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K4tn1ss April 11th, 2016 3:23am

Have you ever been teased because you were smarter than everyone in your class?

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jmw7477 Indiana
04/11/16 4:24 am

When I went to school for nail tech, a few gals in my class complained to the director that I always answered the questions when we played Jeopardy or other similar games in class. So I had to wait before I could give my answers.

ClayTownR California
04/10/16 9:57 pm

Then as soon as an assignment was due, worshipped.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
04/10/16 9:41 pm

Kat, that's my entire childhood in one sentence! You too?

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
04/11/16 7:13 pm

Kat, which state do you actually live in? Do you go to a public school? What grade are you in? I'm a retired high school teacher, so I'm curious. I ended up retiring from hs so I could homeschool my two kids, who are both very intelligent, too. I taught my daughter from 7th-12th grades, and my son (6 yrs. younger) from 1st-12th. They were both honor students in college! 😃

K4tn1ss Dont look in the closet
04/11/16 7:16 pm

NY. Public school nightmare. 4th was the worst. (So far)

IamPriscilla Idaho, USA
04/10/16 9:03 pm

No, in my school, the smart people were the popular people.

susanr Colorado
04/10/16 8:31 pm

Not smarter than everyone, but I was called the "Walking Encyclopedia" in high school. Before the Internet.

K4tn1ss Dont look in the closet
04/10/16 8:45 pm

Kids said "_______ gives me a headache! I wish she would just shut up!" I never talked much.

goldz oh this world
04/10/16 8:30 pm

My elementary school years in a short story.