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LtCrisco23 April 11th, 2016 6:19pm

If a third-party candidate participated in national televised debates, would you vote for them over Clinton/Trump?

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04/11/16 10:26 pm

Always depends. I'd vote for Jill Stein over anyone but Sanders

liam2013 iowa
04/11/16 3:40 pm

It all depends upon who the third party candidate is and if they have any real chance of winning. I for one am sticking with my first and second choice until someone better comes along and so far I haven't seen anyone.

LtCrisco23 Unabashed Millennial
04/11/16 3:49 pm

Fair point, I just didn't want to pick one for you in case you had someone in mind. Gary Johnson to me is the only one with a real shot if he wins his case to let libertarians participate in debates

04/11/16 12:27 pm

I love the way the pollster assumes it will be Trump/Clinton. The primaries aren't even close to being over. How about we wait to talk about the nominees until we actually have nominees!! It will be Sanders and whomever the Repub nominee is. Hillary is not going to win this nomination. The DNC is trying hard to cheat and steal it for her, but the people won't tolerate their corruption. So, your question is moot!

LtCrisco23 Unabashed Millennial
04/11/16 12:33 pm

No one would vote for a third party if Bernie won, because he is essentially the third party candidate. I agree, the race isn't over, but it's interesting to scale the dissatisfaction with the front runners at this point. Also, the libertarian candidate would likely have the best 3rd party bid, if that helps.

gazamidori Florida
04/11/16 11:55 am

Depends on whom