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Liberty 4,032,064
04/15/16 3:39 am

The one on the left could look ok with a few tweaks. The one on the right just looks like bad movie props.

04/14/16 8:12 pm

I wrote a report on Cow's Skull: Red, White and Blue. I like it, and an added plus, it's mocking nationalism and that went over many people's heads at that time

gow488 Wisconsin
04/14/16 6:10 pm

Both look pretty creepy in my opinion.

04/14/16 5:34 pm

Left- Georgia O'Keefe
Right- Kiki Smith

Two artists whose works are often interpreted as depicting the relationship between the female form and nature. O'Keefe, unlike Smith, rejected feminist interpretations of her art.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
04/14/16 7:46 pm

With a lot of imagination, the left one can be interpreted as a vagina.

04/14/16 10:22 pm

I chose that painting because it's a bit more subtle than her others. I don't know how to not see a vagina in this one-

rons screw politicians
04/15/16 5:31 am

Certainly better looking then the real one. Oh, clam up!

DonWichita Kansas
04/19/16 5:11 pm

I saw the left one as a symbol of the Red White & Blue turning into a fossil. Sad 😔

I saw the right one as a politicians being akin to birdbrains. 🐓

I guess I just don't look at everything as having some hidden gender agenda.