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DerekWills April 11th, 2016 9:27pm

Would you like for Billy Dee Williams to make an appearance in Star Wars Episodes 8 and/or 9?

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suppressedID That is my secret Cap
04/11/16 6:57 pm

Well now that Han is dead, he and Leia no longer have to keep their affair a secret.

croopertrooper Greater Cincinnati Area
04/11/16 4:27 pm

If Lando serves a legitimate purpose and it isn't just a shoutout to fans, then yes.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
04/11/16 4:26 pm

Yes. I hadn't been to a Star Wars movie in years, but went to the last one to see the old characters come back.

knetzere Illinois
04/11/16 3:43 pm

I guess chewy could use a copilot. The falcon is probably pretty scratched up now anyway

cpaswr just say the letters
04/11/16 3:17 pm

I would. But, Billy Dee Williams is 79.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
04/11/16 3:10 pm

Yes, replace John boyega with him. Just set it in the future

imanag My heaven on Earth
04/11/16 2:46 pm

Why yes, yes I would.

voc I am...what I am
04/11/16 2:33 pm

We need lando.