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DerJlaw April 17th, 2016 4:41am

Should the federal department of education be dismantled?

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CMD1973 Oxford iowa
04/22/16 7:46 am

No. If left to the states some parts of the country would do a poor job while other parts would do a great job. With no standardization children moving from one part of the country to another would have a hard time.

Okie1967 The world is crazy
04/21/16 7:56 am

Federal involvement in education has only politicized it.

04/17/16 7:30 am

As a start in the right direction.

04/17/16 3:12 am

If they got back to the main goal which is EDUCATION and stopped trying to be "social justice warriors". Otherwise get rid of it.

Think Lovin Life
04/20/16 11:25 pm

Laz ... "The main goal", which is the constitution, says that education is left to the states. Mr Carter made an unconstitutional move by creating the federal Dept of Ed, as he had no jurisdiction.

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
04/17/16 3:07 am

Only if we want to improve education.

Think Lovin Life
04/20/16 11:25 pm

Wrong, to improve results, we must abolish the unconstitutional federal Dept of Ed.

PamGH Washington
04/17/16 1:12 am

Yes return to the states what the 10th amendment dictates. Who am I, a Washingtonian, to tell Kansas how to educate their children.

DerJlaw Minnesota
04/18/16 8:00 am

Agree, every state to my knowledge already has a department of education. The right to k-12 education is not given by the federal government but the states.