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rebelfury76 April 14th, 2016 11:14am

Regardless if you like Hillary or Jeb, the fact that the same small group of people and family members continuing to hold so much power in this country should give us all pause

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04/18/16 12:15 pm

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04/17/16 9:10 am

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04/17/16 6:24 pm

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04/15/16 8:57 am

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dfish at home
04/14/16 6:38 pm

That's why at the start of this election I was equally against both Bush and Clinton getting elected. Now jebs out, got my fingers crossed that hillary doesn't get in the WH

nekmor Round Rock TX
04/14/16 8:56 am

Actually, I've never done any research on it but my guess would be that the percentage of children and siblings going into the family business is probably no greater in politics than it is in other professions.

AmericanWolf For the Benefit of All
04/14/16 7:30 am

Well, we vote for them, don't we? For good reason too; they're among the most experienced and politically knowledgeable leaders in the country.

dfish at home
04/14/16 6:41 pm

You know who else was considered the most experienced and best suited for the job? Nixon
On the other hand we have Lincoln who was considered very inexperienced

Odysseus We All Need A Fantasy
04/14/16 7:21 am

My gut reaction to this was yes it is a problem. But history might say not so fast. Adams, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Bush and Clinton probably rank, as a group, in the upper half of the politicians and presidents that we have had.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
04/14/16 10:44 am

Jeb! was the guy we were suppose to coronate on the republican side, but he ended up only getting 4 delegates.

dfish at home
04/14/16 6:43 pm

After all the money he spent, those four delegates were the second biggest waste of money right after that failed $1.5T fighter jet

Bobnpt The Ocean State
04/14/16 4:30 am

It is certainly a concern, but not as much as the big money and the media that basically control everything.

kscott516 EB rules
04/14/16 4:45 am

Do you not realize they are partners in crime? The moneyed interests have no power without govt.

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
04/14/16 4:50 am

Scott nailed it. The politicians control the media

Bobnpt The Ocean State
04/14/16 5:18 am

No, I disagree. The money that controls the politicians, also controls the media

kscott516 EB rules
04/14/16 5:52 am

They're one and the same. What are you disagreeing with?

However, the wealthy elite have no power without govt. That's their enforcement arm. If our politicians weren't selfish and greedy then they wouldn't take the graft and bribes and we would have a more free society. It's mind-boggling how liberals don't see the obvious.

ikeurban21 B L C
04/14/16 6:21 am

Actually they are all payed for by the Globalist Elite Billionaires such as Soros for example

Bobnpt The Ocean State
04/14/16 7:02 am

It's not the politicians you see that control things. The real power is in those you don't see.

kscott516 EB rules
04/14/16 9:14 am

Which politicians don't we see, Bob?

geoag02 Dallas, TX
04/14/16 10:51 am

The ones that we do see are the part that we can actually do something about.

Bobnpt The Ocean State
04/14/16 11:14 am

Kscott.....the power, we don't see, is not with the politicians. It's with the people at control the politicians.

kscott516 EB rules
04/14/16 11:54 am

That's a chance shallow and naive view of power struggles. The only reason the wealthy control the politicians is because the politicians take their money in exchange for favors. If they actually did their job of representing the people instead of being "on-the-take" then the wealthy would have no power. The politicians truly have the power.

Bobnpt The Ocean State
04/14/16 12:04 pm

You are only seeing the surface. There is a lot more underneath.

Bobnpt The Ocean State
04/14/16 7:38 pm

Not the proper forum here. Look at who controls BIG banking (not just in this country) and Fed Reserve.

kscott516 EB rules
04/14/16 8:03 pm

Bankers control the world banks. Gov't politicians make and enforce the rules. They work together.

kscott516 EB rules
04/15/16 6:24 am

It's not "whatever". If you fail to see this simple relationship then you're part of the problem.

Bobnpt The Ocean State
04/15/16 9:48 am

If you think the Board of Corporators are who runs the huge banks, then I don't know what to tell you. Have you ever wondered why the Federal Reserve is private corporation?

geoag02 Dallas, TX
04/15/16 9:54 am

I don't think anyone here is disputing there are some big corporate interests involved in pushing us around. The point you are arguing against (I think) is they are conspiring with elected officials that are up for reelection in a couple of months and thus are much easier to remove from their position of power.

This is a house of cards we are dealing with, and it really doesn't matter which card you pull out, it will fall regardless.

kscott516 EB rules
04/15/16 10:14 am

You're not making any sense, Bob