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Do you eat dinner at home + at the table + with your family most nights? (UserQ)

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02/06/12 4:22 pm

Well people who aren't near family don't really count I am talking about the people who are near their family every day but don't sit with them for some excuse which isn't really an excuse

02/03/12 9:28 am

I'm in college. I have no family here.. Or even a table or chair to sit at. Sooooo no

02/02/12 5:43 pm

Those who don't have time MAKE time your family is more important than anything else

02/01/12 3:14 pm

we eat in the living room

02/01/12 1:06 am

We did up until about 3 years ago

coolguy77 Alabama
01/31/12 4:21 pm

I do 80% of the time why don't the rest of you

01/30/12 8:01 pm

To busy with dance which is 4-5 ours on Monday Wednesday Thursday sunday Saturday and basketballs dunday and Saturday and soccer Thursday tuesday and Saturday

asstickler Michigan
01/30/12 10:32 am

I eat with at least one family member pretty often, but it's unusual for us to eat at the table.

kianiwaters Somewhere Over There
01/29/12 10:51 pm

If the one or more of the low class/income members of the family are working durning dinner time how can they enjoy family dinners?

01/29/12 8:40 pm

Come home, eat dinner alone in my room, and then do other junk. Like a bro

donna0987 Indiana
01/29/12 6:40 pm

Every night. I am married with two kids. We have to make an effort. It is very worth it.

01/29/12 3:50 pm

I eat at home and with my family, but not always at the table.

01/29/12 2:59 pm

We only eat together on holidays.

MSloan Florida
01/29/12 1:16 pm

That's sad most of America eats alone.Me I eat with my family.

01/29/12 7:11 am

we eat at home, at the table, as family most nights. it is difficult to make that happen sometimes, but it is it worth it to the kids.

01/29/12 1:07 am

I said yes- but I'm single!
Growing up- you were on time to eat with the family (unless you'd gotten permission to eat at a friend's) or you went to bed w/o dinner!

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
01/29/12 1:01 am

At home with the family... yes. Table? Does the coffee table in the living room count?

mamita Alabama
01/28/12 10:34 pm

My family has rarely ate at the table together. And sometimes we eat late around 9.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/28/12 10:19 pm

At home. In front of Tv. Can't get my husband to eat at the table.

sarakay Down the Bayou
01/28/12 9:47 pm

Unfortunately my fiancé and I do not own a dining table be we do eat together most nights.

beamie Michigan
01/28/12 9:18 pm

Sad results. Every night my two kids, roommate and I eat dinner. No phones no tv no radio. Just the simple conversation. It's important for children to learn the art of conversation. It's lost in text and facebook and any other reason to not talk.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
01/28/12 9:11 pm

We eat at the tables in the living room.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
01/28/12 8:45 pm

We all eat at same time but kids eat at dinner table, hubby and I eat in our room. Love tv trays!

01/28/12 7:35 pm

Gosh, this is kind of sad percentage wise. We actually eat at the kitchen counter, but we're together at home.

marls Ohio
01/28/12 7:33 pm

No, I eat on the table but, at different time than my family

01/28/12 7:22 pm

I eat at home with my wife but our apartment doesn't have room for a dinner table.

01/28/12 6:45 pm

most nights yes. January ate at work all but a couple days. busy month.

01/28/12 5:17 pm

We used to, but my wife works 8a-2p (leaves at 713a) and I work 330p-1a (leave at 230).

01/28/12 5:01 pm

we eat together almost every night (except when I work late) but we dont have a table.. we eat on tv trays. but the tv is never on.. we put on music and talk

katniss Dallas, TX
01/28/12 4:54 pm

Yep and it's one of my favorite times of the day!

Rosebud Ohio
01/28/12 3:25 pm

One meal a day not usually dinner though. Husband works nights and isn't here at dinner time during the week.

01/28/12 2:48 pm

When I lived with my parents it was a must. Now that im living on my own and busy all the time with no family living with me, I never do.

hippiedude fields of green
01/28/12 2:12 pm

Maybe once a week. They always have stuff for my brother and other days I have stuff to do

01/28/12 1:53 pm

I don't like eating at my table.

Nerdz Texas
01/28/12 1:49 pm

nope, my family is not like that

blutuesday California
01/28/12 12:57 pm

Although we do go out to eat often, the hubby and I eat at home at the table together far more often.

01/28/12 12:54 pm

this bunch of bean eaters of a family I got. Married a Honduran. It is bean, corn, tortilla and rice every day. Love it. so do the kids.

paco921 Pennsylvania
01/28/12 12:17 pm

Well since I'm at college I don't eat too often with my family. But I do eat with my friends.

applestar Florida
01/28/12 12:10 pm

I told my husband that we will always eat as a family. I grew up with a family dinner every night and I refuse to change!