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Throwaway77 April 13th, 2016 2:59am

Had immigration been illegal post 1800, would you still be an American today?

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nnifer Alpha Quadrant
04/13/16 8:59 am

No. Fortunately, most of my family escaped Europe before the holocaust. The came through Ellis Island.

04/13/16 7:20 am

Yep. We have family members interested in geneology. Both sides of my family have someone who came over well before the 1800s. On one side someone came over in the mid to late 1600s. Not too surprising since my family is mostly from England, Wales.

celloVirtuoso buried in sheet music
04/13/16 6:21 am

I would be if my enslaved ancestors were already here.

celloVirtuoso buried in sheet music
04/13/16 6:22 am

I don't know if they were or not. There's no records. They didn't keep stuff like that for most slaves.

04/12/16 9:21 pm

Nope. The most recent immigrant I'm a direct descendent of came in 1960.

ovcourse Alzheimer Joe
04/12/16 9:12 pm

What's your point? We have laws that need to be obeyed. If you don't like them, get them changed.

04/13/16 5:18 am

lmfao I don't have a secret agenda or point here, I had a feeling someone might think that though but I was thinking about how my great grandparents were immigrants so I wanted to see how many people also came here from other countries

04/13/16 5:20 am

and since most of America was immigration in the very beginning I added the illegal post 1800

Mariland neon butterfly garden
04/12/16 8:55 pm

Legal enslavement suggests Yes

susanr Colorado
04/12/16 8:11 pm

I wouldn't be *me.* One branch of my family was here pre Revolutionary War (a relative fought in it). I don't remember when my mother's side of the family came here from England, but it was sometime in the 1800s.