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Laserbeam April 14th, 2016 5:28am

There are only 3 things certain in life: death, taxes, and drug dealers living in your neighborhood.

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Fjolsvin Midgard
04/20/16 12:25 pm

The first and the last are most defiantly correct. Taxes are a creation of the government. Government is not required for existence, it is a tool of the few to exert power by means of illegitimate force over the many. Taxes along with government can be eliminated.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
04/20/16 12:28 pm

Can be, but realistically won't be.

Fjolsvin Midgard
04/20/16 12:36 pm

Why not? We are seeing a ground swell of antiestablishmentarianism building both here and abroad. Liberal (in the classic sense) thought is also proliferating.
One of the key elements in eliminating government is the free movement of information and ideas and we are seeing that via the explosive growth of the Internet.
Another is the breaking down of long held authoritarian institutions e.g. Organized Religion and social taboos.
If you take SOH as a sample of the populace in general skewed toward the younger demographic, there are a growing number of anarchists from across the economic spectrum freely voicing their thoughts in ways never before possible.

missmorganmarie ...
04/17/16 11:11 am

I drive by a deal taking place almost every single day

firefly5 the verse
04/16/16 6:22 am

Depends on how you define neighborhood. In my town, there definitely are dealers. In the next town over, many more. In my particular neighborhood, I don't believe there are, actually. That may sound naïve, but I've known a lot of dealers, and these people aren't them. A handful smoke pot, but they don't sell.

04/14/16 9:07 am

Ironically here drug dealers don't pay taxes yet potentially cause death

Kimbobee the middle of nowhere
04/14/16 8:39 am

Even here in Provo, where 98% of the people are LDS, there are drug dealers. 😁

04/14/16 7:55 am

The couple up the street from us is in federal prison right now because they ran a marijuana trafficking organization that supplied about 60% of the weed in the city. They also ran a money laundering scheme that involved using their profits to buy high end cars all over the nearest 3 states, and trading those cars cars for drugs in Mexico.
His owned a road and landscaping construction company that handled mostly city contracts. Now there are urban legends about caches of drugs hidden in their construction projects all over the city. More than a few people have been caught digging into things looking for piles of drugs.

04/14/16 7:59 am

So I can fairly confidently say we don't have any "dealers" in the neighborhood because this guy had a strictly enforced rule about people not dealing in our neighborhood.
He didn't want any of their business dealings drawing any unwanted attention to him.
He also never had any of his own products on his property. He never handled any drugs, except for personal use.

The IRS caught him and conducted the raid, along with federal marshalls. The DEA was called in after they figured out where his money was coming from.

goldz oh this world
04/14/16 5:23 am

Of course. I'm guessing half my block sells drugs. The other half buys.

cowboy Doors of Perception
04/14/16 4:59 am

And, of course, the death tax on the money you earned that was already taxed.

SaintAnger sumkindamonster
04/14/16 4:35 am

Haven't died yet, just paid $2,000 in taxes, haven't seen any drugs. Don't care in any case.

singkitty In the cloud
04/14/16 3:58 am

My husband grew up in a small town where heroin is taking over. It's not just a city issue.

Pres55555 Gone.
04/14/16 7:21 am

Oh... We have a heroin problem here in the wealthy suburbs, where all the spoiled rich kids want a new kind of high.

singkitty In the cloud
04/14/16 7:45 am

We have that too in the suburbs, but it's the small towns too that are really being targeted. It's easier to get heroin than weed in those areas.

Pres55555 Gone.
04/14/16 8:13 am

I think it's starting to pop up all over the place.

singkitty In the cloud
04/14/16 11:03 am

Exactly it's not just a big city issue anymore.

catpillow Florida West Coast
04/14/16 12:46 am

I'm sure there aren't any drug dealers in my current neighborhood. Every homeowner, tenant, and long term (2+ weeks) guest has passed a criminal background screening. Also, there are a lot of retired people who are home all day, and check out every strange car that rolls down the street. There aren't many cars; everyone will come out to look.

Nuclear Boaty McBoatface
04/13/16 11:18 pm

Anyone who thinks there isn't a drug dealer in their neighborhood is delusional.
It's call capitalism.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
04/13/16 11:23 pm

Marijuana grow houses too (especially in non-legal/medical states). Growers that I've known over the years tend to prefer suburban cookie-cutter neighborhoods. It's quiet and there's a minimal police presence.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
04/13/16 11:25 pm

Although grow houses are different in that the grower(s) rarely live there.

Nuclear Boaty McBoatface
04/13/16 11:26 pm

I've known old ladies that sell their pills to make their property taxes.

leilu SoCal
04/13/16 10:47 pm

I'm Venice, sure. In Irvine, not so much 😊

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
04/13/16 10:54 pm

Drugs are literally everywhere.

Nuclear Boaty McBoatface
04/13/16 11:28 pm

I bought cocaine on Culver drive.

leilu SoCal
04/14/16 6:11 am

Ok, I yeild. You win! 😕