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Show Of Hands April 11th, 2016 2:55pm

Do you think Paul Ryan is unofficially "campaigning" to get the Republican nomination for President in case there is a contested convention? (See link)

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ladyniner81 I hate people
04/13/16 1:34 pm

He said yesterday quite plainly he doesn't want it. He didn't want the Speaker job either.

tdaddy Kentucky
04/13/16 1:34 am

No, because yesterday he said he doesn't want the nomination and, if offered, he said he'd turn it down. So, why even offer it to him when there are so many capable others that really want the job? <cough, cough>

Toaster Merica
04/12/16 2:15 pm

Rule 40b of the Republican Presidential Convention. Prevents Ryan from taking the nomination.

Malekithe Throwing the flag
04/12/16 7:08 am

Another slime bag politician which has led to the rise of Trump.

btw: it is not his policies that Democrats and Republicans fear.
It is being exposed.

kman101256 Princeton, WV
04/12/16 6:04 am

Should he get it? Well, let's see, in 2012, he didn't do too good against the Democrats.

04/11/16 10:29 pm

You know what's funny the GOP and others have said that Trump will destroy the Republican party however between the stealing of delegates Trump has already won, taking away people's right to vote in Colorado and giving all the delegates to Cruz, funding Kasich to screw Trump in votes and ultimately delegates, pushing for this contested convention, the Republican party has completely fucked themselves over in attempt to stop Trump. On the other side to be fair the Democrats are pulling their tricks to stop Sanders. Bernie can win all the states and still lose which is happening.

devin22 Asheville,NC
04/11/16 7:21 pm

He most likely will be nominated if we get to the brokered convention. Although this is the year for the third party to rise up and send a message to the American citizens.

scrpnHOG Arizona
04/11/16 7:08 pm

Anything is possible now. Just like the stuff they pulled in Colorado.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
04/11/16 6:06 pm

Vice President is still wide open

abe13 New York
04/11/16 6:00 pm

Reince prebus (rnc chairman) said he can't win the winner will be someone that is "running for president!"

theNobamist Silicon Valley
04/13/16 3:11 pm

Fire Prince Fleabus! Loser who let Obama take office twice and more interested in his saving own ass than beating Hilary.

EarlyBird Portland
04/11/16 4:45 pm

We are doomed.

hoosierwisdom inner voice
04/11/16 4:27 pm

Not too long ago, the nominees were not known before the convention.

RedHale Texas
04/11/16 4:10 pm

I'd think he'd be smart enough to know that would do nothing but piss off republican voters and give the democrats the election by a landslide.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/11/16 2:03 pm

He said he didn't wan't the job as Speaker too - until he did. When you are already a proven loser, maybe the back door is the only way in. Doesn't matter. If he could even get enough GOPer votes to win the general, he'd have run and be leading in the primaries. Front door or back door, there is no way in for that loser.

wildcatfan1993 kentucky
04/11/16 1:57 pm

Paul ryanhas already said he wouldnt accept any nominations

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
04/11/16 1:44 pm

He's waiting in the wings. The establishment's choice...

omniku dot com
04/11/16 12:20 pm

People who are saying no... Did you see his video? If it looks like a campaign video and it sounds like a campaign video…

auntiesamm Orange County CA
04/11/16 11:10 am

He said he didn't want to be speaker and readily accepted it. I don't believe Ryan or any of the career establishment Reps.

04/11/16 11:06 am

But I do think he is setting himself up for the next election.

Nationalist Defend Liberty
04/11/16 10:24 am

If Ryan becomes the Republican Nominee, the people should rise up against these elitist criminals. You don't have a choice, only the illusion of choice. The game is rigged and the writing is on the wall. Abolish political parties.

Nationalist Defend Liberty
04/11/16 10:27 am

And for the so-called "conservatives" who would support Paul Ryan, why would undermine the will of the people and advocate a hand picked nominee? Even if you disagree with Trump and Cruz, you can't deny that our political process is being undermined.

04/11/16 11:11 am

If the number of delegates needed is not reached by a candidate and it enters into a 'brokered convention'
That is easily well within the rules.

At least as much so as Trump repeatedly filling for bankruptcy and still claiming to be a successful businessman.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
04/11/16 3:23 pm

Brokered convention = Establishment back room deals and ignoring the people's votes.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
04/11/16 3:24 pm

I'd guess Trump is more successful in business than you. Where's your private jet?

04/11/16 3:56 pm

I've had a successful business that I started with my own money (not my daddy's like trump)

Also, I have excellent credit both professionally and personally and have never filed for bankruptcy.

Can trump say either of those two above statements? (I'm sure his credit is good... But other than that the answer is... No, no he can't )

theNobamist Silicon Valley
04/13/16 3:12 pm

Good for you! 👍 I hope you'll join the war against liberalism anyway anyhow!

kdw45 Des Moines
04/11/16 10:03 am

Hopefully. I'd much rather have him than trump or Cruz.

cowboy Dog Father
04/11/16 9:44 am

Probably. He's doing whatever Barry wants. Just like Boehner did.

timeout Boston Strong
04/11/16 9:34 am

It sure looks like you with that video he released.

suppressedID anti Gilead
04/11/16 8:43 am

He's power hungry: of COURSE he's campaigning.

MrWalrus Undergrid
04/11/16 8:41 am

Just keep in mind that he didn't want to be speaker of the house either

furbabymama Indiana
04/11/16 8:40 am

The rapidly imploding Republican Party deserves a Trump candidacy.

political Georgia
04/11/16 8:36 am

He would be delusional if he was.

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
04/11/16 8:29 am

I would never vote for Ryan. He's part of the Republican Party that I hate.

DonWichita Kansas
04/11/16 3:00 pm

So, you would vote for Hillary & abandon your country at the same time?

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
04/11/16 3:08 pm

No. I wouldn't vote at all if there's not much difference between Hillary and the opponent

DonWichita Kansas
04/11/16 3:09 pm

Very disappointing. I had you pegged differently.

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
04/11/16 3:18 pm

Republicans have proved incapable of stopping the advance of liberal values like gay marriage and abortion. They go along with the liberal agenda whilst feigning opposition to it. They're a fraud.

DonWichita Kansas
04/11/16 5:11 pm

Okie: you still don't see that by not voting you automatically giving your vote to the Liberals you say you oppose. I agree that the Republican Party leaders are a bunch of weenies when it comes to standing on principle. If Ryan gets the nomination I will hold my nose & vote for the Republican rather than give my vote to the Democrats. You can too.

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
04/11/16 5:15 pm

I no longer vote for the lesser of two evils. I've observed that the ultimate results are just evil.

DonWichita Kansas
04/11/16 5:22 pm

Okie: I give up!
I still don't agree with your logic and remain disappointed.
I will vote for less-evil.
Have a good day, I guess I wont see you at the polls in November.

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
04/11/16 5:52 pm

You have a good day too. Appreciate the conversation.

pauldabb85 Orlando
04/11/16 8:11 am

As much as I hate to say this, he would probably win the election in a landslide. He's the best hope for the GOP at this point.

Odysseus We All Need A Fantasy
04/11/16 8:09 am

I don't agree with Ryan but I concede he is a very smart guy. Why would a smart guy with a bright future agree to be the "establishment candidate" in a completely anti-establishment presidential campaign year?

gonzoboy Northern AZ
04/11/16 8:06 am

I don't believe Speaker Ryan is running a covert campaign. As much as anyone else, Ryan knows there would be a National outcry if the voice of The People were circumvented in lieu of Party elders artificially installing ANYONE. He knows his brand would be permanently tarnished to accept such a position, and ANYone accepting the Nomination other than the candidates, will pay a heavy political toll as the poster boy of a rigged 'politics-as-usual'. I'm giving Speaker Ryan more credit, than this...

04/11/16 8:21 am


RoDe Latinus wordsus
04/11/16 10:25 am

To borrow an infamous phrase from Rubio, let's dispel with this fiction of elder leaders exerting influence over the convention. The delegates are directly elected or selected by the candidates themselves, only a tiny minority are elected officials, like Govs. It won't be a big enough faction to wield much power. It's the elected delegates who have the numbers to pull in an outsider, through Cruz, Kasich, and Trump have set about stacking the Rules Committee to ensure that doesn't happen. The only circumstances that I can imagine an outside candidate coming in, is if over the course of the first two days none of the current candidates can garner a majority, which would be very unlikely IMO.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
04/11/16 10:57 am

Actually, your last sentence is basically what I'm addressing, which would be the reason there could even be a Ryan consideration (per poll). I have to believe in that event, there would certainly be discussions within Party leadership regarding possible Nominees to parade before the Delegation, and in this most unlikely of scenario's, I still say Ryan removes himself from consideration. Personally, I'd like to see the entire thing turn nuclear, symbolically of course...

RoDe Latinus wordsus
04/11/16 11:20 am

I hear you, I just wanted to clarify because a lot of Trump supporters don't seem to understand the process. So I want to make sure it sinks in for them before he's rejected at the convention.

04/11/16 8:04 am

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04/11/16 8:22 am

Vs Hillary funded by Wall Street and foreign countries?

04/11/16 8:23 am

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theNobamist Silicon Valley
04/13/16 3:14 pm

Stop whining about Koch. Look how much they helped Romney win. Oh, he lost, didn't he.

04/13/16 3:16 pm

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04/13/16 3:17 pm

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MrWalrus Undergrid
04/11/16 8:40 am

He didn't want to be speaker of the house either