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augustin April 14th, 2016 12:17am

I often hear that Trump surrounds himself with the best advisors. His campaign didn't have a presence in CO until the week before, and he got shut out for delegates.Is this because Trump's advisors are incompetent or because he didn't listen to them?

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04/14/16 7:19 am

\_(ツ)_/¯ <- MFW cucks ask if the guy who's got the most delegates and the most votes has incompetent advisors or if he just doesn't listen to them.

augustin Oklahoma
04/14/16 7:22 am

Ok, lol. What is it then? Why is trump bleeding delegates in every single state? He knew the rules of the process beforehand. He's just getting out-worked by Cruz.

augustin Oklahoma
04/14/16 7:24 am

His campaign has serious organization problems. It's a part of campaigning that is essential to winning both the primary and the general.

04/14/16 7:48 am

\_(ツ)_/¯ <- MFW cucks claim the guy with the most delegates and the most votes has...what was it? Oh right..."his campaign has serious organization problems"
I find cucks insufferable. Instead of admitting that you're scared of The Trumpening, you lie and tell yourselves every manner of untruth to try and soothe the fear.
Are we really supposed to believe that people who despise Das Trümpenstaffel are going to publicly tell him how to campaign better?
You know what I do when Bernie panders or Ted Scruz makes, in my opinion, a campaign error? Nothing.
You know why? because I want them to fail.
I sit quietly and enjoy it when they fumble, I don't point it out to them because I want them to repeat it.

augustin Oklahoma
04/14/16 8:35 am

Explain why he is losing delegates. Seriously. Tell me why. And don't give me the "establishment is stealing it from him" garbage. I'm as anti-establishment as they come, but no rules have been broken. There is a process to select delegates, and the Cruz campaign has been on top of it from the very beginning. Trump's campaign has not. If Trump doesn't make it to 1237, which he won't, then thats his fault for not securing enough loyal delegates at the state conventions to prepare for a contested convention.

04/14/16 9:52 am

When you say yes losing delegates, what precisely do you mean?

04/14/16 9:53 am

*When you say he's losing delegates...

augustin Oklahoma
04/14/16 9:59 am

I am referring to the unbound delegates in numerous states. For example, Colorado, Louisiana, North Dakota, and Wyoming. These are delegates that can vote however they want, but typically go along with whoever wins the vote in their state. Let's look at Louisiana. Trump won the LA vote, but will have less delegates than Cruz because all of the unbound delegates there have pledged to Cruz. This is because Cruz has been active in getting his supporters involved in the local process. His supporters are getting leadership positions within the party framework and making it possible to elect loyal Cruz delegates to the state convention. Trump has not done this. And considering Trump's un-likability, it's no surprise that Cruz is starting to get broad support from the GOP now.

augustin Oklahoma
04/14/16 10:01 am

Even in states where delegates are bound to vote for Trump on the first ballot, Trump has been ineffective in ensuring that these delegates are strong supporters of his. Some of them are actually Cruz supporters who are bound to vote Trump on the first ballot. They will switch their vote to Cruz once they are free to.

04/14/16 10:24 am

Then it seems the answer to your question (why is he 'losing delegates'?) is that it's because the establicucks don't like him.
And what exactly is this un-likeability you're taking about? The one that got him more votes than any of the other republican candidates?

augustin Oklahoma
04/14/16 10:30 am

Correct. The establishment doesn't like him and conservatives don't like him. Cruz is running a very organized campaign and is the only conservative choice if the establishment doesn't want Trump. Cruz has the momentum and will be the winner if it comes to a contested convention because of all the work he put into the delegate selection process.

Trump is very unlikable. His personal attacks on every other candidate are a big turn off. The polls support this. His unfavorability numbers are the highest of any candidate, ever.

04/14/16 11:05 am

I'm conservative, and I like him. Like I said, stop lying to yourself.
It's the cucks that don't like him, this is nothing new, I've known it for about 9 months now.
And his overall unfavorability might be high, but that includes liberal democrats. We're supposed to care that liberal democrats don't like Mahatma Trumpenji? They're supposed to do that, I'd be worried if they liked him.
His favorability with republicans paints a much brighter picture, which is also the honest picture. But I repeat myself.

augustin Oklahoma
04/14/16 1:58 pm

Trust me, it's more than just "cucks" that don't like him. Many conservatives don't like him either.

04/14/16 4:33 pm

If that's the case, what about him do they dislike?

augustin Oklahoma
04/14/16 5:02 pm

He's not a constitutionalist. His views on tariffs. His flip flopping on social issues. His lying about and personally attacking Cruz and other candidates. He supports big government, just his version of big government instead of the democrats version. He blamed 9/11 on Bush. There is a long list of things he's done that make conservatives mad.

04/15/16 1:30 am

His views are well aligned with the constitution, opposition to tariffs is not a conservative position, changing your mind isn't flip flopping, he did not blame 9/11 on Bush. Just a load of lies, exaggerating, and mischaracterizations.
And what's this lie he told about Cruz?

augustin Oklahoma
04/14/16 7:26 am

This is the correct answer! Haha.

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
04/14/16 5:42 am

Your question is flawed. So was what happened in Colorado.

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
04/14/16 5:43 am

And I don't support Trump either but this scam of an election should bother everyone.

musiman28 Cotton country
04/14/16 4:54 am

There are so many things that show incompetence in his campaign that its really scary thinking he still could end up President.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
04/14/16 12:59 am

I'm beginning to think he just doesn't want to win.

GrandmaALiCE For a better 2021
04/14/16 4:45 am

I don't think he was running seriously, when he started. It was kind of a joke candidacy. I think he has been surprised and confused by his own success.

Yessy French Texan
04/13/16 8:17 pm

Last week , the Colorado Convention, proved why I'm Independent!!! Might as well not have primaries if either ways the establishment is going to have it their way!

augustin Oklahoma
04/13/16 5:18 pm

Either way, is this indicative of how a Trump Administration would operate?