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Sk8BoredR April 12th, 2016 1:39pm

Historian Davis Logsdon said it was “highly unusual” for a governor of such a major state, like Chris Christie to simply drop off the radar without anyone noticing. Where do you think Chris Christie is and what is he doing? Share your thoughts.

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04/13/16 6:54 am

He's @fatshadow 's intern.

FATSHADOW Cyborg Gorilla
04/13/16 8:18 am

I'd be beating him with a stick until he did a sit-up.

04/13/16 8:21 am

You'd be beating a long time.

ronderman North Carolina
04/13/16 6:07 am

I think he is making The Donald breakfast.

JHawk3205 MD
04/13/16 3:17 am

He's quietly crying after trump told him to go home.

04/12/16 2:59 pm

He's doing whatever Trump tells him to do.

clarissarose Edgy Latin Phrase
04/12/16 2:06 pm

Lol even New Jersey doesn't know 😆

susanr Colorado
04/12/16 11:15 am

Huh? He may have disappeared from the national political scene (has anyone seen any of the other earlier dropouts from the clown car lately, either?) but apparently he's still functioning as NJ's governor and as a human being.

A quick trip to Google shows that he nominated a Democrat for the NJ Supreme Court (after his Republican nominee was rejected) yesterday, and last Friday he both attended the Mets' home opener in Queens and loosened concealed carry restrictions in NJ.

Seneca imbeciles for trump
04/12/16 9:44 am

Eating two boxes of donuts in the bathroom.

PrinceOberyn Vive LEmpereur
04/12/16 9:18 am

Getting treated from Syphilis because of Trump's disgusting micropenis?

Sk8BoredR Asian American warrior
04/12/16 7:51 am

He was brown nosing trump and got a little too close and now he's gone. No wonder trump has seemed so uncomfortable the last few weeks.

allswel Minnesota
04/12/16 7:23 am

Hiking the Appalachian trial?

ClayTownR California
04/12/16 7:08 am

Digesting his latest meal.

mistah Happy Happy Joy Joy
04/12/16 7:02 am

Quick! Check all the Krispy Kremes in the tri-state area!