritas… Texas
08/15/11 10:43 pm

It was a GREAT business deal. Well played, Google. Sucks for free market competition, but that's not what the question is asking. Definitely yes.

@boston2011. Or maybe, this question isn't asking if you like big business but rather if you thought it was a good move…just a thought.

08/15/11 10:35 pm

it's a good move... for google. for the market not at all though. google is slowly taking over the world .. not in a conspiracy kind of way but they control so much stuff and are gobbling up more and more

08/15/11 10:17 pm

I love how hypocritical democrats are. they say they hate large business yet they support this deal, and they also love apple. which currently is has more cash the than u.s. government

08/15/11 10:13 pm

Rey; seriously, the rest of the world is jealous. everything that's good comes from this country. the DOJ will be all over this protecting you from the evil monopoly. My biggest fear is that China will make a duplicate and we will never know the difference. Remember Apple Store? just a joke!

08/15/11 10:07 pm

Even if Google doesn't manage to get the use they currently intend to out of the purchase, they'll figure out a way.

08/15/11 10:06 pm

They aren't trying to build a monopoly. They're just trying to acquire a bunch of patents to help them fight lawsuits from Apple and Microsoft.

Do your research, people.